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  1. Dear Members, A friend of mine in NZ has written a fly-fishing book about his travels and he's trying to get it published on kickstarter. He's a great guy and a hard-core fly fisher. His name is Stu Tripney, some of you may have heard of him. He's the only FFF certified master caster in NZ. He's only got 12 days left to meet his funding goal and he's less than $1000 away from his target. In case any of you might wish to pledge for a copy of his book or make a donation, here is the link to his kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cicada/jungle-blues-is-an-adventure-travelmenoir-book Thank-you to any of you who decide to take the plunge.
  2. Astra Welding 403-291-3507. Ask for Crawford.
  3. Couldn't agree more with MTB et al. I love fly fishing so much like most of us do. I love to share my adventures and take part in the adventures of the other members through posts/photos etc. I just can't take part in sharing adventures that get turned upside down and torn apart like a rottweiler with a stray cat. It's just not worth it to me. Lately it reminds me of the last days at FFA before the end time. Anyhow, here's hoping this gets things straightened out and we get back on track. Happy fishing y'all. P.S. Thanks Dave
  4. Glenbow

    Fall Bulls

    Funny how this thread got here from where it started. It's why I said what I said and choose not to post anymore. This thread was a mistake and I regret posting it. Until this board gets back on track, I'm outta here. For my friends, you know where to reach me. Can't wait to fish with you guys. Fishing is fun.
  5. Glenbow

    Fall Bulls

    I did have some fun. I also didn't mention that I had a delicious sandwich that day too, so I hope you don't think I ate a bull when I got hungry. I don't need to explain anything to anyone, and neither do you. I agree with what you say to a point, but if I have to issue an explanation for every post, I'd rather not post. It is the knobs that cause the problems, not the rest of the members.
  6. Glenbow

    Fall Bulls

    Now, Here's where I level the playing field. I hoped in my heart that this thread would not have gone the way it did, but it has - so here's what I have to say. - We were actually volunteering with SRD in the capture and egg/milt collection with the Biologists: - I hope that makes the few dolts out there feel like dolts. - The people that know me on this board, know how much I respect the fish and the fishery. I don't give a flying *hit about what somebody thinks that doesn't even know the circumstances behind a post, as long as what was done in the post is legal. - Spending time with the Biologists and volunteering/learning about our fish/fishery is something that I notice that desperately few of us do. - No, I will not reveal the creek name (which I now refer to as Sperm Creek), nor the Biologists name or any information regarding what we took part in. - Again, those on this board that know me also know that I have not posted here for a very long time. I got tired of the kind of thing that my post brought on as evidenced above, and therefore I decline to post again. This board used to be great fun, hugely informative and a great place to meet fishing buddies. It no doubt still is to a large extent, but I don't have time to sift through so much B.S. to find what used to be here all over the place. - To my friends on this board, I miss fishing with you guys and look forward to seeing you and fishing with you. I hope we can get together sooner than later and share a few beers, maybe catch a few fish & have the laughs that make life worth it. - I have many fun pictures of the few times that I got out this year, and if my friends would like to see some, please PM me - I would rather not post them as I don't trust that the thread would not degrade into some kind of *hit fight it was never meant to be. - Missin The Bow is friend of mine. He is an amazing fisherman and has a lot more knowledge and experience than me, let alone a majority of the board members. Do not let him get too disheartened with this board, as he is a steward of our fishery and his wealth of knowledge will leave a gaping void. See ya' round.
  7. Hey Esleech! Good to see you back. Looks like a wicked season, really nice pics buddy.
  8. Glenbow


    Sweet fish. Way to go.
  9. Glenbow

    Fall Bulls

    Had some fun today with Dekkard on a southern alberta mystery creek. What a day.
  10. Ned & Paul at Elk River Guiding are great guys with tons of knowledge. They'd be my bet. Or, Alan Bryce at the fly shop in Coleman or Vic at Crowsnest Angler if you want to keep things on the Alberta flavour.
  11. It was nice of Max to let you hold the fish he caught. Nice fish man, yer still in the game. Unlike me. BTW, you put the 'man' in "Man that guy is lucky to have a friend like Max" a lot more than "Manitoba". I lived in the M & survived 4 years. Caught a lot more walleye & goldeye than I can believe even now. Way to go buddy, nice haul. It's still not a burbot on a spey though.
  12. Hey Folks, I just came out with 6 new fly kits - they are my Life-Cycle collections. I just released these Life Cycle kits featuring Caddis, BWO, PMD, Stoneflies, and Green & Brown Drake kits. These kits feature the imitations from larva through to emerger, adult & spinner with some cripples thrown in for the astute angler. You can view them on my website at www.glenbowflyfishing.com under "Products" and then "Custom Fly Collections". I have also updated my fly list of inventory, so any of you that wish to take a look please do. For the month of May, I will be offering these kits to FFC members for $15, reduced from $18. There are a dozen flies in each kit. Thanks in advance to all those that take advantage of this. Happy fishing!
  13. Good to hear Jim. Rest up, we have some fishin' to do.
  14. Happy Big One my man. Enjoy your special day, even if you have to fish without me. You will probably be able to catch the odd extra-stupid fish by yourself! All the best buddy.
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