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  1. This fish is laying in the water...just saying. Between my ultra shitty home life and dwindling eyesight I haven’t fished, golfed or done much of anything in the last three years...other than drink myself to sleep every night. anyways I caught this little fish yesterday and took a pic of it. That just hasn’t happened in awhile.
  2. Oh man that was lucky. I have lots of gear but... I was out there with a buddy and his brother. I did the row of shame out of there about 11 (was just hammering big fish too) he sent me a picture of it at about 230 lol! had two bent hooks
  3. It’s been recovered! Woot woot!
  4. I lost my rod in Mckenzie Lake today. If anyones fishing out there and happen to reel one in. I will identify it
  5. Man, I haven’t tied a fly in along time. Finally bought some glasses & can see. Not a known pattern, just sat down and threw this together.
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