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  2. Don't give up yet and keep in mind some of the rivers hold them too.......
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  4. This is my first attempt at a Parachute Adams, and I feel it turned out pretty well. Normally I take macro photos with an SLR, but I'm missing my card reader. Next time.
  5. I guess I could call this a Blue-Winged something, but it's more like a Gray-Winged Blue! Size 18.
  6. Orange Scud, Size 16. I've been experimenting with different leg materials, but Ostrich Herl seems to do the trick. Really loving these Knapek hooks!
  7. I ended up going out and I learned one thing. I suck at catching big pike but I can catch walleye on a fly rod pretty good! I think we might have been a few weeks late for the big pike action , we did get several easily handled smaller ones and one around 10-12lbs that my buddy Paul got. Nice day to be out. I'll still be interested in finding a cradle for next season, I think I am kind of smitten by the pike fishing, they hit so hard and fight so hard too. The big one we got tore up the lake!
  8. Holsinger's Green Wire Caddis, Size 14. This one's a real hit fished deep!
  9. [Interview starts at 45:51] This week's podcast was recorded prior to Covid 19 but I sat on it for awhile because it was about saltwater fly fishing in the San Francisco Bay area and I wanted to wait until sheltering at home restrictions were eased a bit and people could get out to try these ideas. Sarah Landstrom of Lost Coast Outfitters regularly leads trips for this accessible and interesting urban fishing, and she has some great tips, and even suggestions for locations to try. In the Fly Box this week, we have a number of interesting questions--plus a great e-mail from a listener on how he successfully uses two-handed rods for nymphing in Alaska. Some of the questions this week are: Do you think planning a trip with a guide will help me learn new skills? What is the best way to go about asking for permission to fish on private land? I don't have much time to fish. How can I streamline things and become more efficient so I don't spend all my time rigging and tying knots? Do you think a surgeon's knot is visible to fish? Where on my leader do I put my indicator? Why can I hook trout on dry flies? What locations, flies, and weather conditions are best for night fishing? Should I use mothballs in my fly tying materials? Should I microwave my fly-tying materials? View the full article
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  11. Brian, I’ll be out and about for a bit today. I could easily drop by Bass Pro and check out if they have a cradle net if you like let me know.
  12. a buddy of mine built a cradle a couple of years ago and he closed off one end and jury rigged some handles on the other end, he said it works well.
  13. I've bought a couple from The Fishin Hole too, they generally seem to have them in stock.
  14. So would Bass Pro or Cabela's up in Calgary be my best bet to locate one? I can't really even find one on amazon. Thanks
  15. Use a cradle all the time. Best way I have found to deal with big pike. I use mine by myself but like fishpro said it isn't the easiest. If you hold it at one end and let the two ends cross over each other it usually opens up enough at the other end to get the head of the pike going in. Lots of room for the fish. Lots of room to work if he takes the fly deep.
  16. A cradle works well if you're fishing with someone, however on your own they're very tough to use. I found one at Bass Pro three years ago that's very large and had a fine rubberized mesh. It was the only net I could find that would be big enough after going to a few different stores.
  17. Hello All, I'm wondering if anyone out there would be able/willing to turn a wooden reel seat insert for me, or if you could recommend someone? Long story short, I got a bad spacer from a manufacturer and they don't seem to want to do anything about it, so I thought this might be an option to use the skeleton rather than throwing in the parts bin and ordering a whole new unit. I'd be happy to pay for the time and materials, just let me know. Thanks!
  18. I went to look at some bigger nets, all are either too small, or the ones that were big enough were made out of material I personally would never let a fishes scales ever touch. What do you guys use when fishing for big pike? I'm hoping to find some in the 20lb range (40-50" or better) if I get lucky. Thanks in advance for any advice! I'm also willing to build some sort of cradle if that worked best for any of you. I just want to know before I spend all the time making one if there is a better alternative. For context, this would be while fishing from a pontoon boat. Cheers,
  19. if it's just a pinhole, just use the aquaseal, I've been doing that for years with no issue.
  20. Yes I use one, they are sized accordingly to the boat size. I have a yammy 20 hp 4 stroke that trolls too fast. It works great.
  21. YES!!!! I do this often on lakes I am somewhat familiar with. Motor up wind to where you want to start how it out, get your line out and go. I use the motor occasionally for direction changes - you know the wind changes as soon as get set up. As wind changes the sock is deployed and retrieved as needed. And if you are looking for one I got one to part with. I didn't realize sizing so I bought one on-line only to find it is too big for my 12'er, almost 8 months after purchase with no option to return. Let me . I'll send pic and price.
  22. yes i have and the one i used on my buddies boat was home made worked pretty good but had some design issues. So i ordered a Greys Platinum drogue after watching a bunch of videos from the uk. But have never used it due to selling my boat (tired of the crowds). If your interested in purchasing one send me pm
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  24. drift sock or sea anchor has anyone used one on their boat for drift fishing lakes drifting with the wind across a lake and fly fishing as as you go thanks mark
  25. So found a smaller hole leak in pontoon. Not on a seal but in body. I've got a patch that I can put on it. Can I use aquaseal on both the body and patch? Thanks
  26. This week I interview Devin Olsen, who you may know about from competitive fly fishing, but we’re not going to talk about competition. Devin walks us through what to look for when you first approach a stream and how to come up with a strategy for a day of fishing. His new book Tactical Fly Fishing is now available but we get a sneak peak on what you’ll learn from his book. In the Fly Box this week, we talk about: Moving kids from a spinning rod to a switch rod How to deal with muddy and bloody feathers from a duck-hunting friend How to display fly rods in your house If my jig hooks bend when I get stuck in a snag, should I just bend them back and re-use them? If a 5-weight is considered an all-around rod in graphite, is it the same for fiberglass rods? What is the difference between hen necks and hen capes? A great suggestion for carrying a landing net on a plane Do catastrophic floods ruin trout fishing and the insect life? What length and line size do you recommend for both smallmouth bass and steelhead? Can I catch catfish with a fly rod? How should I organize my bonefish fly boxes? Which grain weight in the Depth Charge lines is best for surf fishing? View the full article
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