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  1. Very sorry to hear, he was a great help to me many a times, caught quit a few sea trout on a fly of his. Missed a chance to met him a few years ago when he was fixing up a place in Petty Harbour, NL, I believe his son and family have been living there for a few years now.
  2. Conor She is no trouble for me, because I got what I was expecting.................a high energy, affectionate working dog who will want to rule the house. My dog is crate trained as well, that's where she sleeps, I wouldn't want her in there all day long ontop of that thou. That's why I mentioned best to have someone home all day, I guess a day kennel could be an options. If you have a 3 year old boxer, that you have had for a month and is well trained, you should thank the previous owners or you are a dog whisperer. absolutely love the breed, hoping for another one this spring.......................but they aren't for everyone.
  3. I'm feeding with kibble (fromms) with the odd bit of raw from time to time, meat with bone in, kippers, etc, but not pork that will give most dogs the runs. We have a Boxer. Great with kids and other dogs and even cats, basically 70lbs lap dog. They are house dogs in our climate and don't tolerate cold or heat. They need huge amounts of exercise and training, they need to occupied, a bored boxer with destroy your home. If you do not have someone at home all day or want a dog that's think they are one of your kids, please do not get a boxer.
  4. Eagle flyfisher By miniature pincher do you mean German Pincher? If so that breed existed before the Doberman and was used to breed the Doberman by upsizing with a Rotty along with a couple other dogs. Most not all health issues with purebred dogs lie more with the breeder and by breeder I mean backyard and puppy farms than with the dog themselves. If you go purebred, do your home work and find a breeder that health screens and are not scare of questions. Of course this will not eliminate all chances of health issues, but its remove a lot of them. That being said mix breed dogs are solid and wonder pets.
  5. No suggestions on names......................but would love to see a pic when you get her.
  6. Whenever I complain about shoes............the immediate reply is "fishing rods"
  7. very nice........................your guys are way ahead of me. Picked my first ripe grape tomatoes yesterday.........................all my peppers are still green.
  8. love the big spots on the browns
  9. Damn quoto thingy never works for me. Conor Not sure if you fertilize.......................but it might be too much nitrogen..................for too long.
  10. They are a very exciting team.........right now.
  11. I know its a lot colder (and hotter) out your way............but has anyone tried late season gardens...................use of GH, tunnel covers, cold frames for cold hardy plants. Just recently planted another bit (probably a bit to late) of carrot and broccoli in fish pans (18"x30"x 15" deep containers) that I will move into my green house after the tomatoes, cucs and peppers are done. Figured it worth a try.
  12. Doc & Trailhead How old are your apple trees? When did they start producing and what are the quality of apples? I put in 3(2 of 1 and a odd for pollination) one year old whips this year with expectation that they will fruit in year 3 & 4 (as per supplier info). Also put in two (different type) semi dwarf trees that appears to be 3 yr old trees (from big box store) that both blossomed at the same time but didn't take.
  13. Yard is a bit rough but the garden is coming around after the worst July is the last 20 years.
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