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Homage Patterns Contest

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this contest is strictly to pay homage to tyers, both widely known and unheard of, that have had a significant impact on our own tying experiences, techniques and patterns...an homage may be made to a tyer by more than entrant...a brief explanation as to why you chose your tyer as well as an original pattern entry originated by that tyer (i.e.. paying homage to Gary Lafontaine with a Deep Sparkle Pupa or Mike Lawson with a No Hackle, etc.)...i don't know how well this one's gonna work but i have been tossing this idea around for awhile and i figured we'd give it a go...any questions, PM me and i'll get back to you as soon as i can...entry deadline by Sunday, Feb. 3 by 9 PM...have fun!!!:)
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Art Michaluk Sedge


I met Art through my long time friend and fishing buddy and although I didn’t know him all that well he made a large impression on me, so I wanted to honor him by posting his Sedge pattern. The Sedge came into being while he was camping at a lake north of Kamloops. I have seen lots of imitations in books of his pattern, however none have captured it correctly. My pattern is close, but no one ties it the way Art did. Art clipped the hackle short under the eye which I chose not to do.


Hook-Mustad 94831 size 10


Tail-Elk with the natural curve upwards

Body-Olive Dub

Wings-Elk-two wings one slightly ahead of the other with the natural curve of the Elk down and melding with tail to form one wing

Hackle-brown saddle



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as i noted in the past, one of the most influential tyers to me is John Barr...his article in Fly Fisherman magazine circa 1998 in regards to his "Succulent Series" (the use of ziploc bags for a more realistic wet look on nymphs) took my tying in a whole new direction as i began to look at using materials that i would have never before thought could be used in tying (ziploc, foam, tape, Tyvek, etc.)...i began more experimentation with new materials and my patterns improved as a result...these improved patterns also improved my successes on the water...so without further ado, adapted from John Barr and his book "Barr Flies", my homage to the Golden Tungstone...


Golden Tungstone (Dry)



Golden Tungstone (Wet)



Hook: TMC 5263 #8-18

Bead: Golden Tungsten

Thread: Yellow 6/0

Weight (optional): Lead Wire (size 8-14 use .020", size 16 use .015", size 18 use .010")

Tail: Ginger or Tan Goose Biots

Rib: 3X Mono

Flashback: Pearl Lateral Scale or Large Pearl Flashabou

Shellback: Mottled Oak Golden Stone Thin Skin

Abdomen: Tan Sow Scud Dubbing or Tan Hareline Hare's Ear Plus Dubbin

Wing Case: Mottled Oak Golden Stone Thin Skin

Thorax: Tan Sow Scud Dubbing or Tan Hareline Hare's Ear Plus Dubbin

Legs: Gold Dyed Grizzly Hen Saddle or Tan Badger

Collar: Tan Sow Scud Dubbing or Tan Hareline Hare's Ear Plus Dubbin

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Guest bigbadbrent

Dave's Goldenstone

Really has inspired me to tie a bunch of golden stones as of late, and much more realistic then any of the other ones.


So, here's to you Dave, had to use somethings i had around instead of a straight off your pattern



Daiichi 1730 - 6

Tail, Legs, Antenna - Stripped Quill

Body - Brown Stretch lace, over orange ice dub

Wing Case - Brown Mottled Webwing

Dubbing - Rusty Brown Ice Dub


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Hi All, just thought I'd like to give you my favourite fly dresser, I doubt he will be known over the pond but here in the UK he's very well known for his innovative patterns his flies are tied to match at times some strange and wonderful things, but his imitation patterns are probably some of the most realistic around, the dressers name is Leon Guthrie, from Galasheils, in the Scottish Borders, Leon at present is not in the best of health, so spends most of his days tying flies, ( or Fleas ) as he likes to call them, I've included a link to his patterns on our forum in the UK, I just hope it works but these patterns I'm putting up are one of the deadliest flies I've ever fished with, we call them the Satanic Buzzer


Please when using this link scroll to the bottom as we have the latest post at the top of the page, and please feel free to browse the rest of the forum, join if you like we'll make you welcome :)













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Oliver Edwards, I always pick up something when I watch his dvds.


Woven stonefly.



Hook: #8 4x longshank Kamasan B800

Underbody: lead

Body: Yellow/Olive/Black embroidery thread

Wingcase: Olive body stretch

Legs: Flexifloss

Dubbing: Yellow seal's fur

Antenna/Tails: Pheasant tail fibres

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Bow River Bugger first tied by Peter Chenier - I've caught rainbows up to 28 inches, bulls dart out of deep hiding spots, and browns chase this out of chocolate milk to my feet so it's one of the first ones I wanted to learn to tie.


Tail - black marabou and blue holographic flashabou

Body - variegated olive chenille, olive dyed grizzly hackle, and copper wire

head - spun deer hair

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Ok, I'm in on this one too. This fly is my attempt at the Morris Emerger (callibaetis). Its designer, Skip Morris, is undoudtedly one of the top contemporary fly tyers, and in addition to publishing a number of excellent books, he has designed many very interesting flies. The Morris Emerger, which can be tied in a variety of sizes and colours to represent different mayfly emergers, is a design that falls between the comparadun and the Quigley emerger. It is designed to take a position in the film that falls between the position of these two flies (like that shown in the photo).


What got me thinking about tying and using this pattern, was that I just came back from the Northern Lights/TUC seminar held last weekend in Edmonton, in which Skip Morris and Rick Hafele were the star attractions. I came away with quite a few patterns that I want to use this summer. Terry





Morris Emerger (callibaetis)

Hook: TMC 2487 #12 - 16

Thread: Tan 8/0 or 6/0

Tail: Brown mottled hen-saddle

Rib: Fine gold wire

Abdomen: Mottled brown turkey primary

Thorax: Olive-grey dry fly dubbing

Wing: Bleached coastal deer hair

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............Over the last 3 years I have caught more fish on the Evil Weevil and its’ variations than any other fly, from size 18 to 6. ....................

Maybe this is the reason :blink::blink: . Terry


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"Refined by Barr in 1996, this fly emerged in 2001 as the number-one seller in the Umpqua catalog, the successor to the Hare's Ear and Prince as the first nymph anglers pull out of the box." - flyfisherman.com


This was the 1st fly that I tied just over a year ago. Being so it was the 1st fly tied by myself to catch a fish. During the summer months you would be hard pressed to not find one of these on my rigs in a wide array of colors. It is my go to fly and always produces for me. The fly of the year for myself was a size 16 red copper john.


Hook: Mustad 12-18

Thread: Black 8/0

Tails: Brown Biots

Body: Copper Wire

Wing Case: Black stretch flex + flashabou

Thorax: Peacock Ice Dub

Wings: Partridge



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hey Din...on your next batch, give the epoxied wing case a try...unreal look for the finished product...nice tie man...


was going to try that on this fly...but decided not to. seems like a lot of work for a fly i will lose in the amount of time it takes for the epoxy to set....may give it a try just to see and go from there. thanks for the tip!

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i thought the deadline was this past sunday. i do believe i have a pattern in mind and i will pay homage to someone we all know and love :) if i can find what i am looking for in my pile of books



deadline was extended as i believe that there are more contributions by the tying community than just 8...:D...that and i wanted to see more entries...

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deadline was extended as i believe that there are more contributions by the tying community than just 8...:D...that and i wanted to see more entries...

Do those of us who made the Sunday 9PM deadline get a 5 vote bonus? :blink::blink: Terry

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While your at it give the Oilers another 5 points as well LOL opps still out of the race :P

Nice hijack Chris. Anyway, after last night's game, I have to say, Oilers suck. However, let's talk after the first round of the playoffs. :lol:


Now, back to "Homage Flies" Terry

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