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  1. Big black rubber legged stones. size 2-4 Awesome in june on the Crow in the riffles with the ole worm!!!! Sorry no pics.
  2. I ordered 30 flies to throw out some support. You get what you pay for and ordered some that I don't tie often.
  3. Can't leave Calgary until noon Wednesday and was curious if anyone knew how crowded the CG was with a long weekend ahead. You can't reserve, which is fine, but with two young boys fishing it is always an ideal spot. Any info appreciated. thanks
  4. No have receipt if needed. The frames are 225 and lens choice was over 400 with the extra on scratch resistance *hit and all that. You are welcome to try also and if interested we can come to an agreement. I will just use them for driving if not. Will make a deal to a fellow maritimer!!! These are expensive. My 5 year oakleys were 440 with the second set of lenses. Also have Smith years ago but were older technology and very heavy.
  5. Own both also and the MJ are nice but after fishing the crow this past weekend with them I prefer my Oakley flak with the amber all hour lens. I have both shades but tough to beat the amber IMO. paid 680 for the MJ only 2 months ago. if interested make me an offer and they are yours.
  6. Only a 100 difference in the floor model and ordering brand new........now the waiting game!
  7. Thanks for replies. The lazyboy I looked at has a lower lumbar setting that inflates. The IMG does not. Both are around 2000.00 bucks so shopping and researching.
  8. Looking for information on chair mentioned above. Due to back issues I will spoil myself. Lazyboy and IMG are two possible choices. Spending that cash on a chair I am asking for input and opinions. Anyone! Thanks
  9. Good volt meter on at CT for 19.99 reg 59.00. Auto setting to read all outputs. Bought one tuesday.
  10. Tough to beat a true deep cycle like a Trojan group 31. I just bought one for my fifth wheel and expensive at 240 smackers but .......... I think this would spin the fan a few nights for sure. 2 6 volt is series is the best. I am a bit spoiled with a Honda 3000 inverter but we travel a lot and I like the idea of boondocking anywhere! Always good deals on kijji. A honda 1000 would even chage your battery but I know you said you wanted to avoid the genny. Good luck.
  11. Hi ral tried decompression for 8 treatments and it did nothing. seems that theses are the same. Probably works for some. thanks
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