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Ms Auction 2017


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Ok folks, here are the first items for the 2017 MS Auction! These will close next Monday, May 1 at 9 PM. So any bid after 8:59:59 is too late.


Item 1:

A Guided Bow River Float trip donated by Hanson's Outfitters. This is a full day float and lunch will be provided. Trip date on a mutually acceptable date, and you will meet at the "river house" which is right on the Bow on the end of the road past Policeman's flats. This is good for one or two anglers.

Here is a review from the trip from last year:

My dad and I floated yesterday with Aiden Hanson..... had fantastic day!

What an absolutely great guy. Young, PATIENT, knows how to find fish, BBQ smokies shore lunch was great helping with technique when asked. Just great day thanks to Aiden!


Item 2:

2 DAYS of fishing in Jasper, hosted by Creekside


2 options for fishing. Up to the angler if they do one of them twice or try one of each!


Option 1: Maligne lake - rainbows and brookies. Most of the brookies will be in the 16-18" range. Rainbows 14" - 22" range. Excellent sight fishing early in the season.

Trip will be available for only the month of June and the first two weeks of July after that I'll be out of the Province. Any day of the week but preferably mid week (get real busy on the weekends).

Pick up angler at around 6:00 am. Drive up to Maligne (lots of wildlife) early in the morning. .

Angler requires own basic gear I'll supply all flies if needed. If they own mini spey or switch rods in the 4-6 line weights they should bring them along, easier to fish then a standard single handed rod.

Angler will need to provide lunch and beverages.

Usually back in town around 4:00pm.


Option 2: Sight fishing for Pike on Talbot Lake. From Creekside “Spent allot of time last summer checking talbot out, the water is crystal clear and it's allot like bone fishing from a skiff. Odd cuda sizes pike but mostly small to medium sized fish.” I don’t know about you, but sight fishing to pike sounds like a blast.


Here is a review from Smitty on the trip last year: "The trip was terrific. Ray was knowledgeable, friendly, a good guy to fish with. We hung out afterwards at a pub, got some beer and nachos. Good times!"


Item 3: BC “Scouting” trip hosted by yours truly. There is this river I’ve always wanted to fish, and I plan to do so in either mid July or mid August, can be worked out with the winner. The current plan is to pull in my trailer, leaving Calgary on a Friday afternoon and fish hard Saturday and Sunday with some possible scouting on Friday if we get there early enough. I’ve done a pretty thorough job of mapping this out using google earth and have several great looking stretches to fish as well as several very likely camping places. Fishermen are myself, bigbowtrout, and probably my son. None of us have ever been to this river (and no, I’m not going to say which one except to the winner) nor really heard much about it other than it has the usual assortment of cutties and bulls. I do plan to try to get back there one time before this trip, but can’t promise anything. So there is a chance this will be a full on “adventure” trip with all the possible outcomes. Most of them are good, but unfortunately there is risk! I’ll supply the food and transportation. And the beer will most definitely be cold. I have done this sort of thing before, on one of my first auctions. The river we picked that time panned out pretty well as I’ve been back every year now for 6 years. If you read my blog, you’ll see it over and over, but never named. Last year I brought PeteZahut, and he is drooling to go back! So while past success is no guarantee of future results, I do have a decent batting average in this sort of thing!


Item 4: Donated by SilverDoctor!

An afternoon (approx) of Fly Tying Lessons from dear old Doc. At any level from beginner to expert. {If you are an expert you can teach me}. Will supply vice and materials to learn on during the session if needed. In lue of lessons I will tie my classic favorite flies during that time period for you and impart my fall in the creek, loose flies & not catch fish B/S wisdom. In Calgary at a mutually accepted date & location.


If I thought that learning to tie flies would not end in divorce, I'd bid on this one!


As always, just bid in the reply sections below. I will summarize every few days. Happy bidding!

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New Item

Item 5 Donated by Sage:

A softsided cooler, perfect for lunch and beverages post fishing for that long day on the river!


Inside the cooler will be:

Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail 1.89L bottle

Ocean Spray Ruby Red Grapefruit 1.89L bottle

Ocean Spray New Cran Pineapple 1.89L bottle

Ocean Spray Raisins 800g bag

Retail Value of $45.00

Inside the cooler will have:



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I know it's a long drive for Calgary folks, I absolutely get that.

But if #2 goes for anything less than $200 it will be the biggest steal of a deal on this board. Easily.


So says the guy who won it last year.

By the way, not only can you catch pike out of Talbot, but a couple of IFGA tippet lb class records - from Talbot Lake - have been established for Lake Whitefish, the freshwater mountainous version of bonefish. Catch both species in one day!

Bid $125 on #2, just cause. Only raised it by $25, cause I want someone to outbid me. :)

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