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  1. bowriverboys

    Shuttle Service

    I second this.
  2. bowriverboys

    Online Source for Big Streamers

    Just wanted to follow up. Placed a large order with Rhett. The flies look AMAZING. Can't wait to try them out, I will report back how they hold up. I am very impressed. Thanks for the heads up UBER.
  3. bowriverboys

    South Boat Launches

    Talked to Mel at bow river shuttles. Fish Creek is open.
  4. bowriverboys

    Fish Handling

    That's horrible....where were they? Any sort of description of them? I will keep an eye out.
  5. bowriverboys

    Online Source for Big Streamers

    Going to be putting in an order with Rocky Mountain Flies. Anyone care to suggest their favourites for the Bow? I have a few, but I am always interested to hear what other people are using. I don't have time to try them all myself! Sure wish I did though
  6. bowriverboys

    Online Source for Big Streamers

    Thanks Uber! I just sent him an email.
  7. bowriverboys

    Online Source for Big Streamers

    Anyone care to share some contact info? Would be much appreciated!
  8. Hi Guys, I order a lot of my dries and nymphs online from Icky, but they lack a bit in the streamer category. Anyone have any positive online experiences from other companies that might have a better selection of large/articulating streamers? TY
  9. bowriverboys

    A sobering read.

    Hahaha....I feel the same way!
  10. Can you explain to me why Aurora is down today and Cannimed is through the roof?? That just doesnt make sense to me!
  11. bowriverboys

    Blue Ribbon Bow Dinner

    Dang, I will be out of town that week.
  12. Just wondering if anyone has been to Iceland to fly-fish? I am considering a trip but wondering how it compares to New Zealand. If anyone has been there and has a referral for a guide that would be great!
  13. bowriverboys

    Poacher On The Bow

    Hold on...brb...heading to the store to load up on clousers.
  14. bowriverboys

    Poacher On The Bow

    Just an update....the gentleman had 3 rainbows on him and a bucket of minnows.
  15. bowriverboys

    Poacher On The Bow

    When we saw him he was by himself, I was surprised to hear about the wife myself.