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  1. Hi Guys, My son Colin is working on a South Ram River Fishing video for a contest that Telus is running. Top prize is 10 Grand which isn't bad. But it's being run as a popularity contest, so that's where the help comes in. Here's the pitch video he did when we were down at the Crow recently. If you like it log onto this site to vote. http://yycyeg.storyhive.com/project/show/id/166 As you will see it's the only fishing video in the contest, and some of the other topics are pretty brutal. The one downside is that they are asking for an email address which I'm sure is g
  2. This just in from Redford Central "August 9, 2013 New support to communities for flood erosion damage Alberta is providing dedicated funding to help restore damaged lands in flood-affected communities. “While some communities have already done good work to re-contour creeks and stabilize channels, we need to better ensure the long-term stability of the banks and the safety of residents," said Diana McQueen, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. “This is a significant milestone in flood recovery and future mitigation, and we will be working together with local mu
  3. Before you guys get to far down the road redesigning government - and something that no longer exists called ASRD - you may want to check out this alarming press release: No mention made of Fish & Wildlife in ESRD re-structuring! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - (Edmonton July 4, 2012)... Alberta's largest conservation group, the Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA), is concerned that the newly formed Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development department has created seven internal divisions none of which directly include any reference to fish or wildlife. In an i
  4. So when Gary, who I suspect is a C&R, leave-nothing-but-his footprints asks a pretty decent question about Bow access he gets this kind of response. There may be a reason why there are a colossal 67 members and lurkers on this board right now while the other Alberta magazine-sponsored forum has 884 logged on.
  5. Comes in the mail a letter from TUC CEO Jeff Surtees informing me of our annual general meeting on June 18. Not a lot of fireworks. Just audited statements and re-appointment of the external bean counters. Clearly no rousing discussion about expansion and more effective government lobbying appears to be scheduled for the invited general membership to join in on. Plus a "slate" of directors put forward from an unspecified "Nominating Committee" to be voted on. These include: David Byler - Calgary Fred Calverley- Calgary Glen Rumpel - Calgary Rafi Tahmazian - Calgary Brian Pyr
  6. Here's my e-mail: Hi Terry I’m totally in favour of the Police Outpost regs remaining as they are and to continue managing the lake as a quality trout fishery. As you are well aware the quality trout fishery concept was adopted as a policy of the Fish and Wildlife Division following lengthy discussion at the Fisheries Roundtable to allow Alberta anglers a choice of still water trout fishing experiences. There was also an agreement by regional fisheries managers to locate quality trout fisheries in all areas of the province. Since Police Outpost is the only designated QTF in the
  7. Here's an excerpt from the proposed regulatory changes in the Public Land Stewardship Act. Waste disposal 4 219 A person shall not dispose of any waste matter in a public 5 land recreation area except in a receptacle or area provided for the 6 proper disposal the particular waste and, if no such receptacle or 7 area is provided, the person shall take the waste matter outside the 8 public land recreation area for proper disposal. 9 Vacating campsite 10 220(1) An officer directing a person camping at a campsite to 11 vacate the campsite must do so in writing. 12 (2) A
  8. Re: Smitty. Wouldn't you agree that there are a lot of arm chair politicians on this board. Basically preaching to the converted but seldom heard outside this charmed circle. Now is the time for the tribe to pull together. Just like when there was a subversive move underway to hijack the "quality" fishery regs at Bullshead or the Oldman River Chapter's showdown with some AFGA elements over the trophy lake designation at Police Outpost. FILL OUT THE SURVEY!!!
  9. For all you folks who have been beaking off about about quads/random campers for all these read this: News Release August 5, 2010 Province seeks input on proposed regulation changes Updated regulation a better tool to deal with abuse of public land Edmonton... Albertans are asked for their input into proposed regulation changes being made to strengthen the management of public lands. The changes under the Public Lands Act will allow the Alberta government to better manage general access to vacant public land, allow for stronger compliance and enforcement, and pr
  10. Here's an interesting quote from Stelmach's great TILMA treaty with BC. Standards & Regulations TILMA requires the Governments of Alberta and British Columbia to: * Mutually recognize or reconcile existing standards and regulations that restrict or impair trade, investment or labour mobility. * Not establish new standards or regulations that could restrict or impair trade, investment or labour mobility. * Reduce differences in standards or regulations that achieve legitimate objectives. * Notify each other of standards and regulations that may affect in
  11. Your best bet would be to talk to Barry or Ann at the mag in Red Deer. Nice folks and I'm sure they will help you out.
  12. Taco, I feel your pain. Broke my heart when I had to let go of the Cream Cruiser. When the kiddies come everything changes. Before anyone reports me to Herr Monitor, this was a recognized ford. No Cutthroat Trout were injured in the filming of this stream crossing. So please, nobody get your shirt in a knot. The license plate may also give you a clue when this snap was taken. I still lie awake at nights dreaming on my little diesel baby.
  13. I guess the best way to find out what's going on is get hold of the above-mentioned Kevin van Tighem and ask him "what up?" There's some kind of public review process underway until the end of the month but it's unclear from the website how you tap into it. Of course the parkies have all let their buddies with the anti outfits in on the deal and are getting it spun their way. The trouble with broad policies like the two I highlighted they sound vague an innocuous until the park-o-crats slide them through and start applying them. Elsewhere in the document both bull trout and Westslope cut
  14. Banff National Park superintendent Kevin van Tighem (AKA Corner Pool) has recently released his management plan update. Here are a couple of action items that caught my eye: # to restore native fish and invertebrate populations on an experimental basis by reducing or eliminating non-native fish species and introducing native species; # to eliminate fishing where human use threatens native species or genetic diversity; Any idea what fisheries the parkies want to close? There are a lot of non-native brown trout in the Bow that may be competing with the bulls and cutthroat
  15. Cheers Darren. It's also my understanding that my deer hunting host Bob Scammell is on the verge of acquiring a box of his out-of-print classic "The Phenological Fly." John Gierach devotes an entire chapter in "Fool's Paradise" to Bob's book which he described in one of his earlier Fly Rod and Reel pieces as one of the few new fly fishing innovations in decades. Matching hatches with wild flower blossoms. Which Trout Bum does with a blue winged olive hatch in Colorado and the same bug on Prairie Creek when the aspen poplars are blooming. Another potential stocking stuffer, fer sure.
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