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  1. Fly Fishing Expo

    Thank you.
  2. Is It on this Jan. 12-14, hearing yes and no. Please advise. thank you
  3. How To Send A Pic On This Page?

    I tried tiny pic on my iPad, it won't post a pic for me only a link to a pic Any other ideas for iPad users
  4. Just wondering if anybody has any hands on experience with this jacket. The internals of it look good having down as well as primaloft gold. They are a bit expensive, just wondering if they work. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. After reading about these lines on another fishing forum, and seeing great reviews, I decided to try one. This is a company from Scotland, the have a fairly good selection of lines for most purposes, and free worldwide shipping.I ordered a GT90 line 6wtf. Floating line it took not quite 2 weeks to my door and cost $47 can.It comes in a colour called mushy pea, a nice soft green colour.The first thing I noticed while spooling up was how supple this line was , there was no memory coils at all. It flows through the guides very quietly. The line lays out in a perfectly straight line, again no memory.it is a very easy line to cast for distance, it floats very well and mends just as well. The only shortfall, that I have found is it does not come with welded loops, so I just put on a braided loop. I normally use the higher end Rio or SA line, but with them now around $100, I thought this might be a good alternative at half price.I hove only been out twice with this line, but I am very impressed so far I feel in my opinion that these lines are every bit as good as the high end lines. I have already ordered another.If you are in the market for a new line, it might pay to give their website a look, in my opinion it is a very good product.
  6. Sage One or Scott Radian, or once they are available in Canada Scott flex. Have a look at the Yellowstone fly rod shootout, for other ideas, and info.
  7. Just waist their time by ignoring them. That probably bugs them just as much.
  8. 2017 Fishing Regulations

    This one is nice to see. It's about time Would have been nice to see them put a classified waters fee on non residents as well.
  9. Same issue , have to sign in every time.
  10. Yes. My boots were Riverteck 2 boots, my backups were G4, with BOA ,which I also liked, but they had the crank button on the side of the boot rather than centre. I prefer the Riverteck 2 boots, my next will be rubber sole though.
  11. Keep an eye on the stitching, on the side of the boot as well as the toe cap area. Mine had to go back after one season. They were replaced, but, had to buy backup boots being mid season. Love the boots, and the BOA system.
  12. Ultralight Reels, Too Light?

    I had the same issue with a 5 wt. Radian, and a 5wt. Wraith. The nautilus FWX 5 wt. was too light. Had to switch over to a Nautilus FWX 7 wt. reel to balance correctly. The plumbers tape sounds like a good idea, or a few wraps of solder.
  13. For sure, they do not seem to change stock, very often, the good stuff gets picked over quick.
  14. The last time I was in the Whole sale sports cleanse shop in Pincher Creek, they had them at 40% off.
  15. Simms Warranty

    I have the Riverteck as well as the G4 boot , both have the boa. System, the wheel on the Riverteck is in the centre. The wheel on the G4 is on the side. I prefer the Riverteck as it tightens more evenly. Also like the drain holes on the Riverteck boots. Although others may not agree, I am a great fan of the BOA system.