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  1. had friends float on May 1 and take out there. had no trouble getting a shuttle. so it was open then. maybe it's an honour system. actually just looked at the county website and it says the closure is lifted.
  2. Would totally echo Taco's comments re the old LL line. I have a 398-3LL circa 2010 and it's a great rod. if it were 4pc it would be a perfect dry fly rod.
  3. i'm sure the province can borrow at a much lower rate but interest would still far exceed the $5,000,000 savings on park closures. know what else far exceeds those savings? the alberta war room at $30 million a year. each and every year for 4 years. yeah yeah the budget was cut yesterday but only temporarily. that has to be the BIGGEST WASTE OF PUBLIC FUNDS EVER. even worse than when klein handed out cheques to every person 16 and older - twice.
  4. And now you have not only the right but for public health reasons to tell someone to GTFO of the run....
  5. Given that many corp executives are fly fisherman I could see this one continues due to a little prodding from certain users.
  6. when i completed it fishing was part of the survey.
  7. Speaking of robins at the end of the last cold spell i was sure i was hearing robins chirping in the morning when i was walking to the garage but didn't see any. Then on March 3 when the low temp was -28 and high was -14, I see 3 robins sitting in a tree in neighbour's yard. Those birds must have been wondering WTF?
  8. Well, there are 2 elections happening in 2019 although we'll be back on the water by the time each rolls around. Surely someone has something to say about one or the other? Or maybe leaders of political parties?
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/12/sports/calgary-winter-olympics.html?fbclid=IwAR2mewr6v78q-3kFe1ovOjDvLI4Y6dt9B3zAg74VLie_yPjccRpTU-Msf1o Forgot about this article someone told me about.
  10. No was my vote. The majority of council voted not to proceed but since a super majority was required the plebiscite was not killed. If the people with the true bid info don't want to move forward it makes no sense to move forward. The economics don't add up. The whole bid process seems rushed. I don't see how spending money refurbishing existing out dated facilities makes sense. I've always been told that fixing old cost more than building new. That does not seem fiscally prudent. That said I don't want new facilities being built either. And you just know somehow a new hockey arena will end up being part of the games. Guaranteed. Holding the ski jumping and nordic combined events in Whistler? I believe the savings for this has been indicated at $40 million. I find it hard to believe that on a $5.1 billion budget you can't come up with the additional $40 million to create a new jumping site that can be used for the games and in the future. I heard the father of an elite jumper staying it didn't make sense to have only 1 decent facility in the entire country. There is no reason to get into a relationship with a very corrupt organization like the IOC. The IOC completely backtracked on letting Russia back into the fold even though it did not meet the conditions to its drug testing and drug lab to return. That is very very telling about the IOC. $$$$$$ I don't buy the argument that Calgary is so good at planning that there would never be a cost overrun so don't worry about it. But just in case we're going to spend $20 million on an insurance policy that will cover up to $200 million of overruns. Apparently this insurance policy does not currently exist so how do they know the premium? When people say the money should be spent on other things not sporting venues etc. The standard response is that without the games there is no money - and i get that. How about the politicians get off their butts and come up with plans and proposals for infrastructure needed for the city and try to leverage provincial and federal money. Don't we need hospitals, schools, more soccer fields and community arenas? Roads, transit? Arts venues? The kinds of things that benefit everyone in the city and make the city a better place to live work and play. Too much of the Yes side argument is that it's been so hard for Calgary since the recession that we need a project like this to rally citizens, feel good, revitalize our spirits etc etc. I'm not even going justify these types of arguments with a counter argument. I have asked and asked and have found no one who could provide me with any convincing arguments are the city, provincial and federal taxpayers should fund the Olympics at this time.
  11. Did something change in the forum? Now when I click on the button to mark as read a message comes back as There was an error marking this item as read. I can still do it inside the forum but not on the main page. Seems odd I can no longer do that. Any ideas?
  12. i didn't complain (who has time for that) but i'm not surprised that someone did. when i first looked at the pic i though "uh oh fish on the rocks, he's going to get called out." but when i looked again i could see that it was mostly submerged except that part that is lifted out by the line. it's the details that people didn't notice. yes the water is too clear so it's hard to make out in the pic.
  13. Wow an institution is gone. Ah the old days of Don Cahoon telling you to get a map and that the brown lines are roads and the blue lines are rivers/creeks. Follow a brown line until is crosses a blue line and start fishing. And the generous wisdom of Jim MacLennan and Neil Jennings.
  14. Ever since i fished in NZ in 1997 I've been using wool indicator for all light nymphing. I make a slip knot loop in the leader and put the wool in that. Pull tight and Bob's your uncle. Doesn't really work for much weight as it is pulled under too quickly.
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