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  2. Log Haul Plan for Sundre Forest Products in the North Ram Area. The comments below were provided by the company. The Haul on the North Fork Road will commence on July 3rd. One contractor, Erickson, will begin hauling from Km 49, travelling east to the mainline. Erickson’s will be hauling on the North Fork all summer from Km 49 and 47 and will move to the Gap mainline this Fall. We plan to have only one contractor on this portion of the North Fork (Km 42 – 56) for the summer so traffic will not be too heavy. Trucks are instructed to drive as if there is a vehicle around every corner. We completed line of site clearing last fall and have plans to upgrade the road over the summer for the winter log haul. This will involve shaping and grading as well as gravelling. Another contractor, Darcar, will begin hauling from the Trout and will travel the north fork between km 42 and 41 then down the mainline so will not add much to the traffic. Robill contracting will begin hauling on the lower portion of the mainline mid August coming out at Km 18.5 and travelling south to Hwy 752. We do have right of way salvage from the road we are developing in the Ram Triangle, this wood will move sporadically over the summer months but should not add significantly to the traffic. We plan on occupying the new camp at km 61 temporarily with planters come July. The permanent camp will not be established until October. We expect the loghaul to be busy in the winter months, starting in November. Folks in addition to the companies comments above: Sundre Forest Products is installing a log yard and camp facility near kilometre 60 on the North Fork Road. This facility is needed due to forest operations in the Ram Triangle. While it was not Sundre Forest Product preferred location which was south of the bridge at kilometer 61, the Govt required they locate at the present spot. Regards, Don
  3. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    A very well thought out theory Rick.
  4. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    Pretty..pretty...pretty...sure I can’t LOL
  5. Sunglasses! What are you using?

    Good to know i’m not the only one with a small face, I think thats why I ended up with oakleys as well I need contrast too, having trouble finding my dry fly in low light conditions lately. Thanks
  6. Felt Soled Boots

    I have one set of felts for the bow (and for while in a boat) and one sticky rubber with studs to fish mtn streams (disinfect in a mild bleach sol & dry between streams) but Quat is probably a bit better as the bleach can eat through stitching, etc..
  7. Felt Soled Boots

    Got a pair of vibram recently. Surprised how good they are. Few studs and they will turn you into a tractor. Leaving the old felts for the boat.
  8. I know exactly what you mean by the Oakley lens scratching easily. I keep on buying them. I have owned other brands, but I have a small head, and Oakley seems to be the only ones that stick to me. However, I cannot recommend enough the quality of Oakley bronze prescription sunglasses---they are in a different category from their retail lines. 3 years and thousands of hours of wear-time later, they are as good as the day I got them. My wife as surprised how I would wear my sunglasses even when it started to get dark. When she tried them, her comment was, "how can sunglasses make everything brighter?" However, when I got my sunglasses, Smith Chromapop were not producing prescription lenses, but they are now. I feel they have some of the best contrast of non-prescription lenses. My prescription Oakleys cost around $600.
  9. Felt Soled Boots

    Quats are good thing to soak your boots in You are probably asking yourself, what is a Quat? “Quats” is the nickname used for quaternary ammonium compounds. Their disinfectant properties have been recognized for nearly 100 years. Quats have a common molecular structure. (Think of a basic car with interchangeable fenders.) Changing the basic molecule changes the characteristics of the compound and gives quats the ability to be used in a wide variety of household, institutional, and industrial products. These products range from disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaners to wood preservatives, fabric softeners and personal care products. Quat-based disinfectants and sanitizers are used in medical facilities, food service operations, water treatment, and many industrial applications. They are also used to control algae in ponds and other aquatic environments.
  10. Bron...it is your skillful fault...please take up golf
  11. Yesterday
  12. Sorry, I’m not clear. Are you saying it’s a fact that the bow is overfished?
  13. This week I have a chat with noted permit guide and film maker Captain Will Benson. We discuss the idea of an angler as athlete, and how he and some of his clients prepare for big permit tournaments, both mentally and physically. You may have no interest in fishing tournaments, but for some of your fishing trips you may have invested a lot of time, money, and emotional expectations. Will gives some great, and most unusual, ideas to make sure you get the most out of your trips. In the Fly Box this week, we cover the following questions from listeners: · Do trout ever get “information overload” during a heavy hatch? · What is a basic saltwater outfit for fishing the Gulf? · How do spring creek trout differ from stocked trout in tailwaters? · What aren’t all flies sold with barbless hooks? · What is the difference between a $15 spool of fluorocarbon tippet and a $10 200-yard spool of spinning line? · Will two-handed casting ruin my overhead casting technique? · Why do I miss fish when trolling for trout? · Can I fish lakes on a backpacking trip with a Tenkara rod? · What are sme good basic books on trout stream insects for New England? View the full article
  14. I guess the sky really is falling
  15. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    Can you call Larry David?
  16. 3rd Worst Yard Guy

    So true it's hilarious! First thing that came to mind when reading this was "this would make a great curb your enthusiasm episode"
  17. Gotta wonder about FF types

    You hit it on the head. Not as many dollars to chase these days like there used to be, working the weekend and getting 12 hours of OT isn't an option to lots anymore.
  18. All this talk about AEP conducting fish population surveys, creel surveys and monitoring the quality of the water in the Bow River is just not true! The last true fish population survey was conducted in 2007 and that represented the fish population on the Policeman's to McKinnon's stretch of the Bow. - not the entire river from Harvie Passage to Carseland. What ever the data showed at the time, the true Blue Ribbon Bow River trout population was probably half what was reported. If any fish population enhancement programs are put in place by AEP, how could we see if there was in fact an enhancement in fish population if the baseline data is questionable. The first thing to do is to get the baseline fish population data. The last creel survey on the Bow River was conducted in 2005 and showed less than one trout being caught per hour across the entire stretch on the Bow River. All this talk about routinely catching 20 - 30 fish days is just a figment of ones imagination. There are probably 4x anglers on the river nowadays with an increase in drift and jet boat use from probably 50 in 2005 to well over 200 today, The creel survey data also indicated that the Bow River fishing pressure was the highest of any river in Alberta. AEP is conducting another creel survey this year that will show an alarming increase in angler pressure and a decrease in catch rates. Calgary's water treatment plants have decreased the phosphate levels in the river. AEP conducts ongoing monitoring of phosphate levels and with their modeling programs indicate that the current water treatment facilities will meet regional population increases for some time. What is surprising is the lack of data collection for invertebrate population changes during the same time as the phosphate levels have been reduced. I have asked AEP to gather what information is available. What I expect to see is a need to do more research. The Bow River water management initiatives that are now in place and in its simplest form will see higher flows in the early spring when reservoirs are exempted in anticipation of spring runoff flooding. Starting in mid June, flows will decrease to fill upstream reservoirs to normal operating levels and by the middle of July when flows will hopefully be stable. Increase storage capacity will hopefully increase flows through August and September. All sounds very good for the fishery, but unfortunately daily changes in dam discharge can see 15 cms change in flow per hour. We have seen 100 cms / day increases and decreases this year that could impact invertebrate survival. Discussions between the water operators and the government will hopefully see some improvement in operating procedures in the best interests of the fishery. What does all this tell us? The common thread in this topic has been government and NGO's need to make changes to accommodate the fishing pressure that now exists. No one has commented on the fact that the Bow River fishing resource is overfished. We need to face this reality and address it now before the fishery reaches a level of no return.
  19. Last week
  20. I am a vintage guy and I can remember at various times in the 80's and 90's people talking about how the trout population was in decline, then there was a survey done and the number I seem to recall was 2500 fish per linear mile of river. Don't know if that is the case anymore. From what I understand water treatment people come from around the world to check out our facilities and the Bow. I have never heard the Chatahoochie or the Isar called "blue ribbon" waters. and I have seen the Isar, didn't even think it had trout in it. I have also seen the Danube in Budapest and it has trout in it too.
  21. Looking for pigs

    Yeah the supplies and beer are way lighter when they are full. The empties and the trash weigh sooo much!
  22. Prussian Carp

    He said kill or eat them. Would not think they are very tasty. I hate the species. F ing idiots who introduce them.
  23. I was sort of joking, sort of serious. here is the history of the upgrades. Last I see Is 1980 for phosphates. I suppose it could have taken a couple decades to trickle down. Who knows... http://www.calgary.ca/UEP/Water/Pages/Water-and-wastewater-systems/Wastewater-system/A-History-of-Wastewater-Treatment.aspx
  24. Looking for pigs

    Found out after the fact. Anglers have to be better at reading county maps before they leave the city. They are available online. Try ihunt app. No excuses #notmyproblem
  25. Road to Redemption ...video

    Great video Rob. Amazing what a person or two can bring to a community. Glad he turned his life around and the lad is well. Dream spot to fish.
  26. Looking for pigs

    Did you give them permission? Why not just boot them off your property?
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