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  1. North Central Native Trout

    The Alberta chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers has already sent a letter to the AEP minister about this:
  2. Fly Fishing Expo

    It's the weekend of March 16th. Tickets aren't on sale yet.
  3. Country Pleasures

    CP was the shop I took my first fly casting lessons from and where I bought my first fly rod 27 years ago. Sad to see it go. Thanks to Mike and everyone else who worked there through the years.
  4. Logs, out of control boats, rabid beavers, etc. can take you out in the summer too.
  5. Resin ant pattern

    I think this Davie McPhail ant gives you the resin look but still floats well. Should be easy enough to tie it in black or more of a cinnamon colour too.
  6. Trout Id Key

    How about this? Includes all Alberta sport fish. http://www.albertaregulations.ca/pdfs/fishing-regs/Sport-Fish-Identification.pdf
  7. Opst from the boat

    I have Commando heads but never tried them out of the boat. Seems a lot easier to just use a short head line like an Outbound or Sonar where you can strip it right back and recast.
  8. A couple sessions about the NCNT recovery program... Calgary: https://albertawilderness.ca/product/north-central-native-trout-recovery-program-information-session-calgary/ Edmonton: https://albertawilderness.ca/product/north-central-native-trout-recovery-program-information-session-edmonton/
  9. The organizers own this forum...
  10. Looks a lot like a site that scrapes other websites for content and presents it as its own for traffic. I'd take anything posted there with a grain of salt until the organizers post something. Right now the expo website 404s and the Facebook page was removed.
  11. Like the title says... https://www.alberta.ca/report-poacher.aspx
  12. BWO

    I remember that year. Some of the shops were running out of parachute Adams before runoff hit, so everyone had their dry boxes stocked up for the next spring and there was no top action.
  13. Another survey as part of the North Central Native Trout recovery, but this one is specifically for the Ram. https://talkaep.alberta.ca/north-central-native-trout-recovery/survey_tools/ram-river-public-survey
  14. Amazing Giant Trevally Footage

    It's a dry fly. 4wt should be fine.