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  1. unfortunately that weekend i have to put on a dress and be in a wedding - no not mine... and in edmonton of all places.
  2. prior to the wier reconstruction, it would grab and chew anything that went over it, and certainly not tug, spit, lanuch it out. well not until it was completely crushed, mashed, torn and evicerated and then spat out for fish food. many a summer rafters who ignored the river signs and rope barricade have never been found. the undertow is strong and basically cuisenarts every thing. not an experience i would recommend in a $50 canadian tire rubber raft. i am definately looking forward to post construction improvements in safety and driftability. Bowness to 17th will be an interesting drift.
  3. i hope everything gets sorted out. if anyone else has any problems, please let Brunsie, myself or HPK know ASAP. if the dealer will not or cannot help you, we will do our best. Brunsie and I are only prostaff so we are limited in what we can do but we might be able to assist you in getting the right answers sooner than later. that being said, i have 6 of their rods, TXS, Trend and WindWarrior feather lite reels. i have not had problems with any of them. the reels are decent for the price range that they are in. i get to test the gear in all sorts of situations and i report back any problems or concerns.
  4. no Vic, it was reported to the city by several different people that 4-5 different fishermen with fly rods - not gear had torn down the fence. in the summer and fall, i see them in there all the time but when the water is lower you can walk around the bottom of the fence and stay in the water without going on to the nature reserve.
  5. well the big sign clearly states nature reserve no access and then there is a fence. i would think that might be a hint that it is not permitted for people to go in to the area. i guess we could have jugglers and a 40 piece brass band set up in front of it with a 7ft tall man standing there saying keep out. but that seems a little over board, dont you think? or maybe not in the day and age of self entitlement and instant gratification. even the best trained dog isnt 100% perfect. if the fence had not been torn down by people, then the dogs would not have been able to go through the fence. granted people should pay more attention to what their dogs are doing and sadly many do not and most dogs are poorly trained at best. the point is that people are destroying property to fish. most of us are careful about trespassing and packing out our garbage and then there are people who dont care and think the rules dont apply to them. if those people who are destroying the fencing happen to be on the board and read the post, i hope they take in to consideration that they are destroying city property. not only that, it is a nature reserves and Fish and wildlife could probably also get involved. no one wants to lose their gear or get fined when there are other ways to access the river that does not involve tesspassing, destroying property or harrassing wildlife. on the other extreme, there could always be the chance of getting arrested for vandalizm and trespassing. after being convicted with a conditional sentance of 2 years less a day, try explaining to that wife that they can't take the kids to disneyland because he have a criminal record and the States wont let the person in the country, all because that person wanted to fish in an area that is off limits. best of luck with that one. and never mind the people who need to be bonded in order to work. cant be bonded with a criminal record. that sux
  6. hi all, i spend a lot of time at the southland dog park, while i was there today i watched the fence to the upstream side of the bridge being repaired. There were several complaints to the city of Fly Anglers pulling down the fencing now that the water is high to reach the island and side channel. the part of the fence being pulled down is aobve the high water mark, everything that is in the water being hit with all the crap in the river is still erect and catching junk. I did ask how it was determined that it was fly anglers and apparently there have been several complaints of 4-5 different individuals that were witnessed by dog walkers who called 311. The island is a nesting area and part of a wildlife reserve for birds and other animals and if you have been on the water at all you will have noticed the ducklings and gosslings around. chances are the humans are nto going to go stepping in a nest, but the hole in the fence remains and dogs do sneak on to the other side and can cause considerable damange to a nest or babies. As a friendly reminder to all of the angling community out there, leave the nature reserve to nature, dont destroy city erected barriers that the tax payor is on the hook for to fix for someone's selfishness. let your friends know too. it's a big river and lots of access points. please access the river without the need to destroy property. As a side note, while i was down there, 2 different people had stories about dogs getting in to the nature preserve. both dogs went through the fencing where it was torn down. one chased a baby bird of some sort and then was chased in to the water by mama bird. i suspect it was a goose. once in the river the dog was caught by the under tow of the eddy at the main river and the channel meeting. the dog did come back up but it was almost at the bridge. The other dog just ended up in the water and it took the dog until the down stream side of the bridge before it could get back to shore and out again. One of the dog owners is a city police officer and is some what annoyed. there was also some mention of survaliance and fines.
  7. thoughts and prayers lynn. if you need a shoulder or a bottle of wine, you know where to find me lots of love Tiana
  8. it was in the middle of the city, in a residential neighbourhood, next to where older folk live (who may or may not have a higher risk of breathing problems), across from the dog park and under the Southland pedestrian bridge. i'm pretty sure you need burning permit to burn on city/gov property. never mind that they were using scrub brush and breaking limbs off of trees in order to make their little fire. it was +2 and sunny. what is the need for a fire?? we arent talking -10 in the middle of no where after falling in the river and survival is the issue. it is just the lack of consideration and the idea that the rules dont apply. that is what irks me.
  9. the two idiots on the east side of the southland dog park bridge (carburn park side) who decided to build a fire on the bank out of the trees/brush so they could keep warm while fishing... hope the fire department had a few nice things to say to them.
  10. what i hate is that the 'security regulations' forces you to check expensive stuff in your luggage, which due to multiple customs agencies and misc regluations your bags cannot be locked either. i sitll zap tie the lock closed, customs can still open it but the 'other' people are a little less likely to do a quick toss and grab some people arent as honest as others. bags get opened, expensive stuff gets 'lost'
  11. oooo. do i get to release a coconut into the river to celebrate the river of life and it's journey to the ocean??? i love that part
  12. Sarah, i will taste several and report back. it's a tough job, but someone has to do it. in between fishing for whatever swims by and sun tanning.. 18 days of sun, surf, beach, food and drink
  13. this might also work for you. Top Fly 4pc, 5 or 6wt. carry case is 31.75inch long. rod is 9ft. moderate/fast action. short enough to fit in a suitcase. go to amundson.ca for more information.
  14. lol.. see, now you understand my analogies to the extreme are to make a point and get a laugh. in this case it is true... glad you had laugh
  15. Ralfish, that's what i am using you for when i visit in September Thanks Vic, west side of the island is about all the info i have been able to find so far. it appears they spend more time drinking than fishing on that island... god only knows why. i will still get out and try to track down some bonefish. perhpas if no one fishes for them i might get lucky and catch a few
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