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  1. Gerald, what you are describing is a quick release indicator. I have a hundred or so of them from the link I supplied. I have lost all love for them, as they are only reliable when relatively new. Once they are used for a bit they either, release when you are casting (the peg is sitting too loosely) or they refuse to release when you you have a fish on (the peg is too tight). I have taken all of mine and drilled a 1/8" hole through the peg (they come with about a 1/16" hole), then I apply glue to them (cyanoacrilic glue) and push the peg as deeply as I can into the indicator. Now I have a
  2. I must be missing something. Aren't corkies a "peg style" indicator i.e. you need to peg them in place with a toothpick. Not corkies, but you can go here and get a lifetimes worth cheap: floats in bulk
  3. Personally I find very little to differentiate between John Q. Public deciding that a particular body of water would benefit by stocking it with perch and then doing so and John Q. Public deciding a particular body of water would benefit from poisoning and then doing so. It still amounts to an individual or a small number of people taking actions that they decide will benefit themselves. It is the same muddy thinking in both cases.
  4. I always debarb my flies at the vise as I am tying them. The only issue with this is when I am gifted a fly or if I purchase some. I have found myself fishing one of those flies and suddenly realize it still has a barb, as I seldom check my fly for a barb before tying it on, as 99.9% of what I fish I tie. p.s. I fish mostly in BC where barbed flies aren't allowed in most streams.
  5. Welcome to Canada!! This has nothing really to do with fishing, but if you have a couple of days off and want to see something truly unique and epic, take a day and drive to Drumheller. You likely won't have a chance to see another paleantological site and museum of this quality and complexity. It is a true "once in a lifetime experience".
  6. Ask them if they will spool it up for you and let you test cast it a few times. It might be the best line in the world for the casting style of the shop guy but you might not care so much for it. Remember one man's gold is another man's garbage.
  7. If you have one, park your car on your lawn and wash it there. The soap won't hurt the grass and if the lawn is more than a couple of years old the sod will be thick enough to handle your vehicle. I wash my GMC 1500 this way and have never hurt the lawn nor have I ever put the soapy water down a storm drain doing this.
  8. And that right there, gives me the right to observe, evaluate and comment if I wish.
  9. Actually the vodka does as good job as bleach, with no creepy aftertaste in the water.
  10. I will never understand this. You are travelling with a food grade holding tank, feeding food grade piping to your faucets. Use a foo grade hose (the white one with the blue stripe) to fill the tank and you have completed the system. I have used my on board water from three trailers over the past 17 years for drinking with no adverse effects. Every spring, mid summer, and fall (when I winterize) i run one or two bottles of the cheapest vodka I can find through my (empty system) then fill and drain the system once, fill it again and we are ready to go-disinfected and winterized if it's that
  11. Ginger, i had the exact same issue with the same result. My optometrist told me to use the cleaning cloth that came with the glasses to drape the inside of the lenses and them close them so the cloth protects the lens from the ends of the arms (I hope that make sense to you). I have done that religiously for the past year and have had no issues. I have prescription lenses, but declined to pay an extra $300 for progressives. I bought Hydrotac stick-on bifocal lenses through Amazon for $25 and they are perfect. https://www.amazon.ca/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=hydrotac+stick-on+bifocal+lenses&a
  12. Try posting this in the Trading Post section of this forum. There is one used float tube there right now. http://flyfusionforums.com/board/topic/25758-outcast-trinity-float-tube/
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