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  1. Hey Jeff,

    Hope all is well!

    Not sure you'll get this or not, but please let me know if you do...

    My wife, Deb and I are planning trip down to Bozeman week of Aug 26th. Planning on backpacking and fishing somewhere. Did some preliminary research for the Gallatin National Forest. Any other beta or suggestions you can give?

    If I hear back from you I'll ask some more questions give more deets.

    Email me Peter@thealpineexperience.ca or text via WhatsApp +1.403.614.1556.


    Peter & De

  2. rickr, check out this link. a friend of mine is a usa contact for the operation. let me know if you need his contact information. www.mongoliarivers.com jeff
  3. Pete, Looks sweet! I've come to appreciate freshies more and more. Especially earning them! First you get to make some fun powder turns, then you get to float it while it is melting and rolling out of the hills then you get to fish the rest of the year for strong healthy fish. Looks like the conditions were good. You couldn't get more on the helicopter? Jeff
  4. I love my Maui Jim's. I too have an astigmatism, can't see up close or far away. So I have a progressive prescription that has been AWESOME. Now I can fish and not have to flag anyone down to tie a fly on for me. The glasses are expensive for sure and the style I have (not in front of me so I can't tell which) is a little oversized to get complete coverage but at my age, it is not a fashion show. I love them, my kids say I look goofy! Jeff Edit: They are the Peahi's.
  5. Pete, Other than your issue, how do you like the camera? We are shopping for a new camera and we are thinking about an underwater one for an upcoming trip to the Cook Islands. Jeff
  6. Jah, nice work. People here in Montana say they have it but seeing stuff like this makes me keep wanting to revisit our neighbors to the North! Keep up the great work man!
  7. Pete, Sounds like a drinking game Is it snowing again? Jeff
  8. Hi Pete, Yep, still alive and kicking though a knee injury playing hockey has slowed down the powder turns........... My wife's business. I hope someday to be promoted to "Head Delivery Man". Making weekly deliveries to the Big Hole and maybe the Bow! As far as you guys asking about dutch ovens and temperature, this is how we go about it. Three up, three down for 350 degrees. Take the diameter of the pan to start. Let's say it is a ten inch pan. Three up, so thirteen on top, three down, so seven on the bottom for 350 degrees. Every time you want twenty five more degrees of heat, add one on the top and bottom. So you want 400 degrees with a ten inch pan, fifteen on top and nine on the bottom. Clear as mud? Like everything new, practice makes perfect. One thing we have learned, colder ambient temperature means more heat over a longer period of time, warmer out means less time at same pan temperature. I know several people who backpack with their aluminum dutch oven. The ovens are expensive though. Jeff
  9. Dutch oven pizza is by far my favorite! Can't go wrong. A little self promotion below. Enjoy! http://pioneermountainpantry.com/ Jeff
  10. Last nights game was the first game of the series I have seen any of. Been following on the computer. Was suprising how much the Canucks were playing the body. Love playoff hockey. Dutchie, got some cheap whiskey running down your chin.............. Love it when new england sports fans eat crow. Looks like the only light to go on last night was behind timmy! Go Habs Go or anybody that beats boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Not a big Canucks fan but I am a fan of anybody that beat the Bruins. Go Canucks Go!
  12. Maybe there IS a known hazard they are trying to warn you about. Better to check it out then to say "no problem" and find out the hard way. The Smith River here in Montana has been closed for sometime now. Not sure when it happened or if the river has been reopened. But they are looking for an older lady presumably drowned when the boat she was in ran into a snag not too far from the put in. http://ravallirepublic.com/news/state-and-...49fefc6648.html The highest I have seen it is around 2000cfs and I think at one point it was at 5700cfs! Be safe out there!
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