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Incredibly cool!

Where do you get your plans? Design any from scratch?

I made my own reel from scratch but had to outsource the machining work. Would have been cool to make some parts myself like you have done, but I don't have a shop. I also utilized some cnc lasercutting in my design. Art done by myself based on some good memories from the river.

If you're interested in tossing a disc drag system in one of your reels I might be able to help out with a design. The disc drag in this reel worked out great. Very smooth and trouble free so far in 2 seasons of use



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Nice looking reel.  Glad to hear that your disc drag worked out well.  Your response is timely. 

I'm just getting ready to cut metal on a couple of large arbor disc drag reels.  I've made a few of these with cork disk drag but I'm open to suggestions. 

I design from scratch so all options are open.  Please PM a copy of your drag design - I may change my design and incorporate yours.


BTW - is that an iron ring in your first photo??



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Pm sent! 

You can probably make many improvements to my design, it was my first go at it. Funny thing when I was blindly searching for a good one-way bearing to use, I ended up settling on a one-way bearing that was made for RC cars. Ended up being the same one-way bearing that Nautilus uses haha. Hatch uses a different one way bearing, also made for RC cars.


Yes it is an iron ring, finished at uofc a few years ago. I almost did a fly reel design as my 4th year project but unfortunately I was the only fisherman in my group so others weren't so inspired to do that project haha

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44 minutes ago, FishnChips said:

I held this centrepin a few days ago, it is splendid. Beautifully executed and free wheels in balance that ie eye-watering in its precision. 

Thanks for your kind assessment.

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I made a few clock reels to pass the time while making the 4" LA reels.  You could always pop the clock out and fish these reels.








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