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  1. Cheers BC, some helpful stuff there... now to find some open water...
  2. Had a friend pick up the above mentioned line (s) for me. But I have a few questions; The Leaders that come in the "wallet" is there a way of telling them apart? I see no marking indicating what they do. I figure the black one are all fully sinking but at what rate? There are some colour coated ends on the lines, does orange connect to orange? There are 2 heads, I assume one is floating and the other sinking, is the by-colour one sinking? The box had no information inside, and the web has very little that is helpful at this point. I may just have to find a pond and bring a field book to make notes... Any advice is welcomed...
  3. fish the pools below the falls. Olive or white bugger with a bead head should do the trick...
  4. got the same rod on sale. going to set it up with the ultra spey kit from Airflow in 600g
  5. September is a great time to fish that type of water. Things start to freeze up in the alpine an the water tends to clear up quite a bit. There will be hungry bull trout waiting for you...
  6. One of my favourite areas to chase Cutty's and Bulls... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/protection-for-castle-wilderness-area-to-be-expanded-1.3215448 Let's hope it happens.
  7. Bought my last 2 subaru's from Dale at Subaru Calgary. I always go for last years model. We have an outback now and love it. The outback has a much nicer ride to it than the forester IMO. I prefer to drive it over my 4x4 Nissan frontier when the roads are snow covered. It can also go to 85% of the places I would take my 4x4 to go fishing...
  8. Homage to the Cut's I luv... https://vimeo.com/120580222
  9. Any issue with sleeping in the back of your truck at policeman's if you keep a low profile??
  10. Chironomids eh? This shows how much I hate fishing nymphs... Thx Guys.
  11. I was out fishing for Grayling today in a small lake today. There is still ice in the middle of the lake but I was fishing the edges. I could see lots of grayling but couldn't get any to go after any of the 1/2 dozen nymphs I presented. They would swim right up but give it a pass. Could not figure out what they where after. I tired the smallest tippet I had and still no luck. Anyone have experience with grayling on here that can share some advice? TY
  12. @ Smitty, Any beta to offer the Swan R. or its tributaries? Cheers.
  13. look on Kijiji, all the hipsters who got into cross-fit a few years ago must be ready to sell them off by now
  14. Nice one Shaps! Good food for thought...
  15. Hi Y'all, Came across this information while cruising a certain hunting site... New campaign slogan is a bit provocative and generating conversation. www.reportapoacher.com Would you get a T-shirt??
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