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  2. Left Kreh

    I sat down at my bench today intent on tying dragonfly nymphs and ended up tying some all white decivers instead. Seemed appropriate.
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  4. Oar storage

    Found out that spratley makes them now. They look pretty slick. Found them through sea run fly and tackle in the LML. Hundred bucks for the set. Will be nice to get those things out of the boat.
  5. frameless pontoon oar locks

    You can definitely blow an oar, but i've broken zero oars, and 3 of those. All of them just from wear overtime, rather then impact events. I carry a spare oar, a spare couple of these, a patch kit..and have only used these pieces in 5 years of use
  6. frameless pontoon oar locks

    thanks for that, i thought it was the oar itself, I would been stuffed even with the spare oars. time to buy a couple of these. thanks bcubed
  7. frameless pontoon oar locks

    It's typically not the oar that is the problem. it's this piece. The rotating of the oar flexes the bottom plastic, which eventually cracks and breaks. shouldn't be too surprising, considering they're a $10 piece. Pretty nuts in my mind that the big 3 boat manufacturers all come down to this as the best design option out there.
  8. frameless pontoon oar locks

    I happened to contact Outcast just this week to ask about the Scotty glue-on-mounts for a different application and this is the response I received, FWIW "We have glued on the scotty pads in the past, but stopped using glue once we started using our Integrated Gear System (IGS). We wanted to limit our use of glue, because glue breaks down over time and we wanted to find a more permanent solution. The adhesive we use for repairs and adding glue on accessories is call Stabond. It is a two part adhesive and are sold either by the pint or quarter pint."
  9. frameless pontoon oar locks

    thanks guys; my boat is pretty new so i'd probably persist for now but it's good to know. I'll reassess after i break a few oars and get annoyed; cheers
  10. frameless pontoon oar locks

    I think the bigger issue is getting the existing oar lock off the boat. Based on conversations with Outcast, removing one of the patches that has been welded on is pretty much a recipe for disaster as you're risking the integrity of the boat if you take it off.. However could potentially add it on next to the existing patch and just avoid messing with the original. Not sure i'd trust a 'glue-on' verses an ultrasonic weld for the most critical piece on your boat. Probably not a life ender on places like the Bow or Bulkley, but there's plenty big enough water and log jams on the kitimat to make me worry
  11. Country Pleasures

    All booked trips will be serviced by their preferred guides.
  12. frameless pontoon oar locks

    Brian at Auto Marine is as good as there is at this type of work. Very professional and can repair almost anything inflatable boat wise. They are located 1 block east of McLeod and approx 2 blocks north of 50 Th average..
  13. frameless pontoon oar locks

    It would have to removed if your oars are not two pieces.The inflatable boat place off McLeod trail I can’t remember the name right now should be able to help you with everything your looking for.I have a set of those oar locks your looking at you can have if you want.
  14. I frequently get requests for a podcast about drift boats, and although I enjoy rowing one most people don’t let me row their boat unless they are really desperate. So I called on an expert, Montana guide Hilary Hutcheson, to get her advice on getting a boat, rowing a boat, and most importantly all the responsibilities that go with getting down the river safely and with courtesy. Even if you never row a boat yourself, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the skill set your guide employs every day. In the Fly Box this week, we get these questions and tips: · How can a color-blind fly fisher identify the flies in his box? · Why am I only getting fish on my lower egg pattern in a two-fly rig? · A great suggestion on dealing with tippet rings · What kind of crab patterns do I need for striped bass? · What flies should I use for small stocked rainbows? · What are your thoughts on leader degreasers? · A suggestion on training as a whitewater guide prior to becoming a fishing guide · Why do black bucktails and marabou stain my hands? · What are some tips on purposely dumping your back cast? · What is the difference between a clear and a solid blue intermediate fly line? · Can I make a dubbing loop with monofilament tying thread? View the full article
  15. frameless pontoon oar locks

    If the place named ZEBEC is still around ,you could try him.He used to be up by the airport 19 st 40 av Calgary
  16. Country Pleasures

    Last I heard still guiding.
  17. Country Pleasures

    I'd try using the contact info from that website: http://countrypleasuresff.blogspot.ca/p/contact-us.html
  18. This always comes up about replacing the rack and pin with proper oar locks. I haven't done this myself, but thought i'd post it here for anyone who is interested. outcast heat weld their oar mount; not sure if there is somewhere that is capable of that here in calgary The picture is a full size oarlock, but they are also available in a smaller size. I'd love to hear from anyone who has done this to their frameless pontoon. I'm guessing that with the full ring oar lock that it would have to be removed with the oars. cheers 341-glue-on-mount-pad 241l-locking-combination-side-or-deck-mount 103-oar-lock-post 104-strongback-oar-lock
  19. Left Kreh

    He lived a pretty interesting life, including surviving exposure to anthrax! Here’s a link to an in-depth obit in the NYTmes: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/03/14/obituaries/lefty-kreh-a-fly-fisherman-with-few-peers-is-dead-at-93.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Fobituaries&action=click&contentCollection=obituaries&region=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=sectionfront&referer=https://www.nytimes.com/section/obituaries
  20. Country Pleasures

    I asked if anyone knew if they were still in the guiding business. Which based upon the fact that they still have a website, might be possible.. Anyone ?
  21. Left Kreh

    RIP Lefty
  22. Left Kreh

    Just read the Lefty Kreh passed away today. I wish I would have met him as I've heard he was a pleasure to be around with great stories and jokes to go with all that talent. RIP Mr. Kreh.
  23. Country Pleasures

  24. Country Pleasures

    ¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale!
  25. Country Pleasures

  26. Country Pleasures

    Sorry, but to be clear, are you suggesting CP is now closed ??
  27. Hi People; I am curious as to the fall out from this business closure. I see that 1 of there web sites is still active. Are they still in the guiding business ? Not much news out there about this closure and how it effects the people who bought gift cards in December. I got 1 for X-Mas for $50 and I guess it is now a memento..I also know of 1 party of 2 who booked last fall. No returns of e-mails.. Curious as to what happened etc.
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