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  1. bloom

    Anybody else notice the changes

    Yes, I was just there for a few days last week. Really enjoyed it. Surprised. and Happy. I like positive changes to fishing around here...there's not enough.
  2. bloom

    Medicine Hat Fly Fishing

    Bullshead is great, but doesn't fish all that well in the summer. Your best option is to take a drive to Cypress Hills and hit Battle Creek.
  3. bloom

    Bulls On Dries?

    Has a similiar situation as Trailhead in BC...big bull grabbed onto the cutty. Moving water and big fish meant 4 wt snapped right above the handle. It was time to get him in, or let him go. Might have been smarter to just point the rod at the fish and snap it off...but I have lots of 4 wts. If you're going after bulls, bring a heavier rod.
  4. bloom

    Tiger Trout Info

    Fish them like you would browns or brookies. I've had great days during chironomid hatches, but if there's no hatch, focus on structure. There's a beaver dam at the North end of the lake I like where I do well wind drifting leeches by (under indicator) The reeds way across from the boat dock will hold tigers too. More shallow and you can sometimes have some lunch tossing boobies into those and ripping them back.
  5. Can you find them anywhere for $233 CAD? The US dealers have them for $179 but everywhere I see them so far in Canada is $275?
  6. Need a new pair of boots for wet wading and these look good. Any reviews or thoughts from people that own them? Decided it's time to finally toss out my current pair. They will only be used for wet wading...got a different pair for the winter.
  7. bloom

    Pond Trout

    I know that fish....I think we made acquaintances about a month ago.
  8. bloom

    Need A Guide For Mexico

    Fished with Nacho last year in Cozumel. Not looking at heading back this year. If I was in Cozumel, I'd book him again.
  9. bloom

    Need A Guide For Mexico

    Thanks for all the info. I'm looking at "Akumal Fly Fishing" run by Rhett Schober. Anyone know anything about him or his operation? Thanks
  10. bloom

    Need A Guide For Mexico

    Did you have a guide when you went to Ascension Bay...if so, who did you use?
  11. I will be in the Akumal area (Bahia Principe Sian Ka'an...between Playa del Carmen and Tulum) during the end of March and beginning of April. It's a vacation with the wife but I'm looking at getting a guide for a day or two of flats fishing. I've checked out some of the larger operations (ie. Pesca Maya) and the rates are $570 a day US (which is about $830 Canadian right now) Any recommendations on some less expensive operations in the area? I won't have a car. If anyone is in the area at the same time, I'd be more than happy to hook up for the day to share a guide.
  12. bloom

    Rod Building Suppliers

    Randy, I've used Mudhole, lots of choice there.
  13. bloom


    So looking at heading to Cuba in late March for a Holiday with some friends. Fly fishing is not the main purpose but I will have a couple days to hit the flats. Any recommendations on where in Cuba to stay/go that: 1. Offers nice all inclusive accommodations (wife and friends will be coming) 2. Has close flats for bone fish, etc. (can be guided or do it yourself) I've done the all inclusive trip (with no fishing) and the bonefishing trip (with rustic accommodations), now I'm just trying to put both together. Any ideas in Cuba? Any ideas somewhere besides Cuba?
  14. bloom

    Fly Selection For Golden Trout

    Not a lot of hatches up there. In the morning when it's calm, we've done well with small Adams (16 or 18). When the wind picks up, the dry fly fishing slows down so we run a small leech under an indicator and do well.