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  1. ...other memories...fishing the Upper K Lake in a hurricane. Everyone was running back to their cars to escape the weather, and we were still out there catching fish while it was white capping. Breakfast and dinners from the old Coleman stove off the back of Jeff's blue pickup truck...Jeff using my mom's ratty old mountain bike so we could access Lake of the Horns...drinking raspberry ales and eating burgers at the Grizzly Paw in Canmore...showing Jeff the local streams around my hometown of Cochrane...talking to Jeff on the phone was an ordeal. You could set the phone down, eat dinner, and come back to the phone and he would still be talking...it was almost that bad. I would have to make excuses that I had to go somewhere to escape talking on the phone for two hours...haha...we did most of our fishing from shore in t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers...Jeff could cast bombs into any wind...there was always a healthy supply of Old Milwaukee...fall fishing on the Highwood River...listening to Steel Panther cranked and pulling rainbow lunkers out of Lees Lake...
  2. I will tell you right now that they broke the mold when they built this guy. There will never be another person around like Jeff Wilson ever again. I think I met Jeff in 2008 on the Lower Kananaskis Lake, and we fished there for years together. There were other places like Sparrow's Egg, The Highwood, some unnamed alpine lake, but we always came back to the Lower K Lake. We just simply called it "K". The reason why might be hard to explain to you, but the fish we hooked into and the utter hilarious times we had might explain it. We had all our secret names for different spots on K like the Kitchen, the Hallway, and even the Dining Room. I remember a time when we were fishing the Kitchen when it was on fire and we were getting double headers one right after another(I know most fish tales are b.s. but this is true). Jeff would yell "On!" and then I would yell "On!"...back and forth "On!" yep "On! oh no I am Off!"...still back and forth. I don't want to even guesstimate the numbers we got that day, but it was up there. We caught so many bull trout over the years it was stupid. The pinnacle was when we hooked into a trophy rainbow out of K. That was my heaven. My first rainbow out of that lake was 29" and fat. That is when I felt something else was really magical about this place. I went on to help protect the rainbow spawners in Boulton Creek and change the size restrictions on the fish in the Upper and Lower K Lakes. BUT I WANT YOU GUYS TO KNOW THAT I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT JEFF WILSON. He wanted to help and we worked with Trout Unlimited and SRD and after miles of paperwork and a passion for fish we got it all done. I don't know what else to tell you guys but I will really miss Jeff. There was a time when we had our differences, but we patched it up and I am glad that I was able to fish with this awesome person one last time at K this past summer. Miss you brother!!
  3. Yep...leaning towards the riversheds so far. Lotta choices out there.
  4. I have a pair of Patagonia rockgrips with studs that are fading fast after a year of use and looking for a new pair. What boot do you guys like? I am not a fan of felt. I am thinking of just getting another pair of Patagonia boots but mine slide a bit on greasy rocks. Just looking for options. I like the look of some of the Simms boots like the Rivershed. I am mainly walking cutty streams, and walk and wade a lot.
  5. I updated this one too and I have a new story I just put out yesterday that some of you might like. Just go to the bottom of the page and turn the page... http://www.cochraneeagle.com
  6. I have been fortunate to have met some great anglers along my journey, especially my brother who was a Bow River guide. It is fun to get different ideas and then form your own style. If we have time I can show you a great rig for fishing high alpine lakes, but that might have to wait for another seminar. I hope to see you guys and gals down there!
  7. ...I think Jim Stelfox(SRD) is still working on this. It is a shame though. The damage to the aquatic invertebrates there is unreal. I remember seeing dead shrimp and minnows along the shorlines on the LKL when the water levels are at their lowest in May. If anything comes up I will sure to keep you guys informed. I think if we did get a change you would probably see a 25 cent increase in your power bill. It's hard to keep everyone happy on this situation.
  8. Thanks! It has taken a lot of time to get this accomplished.
  9. Yeah dude. I was heading up to my fave place the K Lakes about a month ago and I saw that big black one right by the highway. He was hanging around Boundary Ranch just past Nakiska. Impressive animal!
  10. If you don't mind paying the extra cash, the Flyfish Journal has very well written stories and the photos are good. My favourite mag by far.
  11. I have a GLoomis Eastfork 10' 6wt that I really like for the Bow River and I use it on the Kananaskis Lakes in that crazy wind all the time. Great stick!!
  12. Sweet. Beautiful cutts and nice casting shots. Well done.
  13. I am sorry to hear that. It is a lot of fun heading out fishing with a great dog. They don't care how many fish ya catch and they will never give away your favourite fishing spot either. Hopefully you get the chance to meet another sometime down the road...
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