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  1. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    A skull head deceiver for pike. I call this one the Bumble Bee Buzzer And the Candy Cane Copper Chironomid
  2. More Cases Of Whirling Disease Found

    That was a quote from the site, not my own comments. I agree that we should all be trying our best to prevent the spread of all invasive species. Sadly however I believe that when things like this spread it's by people who've never even heard of whiling disease. Hikers, boaters, kids, dogs, ducks and geese... river users come in all forms and not just fishermen. That's not to say that you should just say eff it and ignore the problem. Or that just because it's in one part of the river that all parts are affected. It's known to affect hatchlings more easily and so some tribs that are free of the disease can spawn healthy fish in watersheds that are deemed as infected.
  3. More Cases Of Whirling Disease Found

    Additional detections of whirling disease from the ongoing sampling and testing do not mean the disease is spreading. Whirling disease may have been present for several years.
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here it goes. Open to the public, there's going to be lots of great stuff up for grabs here this year. Or if you have things you want to sell bring them. Come on out but don't bid against me because I'm going to be buying. This is taken straight from their site http://hookandhackleclub.org/special_events_63.html Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017 Where Calgary Hook and Hackle Club / Bow Waters Canoe Club map Calendar Hook and Hackle Club Description Please take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning at home and identify any items (they don't have to be fishing-related!) you want to donate to the auction. For more valuable items (worth more than $50 or so) that you may want to sell rather than donate, let us know your minimum price and we will set that as the "reserve price" on the item. If our auctioneer is able to solicit a final bid that is greater than the reserve price, you receive the reserve price and the club keeps the difference. If bids do not exceed the reserve price, you take your item back home. Plan to arrive with your items between 6:00 and 6:45 pm - the bidding starts at 7:00 pm sharp! Also, please take note of the following to help ensure the evening runs smoothly: 1. The auction is open to everyone. Members and guests may donate items and participate in the bidding. 2. All bidders will register with the Treasurer and receive a bidder number. 3. If you plan to bid, please do not forget to bring payment! Canadian cash or cheques accepted. Cheque payments work best for us as our ability to make change can sometimes be limited. 4. Please plan to pay for your items either at the end of the evening or at the break about halfway through. It is very difficult for us to accept payments and make change, etc. while the live auction is going on. NOTE: All payments MUST be in cash or check. No exceptions. Thank you to members who have helped out by obtaining donations from various local businesses.
  5. Thanks Lornce, Would you tie the fur to that chain? Or are you taking about glue?
  6. Castle - Get Your Voice In

    Quite the survey. Just about every question is "Read page # and tell us what you think of it". The theme of First Nations keeps popping up. The false image of them as stewards of the land has been beaten to death. As if your family background makes you qualified as a conservationist. So called "traditional practices" are a big reason why we need better conservation plans.
  7. That's probably a good idea. I'm thinking the glue would need to be a flexible type. Any suggestions?
  8. Crane Fly / Daddy Long Legs Pattern?

    Wow, "great" is an understatement. It looks like a natural glued to a hook.
  9. Hey All, Anyone substitute craft fur for rabbit fur strips when tying things that use trailing fur strips? (bunny leech etc.) I've tried searching but I can't come up with a good answer. I'm wondering about the suitability/durability of the craft fur if used as a trailing strip because it doesn't have that rabbit hide like leather backing. Any input appreciated.