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  2. The other decline is food base. Invertbrates such as Stone Flies, Mayflies and Caddis numbers have dropped. We are no longer seeing the super hatches as in past years. You flip stones and notice the decline.
  3. I hope you're right, but the data suggests that the Bow may be at a critical tipping point where things could abruptly go down hill very quickly. From my personal observations, I've never seen the river with so few juvenile trout.
  4. Toolman: With the exception of the large trout the Bow River is on the verge of a total collapse now. It is probably true for all east slopes zones as well. The Bow River under current management policies is unable to support a larger fish population. But changes in fishery management can stop what you have suggested is a complete collapse of the Bow River fishery. Its taken 15 years for the trout population to drop by probably more than 60 -70% and with agreement by all stakeholders and government agencies it will at least be maintained at the current fish population levels and hopefully increase to some degree.
  5. In a few years the larger trout will be gone and with dramatically reduced numbers of 1-3 year old fish currently in the river, there is a high risk of a complete collapse of fish stocks. It could take decades for the system to recover naturally. There are countless examples historically, where this has occurred. Restocking has no ecological downside in my opinion and there have been many successful restocking programs.
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  7. Toolman: This has nothing to do with blame, but the reality that C&R practices are not the salvation to the survival of a threatened fishery such as the Bow River. Especially when fish are getting caught numerous times in a season. It is my understanding that the Bow River trout population recruitment is adequate to support a sustainable trout population, but the kill off of all classes of fish is high. Therefore restocking the river will be a waste of time unless ways are found to stop the kill-off of juvenile fish.
  8. I would think that the powers that be should be seriously considering enhancing/stocking the Bow. Why not have a hatchery built right in/on the river itself? this could be funded through conservation stamps, guide licensing/fees. The Bow isn't being fished to death and the c&r anglers are not the problem.
  9. There are indeed obvious answers and solutions to the causality of the decline in trout populations, as Don has pointed out. It's just that governments and industry would rather blame c&r anglers. One solution that I've mentioned recently is restocking the Bow. When reproduction rates fall dramatically, as they have in recent years, it is most often an obvious sign of an impending collapse of the fisheries. We can regulate c&r till the cows go home. It will have very little impact.
  10. Don: There is no one answer to the declining trout populations. Sure habitat enhancement, water management, prevention of invasive species and advancement in control of whirling disease are all needed. Although I question just how much benefit can be derived from these initiatives in the short-term. But without a reduction of fishing pressure to maintain a sustainable fish population the Alberta trout population and our cherished sports fishery will be a thing of the past. And most importantly, with selective fishing regulation change an immediate positive impact on fish survival is possible. I have added a link to the two documents reviews I posted earlier
  11. Fishtech, I read this report years ago. It was about retention fishing. killing ‘em and they are gone. What a concept. Don
  12. Folks, Contrary to what Border Paving executive told us at the first public meeting, they wish to expand their gravel extraction below the water table according to ACA mouthpiece, Let’s Go Outdoors. A public meeting hosted by Border Paving will make a presentation at the Butte Community Hall November 28/19 5>8 pm. Below is what arrived via the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers From Let's Go Outdoors: Breaking story: Millions of conservation dollars and countless hours of work to improve stream bank and fish habitat along the North Raven River could go out the window. Border Paving Ltd is proposing changes to their operation permit seeking to mine gravel below the water line. Why is this significant? The North Raven River is a spring fed river, it's soul source of water is provided by underground aquifers. The request by Border Paving to mine below the water line could have a significant impact on the under-ground water way, potentially cutting off the water source that provides the water to the river. Open House Border Paving will be hosting an open house Thursday November 28 at the Butte Hall from 5 to 8pm. If you are concerned about this proposal and the threat it poses to one of the top Brown Trout rivers in Alberta, I would encourage you to attend.
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  14. Whiteswan Lake is an awesome fishery. I know of the rivers surrounding them so i would make sure to check the regs on what might be open at that time of year and whether or not it might be classified such as the White River. There are a couple of campgrounds surrounding the lake such as Pak Rat, and Home Basin. There are many more up poast whiteswan that are great for river fishing, when allowed. Also recommend that you check to see if the water is still in run off, if going to fish it. I like Home Basin and area to camp. PM if you would like some more detail. Cheers
  15. Don Anderson: One of the references in the article is well worth a read: Arlinghaus et al,. Understanding the complexity of catch and release in recreational fishing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DOGMb7a5XFcWqO1RYY3LnfSOYFqD3XZ9/view?usp=sharing It is the most exhaustive and detailed article I have ever read on C&R. Unfortunately AEP fishery biologists have little impact on the remediation of habitat loss as a bigger picture initiative. Invasive species, carp, brook trout (?), rainbow trout (?), brown trout (?) where does it stop. If the goal is protect only endangered native fish species, our recreational trout fishery is doomed! Whirling Disease is here to stay and time will tell just what long term impact it will have on the Alberta fishery. So what is left? The following link document review by University of Calgary researcher, John Post for 2002 give a depressing account of the Alberta fishery at that time. The analysis is still true today. We need to accept the reality that the Alberta sports fishery is unsustainable without further angling restrictions. At least this is my take. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SI06BuozDPMsC-RpFWkYk4dKtYJW6bb2/view?usp=s
  16. I get a real kick outta these type of articles. Rather than deal with the much larger issues, these articles go back to blaming the angler.When are Anglers going to get their head around the big items. - habitat loss - silt, dams, roads, cows etc. -invasive species like carp - disease - WD and the like. All of the above are the result of our actions. Mind you, none of them buy a license. Don
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  18. Good article. here is the link if you dont want to go thru facebook http://www.outsidebozeman.com/magazine/archives/spring-2016/fish-out-water
  19. Thanks for posting..It does present an issue.That i have had ,for years.That being ice fishing,at a C&R lake.The fish,generally is caught.Dragged up onto the ice.Pictures taken[guessing].Then kicked down the hole.The article speaks to handling & the loss of the protective slime.Well i am only surmising that the cold exposure,would definitely effect that slime.Being that it might very well be frozen.Gone is the gentle release,allowing for the fish to recoup.Just dropped into the hole. Shame to see this happening & not just on our trout lakes.What about Walleye,Pike etc.
  20. Good points in that read. Angler education will be a benefit in helping to restore rivers. A little over stated but fished to death comes to mind for our Bow.
  21. This article for Bozeman Outdoors Magazine, published in the Spring of 2016 is well worth a read. The article is well referenced and gives a good insight into current understandings of fishing pressures and the impact on fish survival in Montana. Considering what we are experiencing with the Bow River depleted trout populations, this articles has a similar message that is applicable to Alberta trout fisheries. OUTSIDEBOZEMAN.COM Like a Fish Out of Water | Outside Bozeman The unseen impacts of catch-and-release.
  22. This week I interview one of my fly-fishing heroes, Joe Humphreys. He’s been an innovative angler all his life (he was “Euro nymphing” before the Europeans) but even more impressive is his love of life and fly fishing, and his energy on the river in his ninth decade. Joe talks about hot to stay young on the river, how to fish nymphs at night, and about the inspirational new film about his life called Live The Stream: The Story of Joe Humphrey. It’s now available own and rent on the iTunes Store: or Go to www.livethestreamfilm.com to buy the film on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Download and more platforms including: Prime Video, Google Play, Vimeo, and Youtube. I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys the fly-fishing world and its history and traditions—and who wants to learn how to retain the enthusiasm of a 12-year old on the water. Here are the important links: Buy the film on LTS site: www.livethestreamfilm.com Buy/Rent on iTunes: https://apple.co/2Iw0fQj Nomadic Studio: www.thenomadic.com In the Fly Box this week we have many interesting questions and suggestions: What is the best way to manage fly tying both at home and in the office? I broke my Tenkara rod when I got my fly snagged. What is the safest way to try to retrieve a snagged fly when using this type of rod? Why won’t my clinch knots tighten properly? How can I get over my reluctance to fish emergers? A suggestion from a taxidermist on how to handle raw deer hides for fly tying. Do trout take Perdigons in unnatural colors out of curiosity or do you think they resemble food? What is an easy way to learn fly-fishing entomology? Why do the trout I take in mountain streams carry parr marks even into adulthood? What do I tell people who berate me for torturing fish? Are there circumstances when I should set my indicator shallower than 1 ½ times the water depth? I can’t seem to get away from the crowds no matter how far I drive. What should I do? If I find lots of creek chubs in a stream, does that mean it won’t also hold trout? If you are not certain how to pair two streamers together, does it make sense to fish just one? Can I use split shot to get my nymphs deeper when Euro nymphing instead of tying my own flies with varied weights? Do you have some tips for casting a Depth Charge line? Do you have some suggestions on how to swing flies for Great Lakes steelhead? View the full article
  23. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mhdk6iuotzvifhw/AADmDNsCZNq9ly9s5WlI6n18a?dl=0 · TABLES · Updated table of fishing regulations for Northern Alberta trout lakes. · Updated table of camping details etc. for Northern Alberta trout lakes. · Updated table of all stockings in Northern Alberta trout lakes. (My thanks to Craig Copeland for the 2019 data) · New table of last 3 years of Brown Trout stockings in Alberta · New table of last 3 years of Brook Trout stockings in Alberta · New table of last 3 years of Cutthroat Trout stockings in Alberta · New table of last 3 years of Tiger Trout stockings in Alberta · New Brookie Lake – Shuster · You can print or copy, any individual file, to a phone or tablet. Take the map with you to the lake. Don’t lose your phone overboard. · Please feel free to pass this link along. Save the link (I don’t intend to discontinue it). · Please comment and send corrections or photos to neilstuartsutherland@gmail.com
  24. Playing with weaving (Stonefly’s)
  25. Saw them this spring in the Blindman river halfway to Rimbey. They were jumping like little salmon over the weir by the pumping station. They will be up the Blindman as far as they can swim by now.
  26. That's a positive spin on the situation. Kind of countered by the "its all going to s*#t " mindset.
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