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  1. Great photo's, thanks for sharing.
  2. Many thanks, gents. Keep it coming folks!
  3. Thanks again to everyone for their ongoing contributions to our Citizens Science Water Temperature Survey. I am making an urgent appeal to anglers who are fishing the Bow river in the Cochrane and Canmore area's over the next week, to take water temperature readings and send them to me, or post their results here on this post. The early data from our Survey has yielded some surprising and important results, which is directing some areas of our investigation and data collection. Spread the word and get involved. We need temperature data from all of the flowing waters in the ES1 Zone. Your participation and effort is vital and greatly appreciated. Greg
  4. A primary goal of any Citizen Science project is, and should be, getting the community involved in Conservation through participation.The results of our Survey will be useful in future community engagement with Fisheries managers to foster the best policy decisions, in the best interests of our fisheries and fishing community. Data will be shared publicly and with any other organizations who have an interest. We might bring this data to the Scientists for examination including Fisheries biologists, Hydrologists, Academics and see what trends or anomalies they may find and why. It may point to area's that need further investigation. We're excited to find out!
  5. Excellent and many thanks. I'm receiving some interesting temperature data from many of our S. Alberta streams. Keep it coming folks. Dig out your thermometers. (or go buy one)
  6. Excellent. Thanks guys. Keep it coming folks. We're counting on your participation. Tell your fishing friends.
  7. Mike Mailley is an excellent fly tier and has proven patterns that catch trout.
  8. Bow river today at Ivor Strong bridge. 2:30 pm - 63F
  9. Forgot to mention that you can also post your water temperature readings here as well. Ultimately, the goals of any Citizens Science project is to foster community engagement, so get involved, dip your thermometers and send us your data. .
  10. We are conducting a Citizens Science project to collect daily Water Temperature data from our rivers. If you are out fishing in the ES1 or ES2 Zone, in the next 10 days, please take a water temperature reading and send it to me via forum message or email to: gregats@live.com. Please include your Name, Water Temperature, Name of stream/river/creek with a general location and date/time of day. Spread the word to all of your fishing friends so that we can record as much of this valuable data as possible. Your cooperation and contributions will be greatly appreciated. Greg Allard
  11. These "options" have already been discussed and are being considered by AEP. As mentioned, restrictions on types of tackle for ES1 for next year and they were/are looking at closing several streams, as mentioned in the global news link.
  12. The original press release said restrictions were coming to Zone ES1 which ends at the hwy. #24 bridge below Carsland dam. No mention of extending it down to Bassano. And, as for this closure, it's not based on evidence that water temperatures are actually unsafe. Unlike you, I prefer that Fisheries Policy decisions be based on evidence and science. AEP is telling us when to fish, next year they will be telling you how to fish. And finally, it will be 5 year Closures, "No fishing allowed on the following rivers".... That's the direction our fisheries are heading. It's coming. Read on... https://globalnews.ca/news/4039287/alberta-fishing-ban-stream-closures/
  13. So, with that logic they need to close ES2 as well. Maybe AEP forgot to look at a map. Fallentimber, Little Red, Dogpound and many more... they are all a short distance from Calgary. These closures are nothing more than a Public Relations campaign which costs little and gives the appearance to Joe Public that AEP is protecting our fisheries from the boogie man, C&R anglers. Meanwhile, no Whirling disease research on the Bow's spawning tributaries where the majority of our declining population of Rainbow trout come from. Cheaper to have a boogie man... We're it. In case you haven't read it.... https://idfg.idaho.gov/blog/2022/06/some-perspective-trout-fishing-during-low-water-and-high-temperatures
  14. Fish Creek, the past week, 64F-65F, mid-late afternoons, at about, .5-1m depth, along the edges of the flats. Trout were pulling hard with no symptoms of thermal stress.... 0.
  15. Flows at Calgary today, 97 cms. Then add all of the tributaries flowing into the Bow from the Elbow river, Nose Creek, Fish Creek, Highwood river (and its many tributaries). When we get to Carseland Reservoir, all of the combined Bow flows and tributaries have been reduce to 55 cms. Almost 50% of all the water has been diverted. AEP decides that this will be the place they will monitor water temperatures for all of the ES1 Zone, the stagnant water of the lake section of the Carsland Dam. They enact Hoot Owl restrictions claiming it's in the best interest of the fish. Yet, only 1 km away from where they are doing the water temperature monitoring, downstream at the Hwy 24 bridge, there are no angling restrictions. And, high alpine streams 150-200 km away are under angling restrictions, despite the fact that AEP has no water temperature data. This is absolutely absurd! But it gets worse... A little further downstream, at Bassano Dam, the river flows below the Eastern Irrigation District's, Master diversion Canal, are now at a trickle, 21.85 cms. About 85% of the flows of the entire Bow river Basin below Calgary has been diverted at this point. And again, still no Hoot Owl restrictions or water temperature data released to the public.....These Angling restrictions are nothing more than a targeted, political, Public Relations campaign directed at Joe Public, with no Conservation benefits. There should be water use restrictions, not angling restrictions. Speak up folks, the fish deserve better and are counting on you. Thanks!
  16. https://idfg.idaho.gov/blog/2022/06/some-perspective-trout-fishing-during-low-water-and-high-temperatures
  17. That's unfortunate... Hopefully it turns up.
  18. Monger! "Very inappropriate political comment which is completely false. THINK! These comments do not belong in this forum." The Alberta government makes the fisheries policy decisions and are subject to public criticism. Censorship does not belong in this forum.
  19. Jay, unfortunately due to the City of Calgary's continued flood mitigation strategy, most of the water is going to get flushed through the system. Then they will dramatically reduce flows through the summer and fall to refill the many upstream dams for the winter. And, in tandem with the continued over diversion of the Bow and it's tributaries by commercial interests, it will ensure the Bow river trout fisheries future decline. The government chooses to blame C&R angling (and Guides), in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary. Less Water = Less Fish. Period! The recent online Angling surveys, Guiding regulations surveys, Stakeholders meetings etc.... Smoke and Mirrors. (Hope to see you on the river this season, Jay.)
  20. https://idfg.idaho.gov/blog/2022/06/trout-density-henrys-fork-snake-river
  21. River closures during High temps and low flows, right? Maybe not. Read on.... https://idfg.idaho.gov/blog/2022/06/some-perspective-trout-fishing-during-low-water-and-high-temperatures
  22. Fish are really easy to catch in the dark. Top feeding fish, bright, sunny afternoons in low clear water, much more difficult game.
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