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  1. nevermind...now i know who to thank for this... "go with Christ, brah..."
  2. bulltrout

    Bully Flies

    do a search for drbulltrout on youtube...i got some posted up there as well as some favorites marked and liked...
  3. don't hold your breath...been waitin' for a batch of his BTS's for years now...
  4. i'm surprised that chris or max didn't come up with this first...
  5. nicely done bud...that'll do fine...welcome to the board BTW...
  6. i signed this and 3 other petitions...one has to wonder if it's really going to matter...the gov't seems pretty gung ho about this and i wonder if anything would even deter them at this point...oh well, here's hoping...
  7. X2 (in sizes 16-20)...serendipities are also in my arsenal...
  8. just like i said on FB, every time i read that it makes me laugh...
  9. don't feel like it's an isolated incident...it's the same here in lethbridge unless you're in the hunting dept...and forget asking them if they can order anything in for you...
  10. you notice how nobody cares anymore?...just a thought...
  11. i just had to revive this thread a little bit after stumbling across a post by Taco quite a while back: notice how gently and the almost proud-like way that taco holds the brookie in the bottom pick...proof that taco is, despite what he wants us all to believe, a big softie who can't bring himself to be barbaric to anything with fins...the battle ensues...
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