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  1. Surprised nobody mentioned this yet. Over the years the treatment plants have gotten "cleaner" by not pumping as much phosphate into the river, which means less fertilizer for river flora. Less flora probably means fewer bugs...
  2. Sunglasses! What are you using?

    That's always going to be a problem with plastic/polycarbonate lenses. Glass won't scratch as easily but they'll be heavier and more expensive. As for glasses themselves, I think once you hit a certain price point they're all pretty good and it just comes down to the frames that are most comfortable for you.
  3. Plans dropped yesterday and it's good news. https://www.alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=559635746E487-E7C0-4E4F-56BAA61A78EDA86D
  4. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Simi seal or STS trilobal work nice too. With the longer fibers I usually split the thread and wrap it in that way. Another option is to put a few wraps of lead behind the cone and either super-glue it to the hook or build up a thread ramp right behind it to keep it in place so then you don't have to build up a bunch of thread right behind the cone. Depends how heavy you want it.
  5. TUC accidentally posted to Facebook that it started at noon so there were people who showed up at 11:30.
  6. Fish Handling

    Next time call RAP and let them sort it out.
  7. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    That boatman is an old Idylwilde pattern created by long time Bow river guide Dee Chatani, so yeah it works pretty decent. You can still find it in the bins in some Calgary shops.
  8. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Brostaff beetles and Dee's boatman.
  9. Whirling Disease

    That's if you assume that it was introduced into Alberta waters immediately after the last test in 2003. But yeah, let's focus on whether or not 14 years is quick because that's the real issue here.
  10. Consistent catch of Browns over 28"

    I made this back in December for just such a situation...
  11. Alberta River Basins

  12. Fixed it for you.
  13. Yeah it will be nice to see some limitations on OHV use and random "camping" in those areas.
  14. 2018/19 regs

    If you go to http://www.albertaregulations.ca/fishingregs/index.html they have the regs for each zone formatted as a single page properly oriented for easy viewing like http://www.albertaregulations.ca/fishingregs/ES1-Rivers.pdf Only downside is that you'll have to download separate pdfs for lakes and rivers in each zone, but at the same time you only have to download the regs for where you fish.
  15. North Sask Regional Plan

    Are you confusing the South Saskatchewan and North Saskatchewan plans, because the topic says south but the message is about the north plan. SSRP consultation was 4 or 5 years ago but NSRP is current.