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  1. Bow River Shampoo

    Yeah in a coin or automatic car wash the effluent goes into the sanitary sewer, then treated. My neighbor had the big bucket of soapy water and the sponge there was literally foam three inches deep on his shiny metal box. All running down the driveway then down to the corner storm sewer which is about 2m away from the Elbow.
  2. Bow River Shampoo

    Probably some dickwad washing his luxury sports vehicle in his driveway. Or pressure washing his house. I saw a neighbor of mine doing that a month ago or so. He was washing his Mercedes with a bucket full of detergent and his hose. I mentioned to him that the effluent goes directly from his driveway into the storm sewer and then into the river. He just looked at me like I was from outer space. You know they educated the school children with the yellow fish program, maybe they should do that with the BIG kids.
  3. Cabin on the Liv

    I ran into a fellow on the river a few years ago that claimed to own a ranch along the river. I forget which section it was now, on the portion over the hill but before the campground at the falls. Myself and my partner were told it was private property and we were trespassing.
  4. Anybody else notice the changes

    Yeah I was in there this weekend, might have been a tad quieter, still lots of people in lots of places doing lots of stuff.
  5. Camping/fishing Castle Area

    Thank god we don't live in Africa. We would have to walk five miles to get muddy water out of a rusty pipe. Taste would not be an issue. Africa, Africa I'm North American, Ha! Ha! Ha!
  6. St Croix Classic rod

    I have one and I like it, a 6 wt. I bought mine about 5 years ago and it is a medium action rod so you have to be patient and wait for it to load on your back cast. I find it to be very accurate when trying to place my fly in a specific location. I can't remember what I paid but seem to remember it was a moderately priced rod. not cheap but not super expensive.
  7. Be careful when grazing!

    Blackberry picking anywhere is great, Idaho, Washington, B.C. to name some I have had experience. I was also waiting for the bear part of the story, which I have heard from others.
  8. Camping/fishing Castle Area

    That's a unique question, and it is a bit of a conundrum. But you could try the store in Beaver Mines, or at the ski hill. I know they are both open, maybe call them or email?
  9. There's a reason the fish population is in decline.
  10. I like this thread because it has really opened up the conversation on this topic, which is I believe to be a template of ecological impact on the world as a whole. The supposition is that there are a variety of impacts causing a decrease in fish populations on the Bow, flow rates, sewage discharge, predator impact, entomological factors, fertility environments, etc. The one factor that seems to be missing is the 8 billion one. I mean people, just the number of people in our whole sample system. Fish are not stupid, I mean how many of you have seen a perfect presentation and the fish you were targeting come up, take a look, just to turn and go back to it's lie. I had that happen to me on the Bow back in the early nineties, "hopping down the Bow" with a monster brown. Now I had caught over a dozen fish by this point all over 15 inches. But I then ran into a group of fishers that had worked the water in front of me, all who had a great day. So what I am saying is that the pure number of people fishing the river Is causing an impact in that the fish see so many artificials that unless you happen to be really in the right place at the right time they are just too educated to be fooled. As for fish populations "probably" is probably not right not matter which way you look at it as your mind is already probably made up.
  11. I guess the sky really is falling
  12. I am a vintage guy and I can remember at various times in the 80's and 90's people talking about how the trout population was in decline, then there was a survey done and the number I seem to recall was 2500 fish per linear mile of river. Don't know if that is the case anymore. From what I understand water treatment people come from around the world to check out our facilities and the Bow. I have never heard the Chatahoochie or the Isar called "blue ribbon" waters. and I have seen the Isar, didn't even think it had trout in it. I have also seen the Danube in Budapest and it has trout in it too.
  13. Looking for pigs

    Yeah the supplies and beer are way lighter when they are full. The empties and the trash weigh sooo much!
  14. Gotta wonder about FF types

    I think that with the downturn in the economy in Alberta that people have more time on their hands. So they get their hands on a fly rod and off they go.
  15. Wholesale Sports Closing

    Glad to see a shop in the chuk again. It was where Russ Thornberry started the Fishin Hole. Best thing about a independent shop is; the informed personnel.