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Getting Rid Of Cable Tv? What Are My Best Options As A Canadian?

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Thinking seriously of ditching my cable tv, listening to more and more of my IT savvy friends ditching Telus and Shaw altogether, in some cases, years now.


I'm at the point where I see this process is fairly straightforward now and pretty user friendly, so I am very tempted.

So what are you guys using? The dilemma now is the burgeoning array of choices; Android boxes, chromecast, Roku, Slingbox, Kodi, Plex, Apple tv.

What works best in Canada, or provides the best quality and variety of programming?


Was wondering.



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I have netflix and crave tv that i run off an apple tv = $20/month. I also have an android box (with kodi downloaded to it) that gives me everything else i require. I have 2 chromecast devices because it makes it very easy to stream content from youtube and google apps that i control via my cell phone. The android box will deliver everything you can imagine as long as it has the right programs, youtube and a couple websites will run you through what you need to do. Between netflix, crave tv, and kodi i have no need for cable anymore. Just a good high speed internet connection. I also subcribe to google play music that gives you all the music you could ever handle for $12/month

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I'm in the same quandary. Summer/vacation property: no phone, no cable. Nothing over air. 4 bars cell. Interested in the major channels including SN and TSN for LIVE programming. NOT interested in watching most of the crap that is or has been on TV. NOT interested in movies.

Don't really want to pay a significant amount per month as we'll only be there a few weeks in summer and the odd few day trip over the year.

I discovered, by watching a replay of game 7 of the World Series internet is expensive. 2 1/2 hours of viewing ate up almost 4k or almost all my monthly allotment

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I have both Apple TV and a Raw Media box running a Unix OS. Don't know if I can give up cable yet. Downloading is a no no but you can stream all you want. But to stream you need a high speed internet connection, not just you basic connection. You also need to ensure you have a strong wifi throughput where ever you place your box.

Also new movies on the internet start with very low res camcorder quality followed by SD then 720 and then 1080 4-5 months layer. Also getting local live tv news is iffy. It might be there in Kodi one month but will disappear the next month.

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