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  1. I have a seasonal spot out there. Last year I was caught with beer by Jordan too. Same thing with warning. How's one supposed to walleye fish without beer? Kidding of course. Crawling is my favourite place to fish.
  2. Still have that merc I sold ya Murray? My name is Dave. I started this website. I hope everyone still enjoys it. Kids have destroyed my fishing career. My son and I have started fishing together recently. I hope to teach him to fly fish. I live in Douglasdale and I hope u all stay outta my runs.
  3. It rained nearly every day in July last summer. How are the levels low?
  4. I may go up Friday for a "rifle hike"
  5. I tried for an elk. Not meant to be this year.
  6. Same as streamer fishing. I missed the biggest rainbow I've ever seen Fishing this way.
  7. I love this thread. It excites me when there is updates. I just bought a 32ft trailer and I can't wait to stake my claim.
  8. I accidentally deleted the thread. I basically said I have a sock if you want to try it out.
  9. Few more feet and he woulda got that little worm.
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