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  1. I'd offer some advice but my success was strikingly similar to yours.
  2. A sobering read.

    "Fees for water should really run as. supply/demand marketplace" Don't know if this will happen in our lifetime but it will happen. Used to have next door neighbor that sprayed his driveway and sidewalk everyday. His daughter actually pointed his water waste and the reply he made was similar to your dad's. And to validate the value of water I worked with a fellow from Africa and he told me the first time he saw a tap running he automatically tried to save some in any container he could find. A place where people walk four hours to get 5 gallon container of water. Our society is totally uninformed as to the value of water.
  3. June opening day

    The world could end before then
  4. Find Your Water

    Well now that I know where that is, I will have to go there.
  5. aquaseal

    Troutfitters is a bit low on it too. I tried for some a week ago and all they had was the kits.
  6. Pics from the 2016-2017 Season

    Nice shots and fish
  7. That depends on what species you want to target, and what type of fishing you want to do. Streamer fishing for big browns and rainbows in the Bow for instance.
  8. That's unfortunate hopefully nothing too valuable was taken, but you are right don't leave things in the open. I had the same thing happen to me and they took my wife's backpack she left on the seat. That was at my nephews basketball game at Southland Leisure Centre.
  9. Oldman River Brewing LTD

    Pale ale was my favorite when I was there in August. But they were down to just a few brews, with some new batches due in a few days from when I sampled.
  10. Oldman River Brewing LTD

    Yeah the Oldman outfit is pretty good, and they have growlers to go too.
  11. Think that the upgrades to the sewage treatment plants on the Bow might have something to do with all of this too?
  12. Yeah the people that own vacation property at the Castle Ski Hill, and the community group that owns it. Are probably okay with that action plan.
  13. Cutty Crisis

    Can't fish most of the high country streams now. Closed due to the fire danger, kind of killing two birds with one stone. No access for anyone doing anything. They are doing helicopter patrols too. For those that think they can get away with something.