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  1. Have not seen much mention of this, had to dig it up on the TUC website... https://tucanada.org/events/2019-bow-river-tackle-swap/
  2. You might wish to check out http://www.gutenberg.org - they have nearly 60,000 online books that are available to the public
  3. You missed the bit about Alexander Mackenzie documenting them in northern Alberta in 1789. They are less invasive than the Browns and the Rainbows.
  4. Actually the American Pelican is not an invasive species. Most of Alberta is in its migration / breeding range. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_White_Pelican/overview
  5. Would really love to see some data on this. A number of people I talk to will suggest the same thing. Anecdotally I would tend to agree with your friend but my fishing methods have changed to streamers, hoppers, etc which can be much less productive than deep nymphing. My frustration is the lack of data that is being shared by our fisheries personnel. We pay for them to manage this fishery, lets see the data. Ken
  6. It's been 15 years or more since I floated up there. We took a spare key with us and hired a taxi driver in Canmore. Showed him where we wanted my truck to be left and he rode up to the Banff Springs with us and drove my rig back to Canmore after we launched. Ken
  7. I think that would have been Bill Rutherford. Bill passed away several years ago. I met Bill several times and know that he had a small shop but I never had the pleasure of visiting the shop. Sorry that I do not have more information,. Ken
  8. Don't forget to sanitize your anchor rope as well. Lots of spores could make their home in there. thanks Ken
  9. Sad news reported today from Banff National Park. Whirling Disease has been confirmed in Johnson Lake http://news.morningstar.com/all/canada-news-wire/20160825C4217/first-case-of-whirling-disease-in-canada.aspx
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