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  2. Terrible way to end a summer. Hope you get better soon.
  3. That's horrible Hoping you get well,
  4. That sounds awful and painful. Hope you recover to a level where the pain is manageable
  5. I went to Baynes Lake for my vacation and ended up catching two bass on a mouse pattern. The bad part was I got run off the road on my bicycle just beside Kikomun and basically tore my left arm off at the elbow. Five hours of surgery in Cranbrook later I am back together but have a long recovery, rehab and physio in front of me. No fishing for the foreseeable future. If you are behind a cyclist and there is no shoulder don't try to pass, in a few meters there is usually room.
  6. A number of years ago I was able to pickup a large bag of Flashabou dubbing I think it came from a company call Mertz or something like that . I need it in black for tying a few dozen #6 leaches All I seem to be finding is small bags of hareline dubbing. Would anyone have a line on this . Thanks Paul
  7. I caught a bunch at Blood Indian on a smaller Chironomid and Prince Nymph
  8. Last week
  9. Hi Folks, been a while. I have seen a few very large Crap fish in the Glenmore Reservoir, one literally 1m away from me, on the shore. Tried to attract it with a Chironomid, but it was just cruising the banks. As said in the earlier posts, it had a huge back, looked like a football, quite pronounced upturned eyes...and it reminded me of the Sesame Street song.." one of these things just doesn't belong here..." Must have been in there for a while, because it was at least a 35 inch fish...sigh. It's weird, because Carp are actually a staple food in parts of Asia. Hmmm.... -M.
  10. Just got off the NW section myself an hour ago. I’m determined to figure it out. It will take some time. 3 on the streamer today although only one to the hand. I would say in a fast drift it would be chaotic to land a fish. It hasn’t happened yet to me. For the most part I use it to drift from spot to spot. I’ve only had my fish cat scout for a year. Great boat.
  11. I have never been able to find anything that says you can't. I have seen videos of jets on both the sheep and highwood. https://www.highriverdriftandjet.com/?fbclid=IwAR1aUWahGYPIfUi3awJlCM2kbHe1mFVq68sBeJ_aMQlcsWNIkmrTNZa2rBw
  12. If you have the d-rings on the front of your pontoons. Run a bungee cord between the pontoons. Whenever you stand up, your boat won’t get away from you. I prefer to float between the spots I wish to fish rather than trying to fish while drifting.
  13. I think I wouldn't attempt removing the fly yourself. imagine fighting a 40lb water rat that uses his teeth to bring down trees, just to save him. If you call ASRD I'm sure they'll say "thanks, we'll look into it." and then nothing. If not ASRD who would you call? Nature has a way of figuring things out. I've seen 3 legged, 1 eyed mammals many times thriving in the wild. The hook will most likely fall out in a few days, or the beaver will suffer adverse effects and feed a hungry coyote. I personally feel bad for you Scel, a double articulated streamer gone.... ouch
  14. Hello All, It has been a long time since I've beaten boots along the shore of the Highwood and I don't get down there often so I typically ignore news of the area. I know, how ignorant of me. I was out there yesterday and noticed in one of the rebuilt day use areas just downstream of strawberry (I think) there is a traffic/launch circle and a boat launch. I'm fairly confident my jet will run that section with no issues, but in many areas you see the "No Motorized Vehicles beyond this point" signs in the area. I assume the signs are to keep folks off of the terra firma as they have pics of ATVs. Where would one find regulations on boats on the Highwood?
  15. I frequently get questions about Stillwater trout fishing, and although I love it I am not very good at it. So I enlisted one of the best Stillwater teachers I know, Phil Rowley, and asked him to discuss something more advanced that relates to Stillwater trout fishing. The result is a very detailed discussion of fishing nymphs, especially midge imitations, on a very long leader. With this technique you can fish surprisingly deep—if you are patient! In the Fly Box this week we have the following questions: Is there any value in underlining a fly rod? How do I get foul odors out of my waders? How do I target stripers and smallmouth when the water is over 70 degrees and trout are also present? What is your go-to technique in a trout stream if you don’t see anything feeding? If you could only select one sequence, would you pick odd or even sizes of fly rods? My lower back is killing me after a long day of fishing. What can I do to alleviate this problem? How do I approach a stretch of river with deep pools and virtually no current? How can I teach my friends to recognize a strike to a nymph? Is it safe to bring the line/leader connection inside my rod guides? I am going to the Yellowstone area. Is it worth it to hire a guide? View the full article
  16. A good set of fins is essential and the hard plastic ones do not work well. I suggest getting a set of force fins which did me well. When you hook a fish, kick into shore and fight it. If faster currents, float down with the fish until you can find a place to kick in. A long net helps as well, as you need to put a pretty big bend in your rod to get it in between your legs.
  17. I took my Fish Cat Pontoon out on it's maiden voyage the other night. Floated from Stoney Trail to Shouldice in the NW, took about 2.5 hours with a few stops. I found it very hard to fish from the pontoon while floating even using fins. I don't know what I would have done if I hooked up, would have been pretty funny to watch! Those raft style ones look a little better as you don't have to beach them to stand up and fish. I'll have to try again and practice controlling it a bit more using the fins. Let me know how you make out.
  18. Hi All, I'm taking my Fish Cat Scout out for its maiden voyage on the bow river this evening after work. I've been out a couple times on lakes, so got a general idea of how it handles in the smooth water. Time to try to flowing water. I'll be able to be on the water/ready to go around 4:30 or 5:00 pm. Wondering what section of the Bow I should float. I have until dark basically. I plan to cab back to my vehicle as I have a large MEC dry bag to put the deflated scout into after the float, so I should stay within city limits. Also, it's been a while since I've fished the bow, and I don't often fish while drifting (been on a guide boat twice before). What's the best setup for while drifting? I was thinking of going hopper/dropper, but not sure if the grasshoppers are out in force as I haven't seen many. The biggest question I have when using hopper/dropper set up is the distance between the hopper and dropper. Otherwise, probably the good ole indy, red wire or squiggly worm, and pheasant tail trailer to start. Cheers, Caley
  19. There is some interested concepts here. A better mousetrap perhaps.
  20. I snagged a beaver once. We’ve been married for 35 years...
  21. My opinion it’s barbless the current should take it out as the body pushes it out just like it does slivers.He might just end up having some bruisers falling him around trying to bite the streamer lol.
  22. So, I am fishing the Bow at dark last night. It is not uncommon to encounter beavers. They ruin the fishing, so when the beaver starts getting slap happy, it is time to move on. This beaver continues to follow me down the river ruining every run. So, I walk down a couple runs, then sit for 15 minutes. I start swinging my streamer. Sure enough, beaver shows up and starts slapping, so I angrily start stripping in my line to pack up and leave, then I hook up. I thought this was a monstrous fish, but it turns out that it was the beaver. I am using 20# fluoro, so breaking the line will not be an easy task, so I start reeling it in. The line eventually just snaps in the tippet section. The beaver then swims to shore about 4m away from me, looks around, takes a breather, then leaves. I admit that I dislike beavers. But not the beaver specifically, I just dislike that they ruin the fishing. My first instinct was 'you deserved it', but that is just being an a$$hole. The beaver is just doing beaver things. I am certain there is no part of the beaver manual that includes 'how to treat fly anglers'. I do not think the beaver linked me with what happened or it would not have swum to shore so close to me, so there was no lesson learned either. I feel badly because this beaver has an articulated streamer impaled into it, and really, it did not deserve it. Or it is tangled in line, which I think is actually scenario It is debarbed, so it could be removed by simply pulling it out, if the beaver has the wherewithal to do it. A beaver is more than capable of cutting fluorocarbon line if it is tangled. Is there anything I could do or is this simply one of those 'mother nature is kind of cruel' moments?
  23. Anyone got a line on cheap boat/trailer storage? Send me a PM
  24. Couple of very large grizzly's have been seen hanging around the North Ram between nice creek (cattle corral) and the trappers cabin. Didn't see the bears but had a very good look at there tracks. Spoke to the fella keeping an eye on the cattle and he has seen 6 different individual bears between the the forks and the trappers cabin. Ray
  25. Earlier
  26. https://photos.app.goo.gl/u5TwhrhRrXEvTbD4A Found a solution. Hareline sells a foam holder.
  27. Don’t ever take it out of the bag, cut a slit in the bag at the top next to the staple, pull through said slit
  28. What ideas for storing Flashabou? Mines a mess.
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