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  1. Most Canadian Tire stores still have Maxima Chameleon and also the green line, even found the 15lb test 'clear' if one needed it.
  2. I know this is a bit 'woo', but remember to slow down a bit, and have fun! Sometimes I find myself wondering in the car ride home 'why didn't I bring my 6W glass' or 'why didn't I bend my rod this way' even though I actually caught, netted and lost fish that outing. Having the extra time to simply get out there is always a plus. Enjoy the water, smile at the creatures and marvel when you get that fly exactly where you wanted it. Flip all cormorants the big middle finger.. I did it this morning, and it felt good! Tight lines, and invest in a stream thermometer! PS- Oh, and this little guy was almost nipping at my heels as I cast in front of his home this morning.
  3. I've been really happy with my Redingtons for close to 3yrs now. Only issue I had was blowing out a few wear points on the neoprene heel, easily solved with green Solarez. I also bought the BPS branded waders and had success there too. Good waders don't seem like a big deal until the weather gets cold!
  4. Tied a salmon fly called 'Kelsie's Hope'... Hopefully I showed some respect.
  5. Hi Smitty, Hoo boy, depends which 'mudslide' you are speaking of...I can only speak for Canmore and Exshaw 2013. Talk to any guide up there, hey..maybe your spot wasn't touched! The fish, in my tiny opinion, have come back in different areas, but the Upper Bow has changed forever. Not bad Upper Bow places though, Seebe is weird. Maybe I know nothing about you! Haha... it's different these past few yrs. Happy Stampede!
  6. Little bit of OT for my topic, but it's kind of related... Old-style website, very informative and to the point. https://www.jackgartside.com/art_pheasant_feathers.htm I know some of the individual Ringneck Pheasant feathers, but I had no idea how many uses there were for such a skin. My particular one will last me a wee while. -M.
  7. Hope they didn't forget anything up top after all that! Pretty sweet!
  8. Thanks a bunch, El Doctor Argento (), it's a commercial skin that is still very pliable, and just a touch of oil on the skin itself. The feathers are in great shape, however, so I think I'll hold off washing until I get down closer to the skin. Surprised I found a high-quality skin at the 'big box store' north of Calgary... -M.
  9. Hi folks, hope everyone is staying cool out there. oofdah! I was able to purchase a full Ringneck Pheasant skin, (minus the head) and it's obviously been treated with Borax, or a similar substitute. There are many beautiful feathers on this skin, and I wouldn't want to wreck them by cleaning the wrong way. I did some research, and dish soap seems to be the standard, but I would appreciate any input before I take it out of the plastic bag to start washing. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to your response. -M.
  10. I was in Private Schoolbut I remember her book.....
  11. Thanks SilverDoctor Finally got my Macro setup going properly... I'm looking at presenting some of my flies to the local shops this year, so trying my best to get at least 25-30 patterns in a box I could show. My past few years I've been using smaller and smaller hooks as well. It's tough tying, but wow do they work! PM'd....thanks. -M.
  12. Jig-hook Lightning Bug in Sz 16. Love these all year!
  13. Red-butt Yellow Sally in Sz 16. The tiny red bead makes it sit just right...
  14. I'm a Red Seal Journeyman, but with no equipment. Had to sell my truck a long time ago, due to the economy. Could put some feelers out if you like..? Otherwise we'd have to rent a machine, but it would never break... -M.
  15. I'm calling it a Valentine's Egg. First tie of this pattern, need to make it more bushy...steelhead will probably bite it...you know who you are!
  16. Incredible ties, ggp! Wow...
  17. WOW!! https://apple.news/ANWJvuNmuS8ixBF0ncIsOVQ
  18. Hey Birddog, really nice tie! Could you reveal the dubbing/mixture you used? It's exactly the 'leechy' look I was searching for. Thanks.
  19. Gorgeous fish!! I had a very close call at work...nearly killed me. I left the job, said "I'm going home"....got home and got drunk for what seemed like forever. Left the area for a while, and discovered Fly Fishing. Saved my life, conquered a fear, and brought me peace. Get out there, @BigFoamy69, The river will provide.
  20. Just got locked down... sigh... holy *hit
  21. ...also found an old Macro I shot from a couple yrs ago. I think I had tied a hackled flashback PT. I just like how the hackle turned out...and how much I have to 'clean-up' my hook eyes!
  22. Tied a CDC Prince nymph on a Sz 14 Knapek comp jig-style hook. Fished it for a few days, caught a few and lost a few, all while bumping bottom more than once. Used a bit of UV resin in a strategic spot, and it's hard to tell, but the gold bead is pretty beat up, and the UV resin is gone!! Maybe these hooks really do float point up...hmmm....
  23. This is called 'Tim's Alternator' and was kinda fun to tie on a Size 16 3x long after all the 20's I've been squinting at! Can't really tell from the pic, but the abdomen is a pearl Uni-mylar, which gives it a nice shimmer. I'm down to my last straggles of peacock herl, however, so one can imagine a fuller thorax! Might trim the bottom of the rusty hackle...but might not.
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