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  1. Sorry to post this here but, I figure it’ll get better exposure than on the BC and Int’l Forum.... Anyone have any luck pitching flies to open ocean salmon before? Going to the Straight of Juan de Fuca and thinking of bringing gear. If so, what kind of spots should I look for (bays,etc) what weight rod, flies, etc. Any and all help appreciated!
  2. Going to Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. Bonefish and giant trevally paradise!
  3. Thanks gents, especially the Gold Bond tip!
  4. Ok, I know the topic may seem strange/weird but, given the cold stuff is upon us and I'm not able go out and fling flies, I was curious what exercises I could do during workouts that would keep/put me in proper shape for an upcoming trip? Going on the trip of a lifetime and I want to make sure I'm as ready physically as possible and not sore from pitching with 8 to 12wt rods all day. Thanks!
  5. I was told by someone at a prominent local shop, in Calgary, that the cost and inconvenience to have a booth wasn't worth it and that they won't be attending in 2018 when it returns.
  6. Was at Springbrook yesterday in SE Calgary (aka TFO headquarters) and they had felt "kits" to replace your felt soles.
  7. Mukka

    For Bullies

    For sure pink. Brighter the better.
  8. I'm assuming #3 is for two guests in the drift boat? If so $325 on #3
  9. If you can hold out until the Trout Unlimited garage sale in April, i think, you can get some great used gear and new flies at unbeatable prices.
  10. Hi Everyone, At the most recent Fly Fishing Expo, this past January at Spruce Meadows, there were a couple/few guys selling flies from a small shop located in Calgary's NE area (not far from 32nd Ave, if I'm not mistaken). Does anyone out there recall/know the name of this shop? Thanks for your help! Mukka
  11. Mukka

    3Wt Reel?

    Stonefly's right. They're under the same ownership as Sage, so you'll be getting good quality at a great price. I've owned Redington gear before and you can't go wrong, very good warranty too.
  12. Jim McL is THE SH!T if you want to learn anything and everything about fly fishing. You'd also be well served to read any of his books too.
  13. 2 real easy flies to tie are san juan worms and tom thumbs. I've had very good results with an xtra ' hairy' t thumb too. Just used longer than avg deer hair when tying it.
  14. I bought a pair of polarized prescription lense glasses fr Hakim Optical, here in Calgary, well below the cost of Maui Jims or Costa glasses, and they seem to work quite well. They have quite a few styles to choose fr too. Not to mention my company's benefits covered the cost too!
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