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  1. Jet boat listed in this article...maybe? http://bigwestcountry.ca/2015/06/rcmp-searching-for-wanted-male/
  2. That's awesome! Can't wait to get my son into it! He's come on lots of trips but he's just sleeping in the back pack! Hoping he is a product of his environment and will love it just like his mom and dad!
  3. I've heard Tenkara is good for kids to get into the sport...may be worth looking into
  4. Edit: I have the T1i camera and haven't been limited by it. I also added a 50mm f/1.8 II lens for portraits (~$100).
  5. (I have no affiliation with Jensen Fly Fishing...) Not sure if many people are aware, but Dave and Amelia have released a DVD about sight fishing. The DVD is really well done, and I would recommend picking it up if you have any interest in sight fishing. They have some pretty incredible footage and it's highly informative. For $25, you can't really go wrong and adding a new technique to your fishing is never a bad thing! I was lucky that they were over in NZ when I went there and they helped me be more successful. Dave has an incredible eye for spotting trout. I took what they taught me and have been able to apply it back home here in AB in every water I've fished. It's opened up a whole new perspective to fly fishing for me that is extremely rewarding. Thought some of you may be interested!
  6. Nice work...but I would say that it's half filled
  7. You forgot the best part about the grill looking like it's smiling Dave...
  8. In my opinion, there's a large difference between sharing spots on larger rivers or rivers where there is lots of fish (bow, oldman, crow, etc) to sharing spots on intimate waters where there may not be as many fish, and those fish will be put down for the rest of the day if someone has fished over them. You can come back and fish a cutty spot later in the day and catch the same fish, but it's often not the case for some other streams...Stauffer is no secret, but have you ever fished it one day and not seen a fish to only find out that someone was only a few bends up?
  9. Sounds like you are approaching the water correctly...from my experience most people will walk right into those shallow, slack water areas without observing it first...often times fish like to slide into those spots to feed. Fish can hold on extremely skinny water and often those fish are of the larger variety!
  10. Did you fish upstream or down? Looking at midges that were on the surface over water you had just recently walked through and fished? If yes, good possibility any fish that may have rose to them took off...
  11. Apparently pets have benefits.... Calgary Herald
  12. Whenever I tie with lead I just wrap it around the bare hook and then take my thread and secure it (the lead) in place. But the general guideline for tying a fly is to start at the back and wrap to the eye.
  13. Simms is catering to different types of customers...seems like a prudent business decision to me. edited...
  14. Read it's description again... "If you have the time to wait for conditions….those impossible trophy brown trout start to resemble cutthroat trout..."
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