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Ms Auctions, Part 2

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Ok, second and likely final round. Several great items,


Auctions will run until Monday, June 9 at 8 PM (so when the clock strikes 8:00:00 PM the auction is over, no bid will be accepted after 7:59:59).


Winner will need to donate directly to my personal page on the MS Bike Ride site here: http://mssoc.convio.net/site/TR/BikeTour/AlbertaandNorthwestTerritoriesDivision?px=1292843&pg=personal&fr_id=3024&s_locale=en_CA


2 Items donated by Pipes:


Item 1: 2 dozen custom flies, winning bidder can request what flies he/she wants or just let Pipes tie whatever he wants. These are professional quality flies, just waiting for something to eat them.


Item 2: A trip to southern Alberta for upland game bird, including wild pheasant, hungarian partidge and sharptail grouse. This hunt will be on private accessed land. Trip includes transportation, meals, shells and guns if required. This hunt will provide lots of opportunity at birds, while hunting over fully trained pointing dogs. If you have never upland hunted and want to try or you are a seasoned veteran, this will be an enjoyable day hunting over a unique pointing dog called a Braque Francais. These dogs are amazing to watch and highly skilled at finding birds. Its your job to do the rest!

Winner must have valid Alberta hunting requirements (wildlife certificate, game bird licenses).


One item donated by Hanson's Outfitters:

Item 3: A full day float trip on the Bow river guided by Trevor Hanson. Trevor has been fishing/guiding the Bow for around 10 years now. Also, if you need your casting worked on, he is an outstanding casting instructor. Lunch will be provided. Trip date on a mutually acceptable date, and you will meet at the "river house" which is right on the Bow on the end of the road past Policeman's flats. I've fished with Trevor several times. Whoever wins this is in for a great time.


Item 4:

I can donate another trip. Basically buyers choice I think. Here are what I consider the best options, but if you have something else in mind, let me know: I'll have a couple of belly boats, and we can fish Police or Bullshead, or central Alberta lakes (none of which I've fished, but I can get good intel!). If you are more into flowing water, then we can try southern Alberta cutty streams, some prime water in Central Alberta, or can meet me one morning when I'm in Panorama and if the roads are open again, we can fish some water in the Kootenay's. Several of these will involve the signing on non-disclosure agreements and the wearing of blindfolds!!




Edit: Changed trip 4

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Monday, June 9. I am date challenged. Editing original post.

By the way, my total fundraising stands at $3860. With what is already bid, that puts me at just short of $4500. I would really like to hit $5000, so if anyone is looking for a good cause to contribute to......

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So here is where we are:

Item 1: $45.00 BBT

Item 2: $175.00 gustuphson

Item 3: $350 gustuphson

Item 4: $100 PMD


I think that is correct.....auction ends tonite.


And as an aside, with the gracious donation of a fly fisher turned biker chick and these auctions I will eclipse $5000 for the first time in any of my fundraising efforts. Thanks to all!

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Smitty finally doesn't get worked by the 8pm deadline!!


Winners are:troutlover on 1 for $50 (contact pipes)

Smitty on 2 for $197 (contact pipes)

Gustuphson on 3 fir $325 (drop me a pm for info)

Sallinger wins 4 at $125. (Pm me)


Winners please donate to my page as soon as you can. Thanks again to everyone.




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Not bidding on #2 tested every ounce of will power in my body! I recently bought a house and I've been sitting here thinking about whether or not my wife would kill me if I put in a bid! You got a great deal Smitty and your dad is going to love that hunt!

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