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  1. I went with the Redington Escape waders at the beginning of the year. I have a hard time spending too much money on waders. I previously had the Redington entry-level waders. The Escape is a step up from that. 4-layer lower and 3-layer upper. Hand warmer too. About 15 - 20 trips so far this year. No problems yet.
  2. Good for a laugh this morning. The Water Moccasin fly...
  3. I've seen that video before. Remember the screen door example. When I was just starting out, I picked up one of her books at a library. "Fly-casting tips from a Women's Perspective". How could I not? It was Joan Wulff.
  4. Floated the Red Deer at few times on pontoon boats. From Dickson Dam to Hiway 54 bridge. About an 8 hour float. We bring two vehicles so we don't use a shuttle.
  5. Yes, corkies are a peg style indicator held in place with a toothpick. The difference between the corkies and the other peg-style indicators are the way they are held in place on the leader. The peg-style indicator is held in place making a small loop in the leader and then stuffing the peg (and a small length of leader) in the indicator. With a strike, you set the hook and the small loop should slip a bit. At that point, the indicator is left loose sliding up and down the leader. The problem is if the fish breaks you off or you have to break off intentionally, you lose the indicator. With the corkie and toothpick, you may or may not lose the indicator, depending on where it was stationed to leader/tippet. Phil Rowley has a solution to the break-off problem on the peg-style and that is to tie a small swivel below the indicator and above the fly. This way, the indicator cannot slide past the swivel. This poses a different kind of problem, switching from nymphing to dry fly quickly.
  6. Lol. I thought I'd check out this thread to see if others thought the Bow was crowded. I see the picture of all these anglers shoulder to shoulder with the parking lot in the back and I think to myself "Man, that looks a lot like Bennett Springs!". Then I see the title of the video. Yup, I've actually been there. Worked in the Kansas City area for about 7 years in the early 2000s. Stopped in at a local Orvis flyshop, told the guy I was not around here and asked for recommendations. He sent me to the Niangua River and adjacent Bennett Springs. I also remember him telling me "we like March and April around here, fishing is good, no bugs and no snakes". Snakes! Stopped in at the Bennett Springs store/flyshop to buy my license. Lady who sold me the license was actually born in Canada somewhere but the Midwestern drawl had now taken over any Canadian accent. I remember saying something about the crowds. She said "now honey, you just go out there and fish across from the bluff". I say "what's a bluff?" She walks me out onto the front porch and points me what I call "a cliff". I definitely fished right there where we see the anglers shoulder to shoulder. I would have uploaded my similar photo of the place that I have but this was before digital photos. The fishing was exactly like that. Can't remember now if that spot was across the bluff or not. Anyway, I do remember catching a few on small Hare's Ears. Also fished right at the dam. I may have returned once more after that first opening day. But after that, I mostly concentrated on the Crappie and Bluegill fishing right in the Kansas City area. Good memories... Thanks for posting.
  7. The first few videos of his were pretty good. The latest, not so much.
  8. I've had an Outcast Fishcat 9' for over 10 years now. I like it. It is equipped with a motor mount. I tried it at Maligne Lake a few times. By the time you add the weight of the electric (not sure about the thrust) and the battery, it was weighed down pretty goon. Shortly after, I had a few pin holes in my bladder, which the Fishin' Hole in Edmonton kindly replaced. But, I figured the bladder leaks were the result of all the extra weight from those trips. Can't be sure but that's my rationale. So, although that pontoon is equipped with a motor mount, I won't put an electric on there again. Although, I think not all electrics weigh the same, right? Other than that, love the boat. Good for lakes. Floated the Bow and Red Deer rivers with it too. Good luck.
  9. Short answer is No, I cannot recommend anyone. If your friend is staying at a nice all-inclusive resort or upper end hotel, then these people likely work with a few charter companies, so that's a start. Also, be careful if you do find someone and go through a 3rd party (such as Expedia) to book. I met somebody in Cancun last year who did that. Bottom line is the charter did not have his reservation and he was out a bunch of money.
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