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  1. I guess the sky really is falling
  2. I am a vintage guy and I can remember at various times in the 80's and 90's people talking about how the trout population was in decline, then there was a survey done and the number I seem to recall was 2500 fish per linear mile of river. Don't know if that is the case anymore. From what I understand water treatment people come from around the world to check out our facilities and the Bow. I have never heard the Chatahoochie or the Isar called "blue ribbon" waters. and I have seen the Isar, didn't even think it had trout in it. I have also seen the Danube in Budapest and it has trout in it too.
  3. Looking for pigs

    Yeah the supplies and beer are way lighter when they are full. The empties and the trash weigh sooo much!
  4. Gotta wonder about FF types

    I think that with the downturn in the economy in Alberta that people have more time on their hands. So they get their hands on a fly rod and off they go.
  5. Wholesale Sports Closing

    Glad to see a shop in the chuk again. It was where Russ Thornberry started the Fishin Hole. Best thing about a independent shop is; the informed personnel.
  6. Confused

    You should have gotten her name.
  7. A couple more...

    Very nice
  8. I had a pic removed once too. Same reason, there was thought that the fish was on rocks and out of the water. I had to also correct the perception. I think with certain angles and light conditions water looks nearly invisible.
  9. Mountan trout streams Alberta

    Went to a presentation by Barry a number of years ago. Should have got my copy signed. Wonder what that would be worth?
  10. Are the printed ones available? When I purchased my license there were no paper regulations.
  11. Cool story...

    No more mighty salmon.
  12. 2018/19 regs

  13. I'd offer some advice but my success was strikingly similar to yours.
  14. A sobering read.

    "Fees for water should really run as. supply/demand marketplace" Don't know if this will happen in our lifetime but it will happen. Used to have next door neighbor that sprayed his driveway and sidewalk everyday. His daughter actually pointed his water waste and the reply he made was similar to your dad's. And to validate the value of water I worked with a fellow from Africa and he told me the first time he saw a tap running he automatically tried to save some in any container he could find. A place where people walk four hours to get 5 gallon container of water. Our society is totally uninformed as to the value of water.
  15. June opening day

    The world could end before then