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  1. Imagine having to keep living in the same house after your roommate tried to do that to you.
  2. Awesome, thanks a bunch guys! I’ll pass er along - that’s a great story!
  3. Hi all, a friend told me about a 14 year old family member of theirs that's looking to get into fly tying. I'm cobbling together some good resources and recalled a cool doc at (I think) the IF4 about a boy who had some issues with his health and his journey of starting tying and being embraced within the community - pretty sure he also attended the screening and one of his flies was given away. Anyways, I found it a super heartwarming and awesome story and it sounds like there's some similarities between the two boys' situations. Any intel would be greatly appreciated - I've been googling and coming up empty.
  4. Awesome post! Thanks for all the pics. You’ve inspired me to try and plan that trip with my son for next summer or the one after!
  5. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve really been caught in work stuff lately and all other facets of life have suffered. While sometimes it’s inevitable just to put food on the table, perspective is always important and this post helped me get a bit of it back. Sorry for the loss of your pal. Now a true skunk elimination for you requires 2 fish
  6. Just incredible - thanks for taking the time to share with us!
  7. Thanks for the post. It's important to keep this top of mind. Maybe I'll throw on my life jacket next chinook to err on the side of caution.
  8. I second Sage. Show us the way Sensei.
  9. Thanks for sharing! Those stockers were pretty/huge!
  10. That was so awesome. I liked the GT at 1:13 - he's a real optimist and hey, credit for playing to the final buzzer.
  11. Slightly tangential but related to Kodak, reserve a spot at the Longview Steakhouse on the day(s) you fish the Highwood. Some prime Alberta beef in the best steakhouse I've ever been to and an amazing view of the Rockies/section(s) you just fished. Such a good cap to a day on the water. Make sure you spend some time on the Bow too, that's a potentially great time of the year. Good luck!
  12. Interesting, thanks for the background on the fire rating science gents. Glad to hear the fire ban is lifted, I like my fishing buddies but they aren't cuddle worthy.
  13. Anyone have any insight of what would then go into lifting the fire ban? Hoping to get a late season camping weekend in.
  14. Thanks for sharing! We had a newborn in June so posts like these help (slightly) with my lack of fishing this summer. It's part of the long game though - hoping the kids will be on some of those trips with me soon enough.
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