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Police Lake Regulations Review

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It's time to vote, folks........Hope you have all had a chance to fish Police under the new regs. Progress is a bit slow but it's coming......There are still some of the old guard who want it back the way it was........If you believe we need MORE ANGLER CHOICE and MORE QUALITY FISHERIES in the Province it is imperative that you make your voice heard. Outlined below is the review process. Please be sure to vote and also let any of your fishing associates who may not use this Board know as well.......






Police Outpost Lake. Review of Quality Fishing Regulation. Public/Stakeholder Input requested.


Proposal #1 Keep the current regulations (1 Trout Limit over 50 cm; Bait Ban; Closed November 1 to March 31)

Proposal #2 Go back to the previous regulations (5 Trout Limit; No Size Restrictions; No Bait Ban; Open Year Round)


You can send your opinion to:


Terry Clayton

Senior Fisheries Biologist ASRD Fish and Wildlife Division

2nd Floor, YPM Place

530-8 Street South

Lethbridge, Alberta

T1J 2J8

Fax: (403) 381-5723

Email: Terry.Clayton@gov.ab.ca


Terry will be accepting letters, faxes and emails up until Tuesday may 31, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. No phone calls will be accepted and only one response per angler, please. Please put "Police Lake Regulations" in the email subject line and feel free to indicate the reasons for your choice.

Alberta Sutainable Resource Development, Fisheries Management Division, appreciates your feedback and will consider your input when making a final management decision.

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Stupid question but is police a stocked lake or natural? Just curious.


Stocked.........Prior to new regs was stocked with about 150,000 fish a year many of which were "harvested" shortly after the hatchery truck put them in.........:) Last 3 years have seen 30,000 triploids stocked to enhance the fishery and better balance the food supply........Police has not shown the spectacular growth rates of fish that Bullshead did but it's coming..........Certainly worth continuing on the path we're on.........

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Will present this to the Northern Lights Fly Tyers tonight and I will also get it post on our web page to get as much help as possible.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :laxfisher::fish_jump:


Thanks Dennis........I think you Muir guys are still the pioneers of the Quality Fishery movement...........

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Maybe a third alternative should of been...increase minimum size to 24 inches... :-)


Or, strictly catch and release...........Or 1 of any size maximum 5 per angler per season...........Or

instead of closure Nov. 1 to March 31, just NO ICE FISHING..........


There are all kinds of things that could/should change in the regs, many of which have already been debated on this Board.........However, our biggest concern at moment is to keep Police as a Quality Fishery with the existing regs. and then those can be further reviewed over time........Having said that, there's no harm, Sundance in stating your preference to Terry when you cast your vote!!

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.Or 1 of any size maximum 5 per angler per season...........Or

instead of closure Nov. 1 to March 31, just NO ICE FISHING..........



Strongly agree with ya Al, I think you and I were talking about that last time we fished at BH??....It would save a lot of fish, as I always see people at BH, scrambling to find a tape measure, as the fish flops on the Rocks/Grass for a min, or two, Then turns out the fish is not of legal size, gets released and is seen a few min later belly up....It pisses me!!!....And the Ice Fishin makes my blood boil, as I often go out to BH in April (If Froze over) to observe, and always see a few ice fisherman letting the fish flop on the ice for a while, tape them, then give them a boot back into the hole....I dont stick around long, I then go East, lookin for gophers, and visit with the hutterites...





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Guest Dennis59

Info Posted now on Northern Lights Fly Tyers Web page www.nlft.org


Muir is doing just fine. lots of fish in the 25+ in. being caught last yr.


Have started putting in Triploids the last couple of years to see what happens.


Might be a bit of a concern as oxygen is down re checking today to see if equipment melfunctioned.


We need more of these lakes if we want a quality fishery.


Tight lines Always

Dennis :laxfisher::fish_jump:

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Guest Sundancefisher
sun go back to catching your PERCH


I don't think stocking perch is a good idea tallieho. Pretty much as bad an idea as I have ever heard on this site.


20 inch is a good overall size that adds to the value of the recreational fishery by spreading out the harvest and increasing catch rates.


Perch...no way.

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Here's my e-mail:


Hi Terry


I’m totally in favour of the Police Outpost regs remaining as they are and to continue managing the lake as a quality trout fishery.

As you are well aware the quality trout fishery concept was adopted as a policy of the Fish and Wildlife Division following lengthy discussion at the Fisheries Roundtable to allow Alberta anglers a choice of still water trout fishing experiences.

There was also an agreement by regional fisheries managers to locate quality trout fisheries in all areas of the province.

Since Police Outpost is the only designated QTF in the southwest it would be a clear violation of that policy and a serious step backwards in Alberta trout management to reverse the decision and revert back to the typical put and take trout management concept. Not only are these fisheries much in demand for resident anglers they provide destination angling opportunities for tourism anglers and a source of diversified economic activity for rural areas of the province.

There are several other stillwater trout fisheries in the area where 5 trout/no size limit fisheries are available to service that sector of Alberta’s angling community.




Neil Waugh



Hope it helps.

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