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Bc Qualicum Man Charged For Acting As Fishing Guide Without Licence


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A man who allegedly operated as a Vancouver Island angling guide without a licence is facing a trio of charges.

B.C. Conservation officers announced this week charges were been approved against Courtney Ogilvie of Qualicum Beach under Section 49 of the Wildlife Act, regulating fishing guides.

The section requires that all fishing guides in B.C. hold an angling guide licence or an assistant guide licence.

“We got a tip,” said Nanaimo conservation officer Stuart Bates. “We allege it was going on quite a while.”

Under section 49, all angling guides are required to hold a licence which must be renewed annually.

“The purpose of this is to aid in monitoring angling,” Bates said. “They’re required to report the number of angling days and their catches.

“Angling guides can be restricted to a certain number of days per year.”

Bates confirmed one of the offenses is alleged to have occurred in the Nahmint River in the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District.

Ogilvie’s first appearance in Port Alberni court is slated for Oct. 14.

The violation carries a maximum fine of $100,000 and one year in jail on a first offence.

On a second conviction, the maximum increases to $200,000 and two years, or both.

Ogilvie’s name shows up on a government guiding list as operator of Ogilvie Outfitting on Vancouver Island for the period 2008-’09, although the list doesn’t specify whether outfitters are certified as licensed.

Before hiring guides, Bates advises outfitter companies to make sure they are licenced.

He said this investigation was launched after a tip forwarded nearly two years ago.

“We’re trying to encourage people who hire (fishing) guides to ask for their licence,” said Bates, advising people to “be leery of paying in cash.”

He confirmed a person who unknowingly hires an unlicensed guide would not face charges.

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If you have read any of the recent posts on the "Redneck Board" (Alberta Outdoorsmen) then you will know that APOS is a corrupt organization that has has a poacher for a leader and many poachers that are members (paraphrasing from that specific thread) Huge controversy going on with APOS right now!!




It's a good thing we have APOS in AB so that can't happen here :rulzz: .


Stiff penalty, wonder where it will land.

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Wow that is quite the thread about APOS. As a hunter I'm disgusted by the actions of Glen Brown and even more so by an organization with a mandate to monitor and discipline its members for that type of activity but would allow him to not only continue to guide by to lead the organization itself. Unbelievable.

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On ‎9‎/‎28‎/‎2015 at 3:25 PM, lumpy said:

I have known Courtney for a few years, think this is a case of an over zealous CO.

This is pretty black and white, he either operated without a license or he didn't, don't let your feelings blind you to facts. The crown isn't going to go forward with charges unless he didn't have a license..

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Those BC hybrids can be a bitch sometimes :rolleyes:

I was browsing the AB Regs for 2019 and came across reference to a bait-fish called: trout-perch... that confused me for a while, until I looked it up on Wikipedia...

I saw some interesting humanoids on a lake in BC last weekend, they seemed like a new species. Stogey-sucking-beer-swillers They smelled like 2-stroke exhaust, and exuded a film of oil which remained on the surface. They must have been a bit nervous at the boat launch, their scat was all over the ramp. It looked exactly like cheese puffs... :glare:

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19 hours ago, fishpro said:

It's hard to say how much a guide certification helps.  I once had a guide in BC, who was certified, tell me there were native west slope brook trout in a stream by Fernie.  He was completely serious.

Partly right. It is a brook trout on the west slopes... ha

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