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  1. Brent: The argument for and against new boat ramps has been debated for some time. The current belief by many jurisdictions across North America and the basis for the new site proposals with the Calgary River Access Strategy was that "designated" access will restrict boat access to the river in such a way that it will not impact on riparian and fish habitat. The same argument applied to Policeman's Flats - indiscriminate river access to the river has more or less been eliminated with a hope that vehicle access to the entire property will not continue. In other words - containment of vehicle traffic. The argument that more boat ramps will give more people access to the fishery and thus increase fishing pressure has also been debated. More designated public boat ramps across the entire length of the Bow River should spread out the fishing pressure on those section of the river that have access. This surely would improve fish survival. If government agencies restrict development of new river access points you can assure yourself that casual river access across river banks and sensitive habitat will continue. Graves Bridge gravel bar is a good example. Once the free access to the gravel bar was eliminated by placement of a Lego blocks barricade, natural vegetation has taken over. "May" is a politically correct word that seems to be appropriate at this stage in the discussion!
  2. There is a great discussion here and probably the importance of knowing that the Bow River sports fishery may be in decline. For a long time government departments and NGOs have touted the Bow River as a world class fishery that is just there for everyone's taking. The Bow is unique in many ways, but most importantly there is not a trout river anywhere that has a city the size of Calgary as an intrical part of its lifeline. Water management practices have given us the Bow River trout fishery but the 2013 flood tipped the balance to an extreme flood mitigation practice that could well have far reaching implications on the fishery and the hydrology of the river downstream of Calgary. The following is a proposed list of topics that need to be considered if any improvement in the fish population are to be achieved. • An ever-increasing number of anglers • Limited regulation enforcement. • Little to no commitment to river access additions and improvements. • Where do trout spawn – has this changed over the past 20 years. • Unknown fish population and reproduction dynamics • Fish population survey locations do not represent the Bow River stretch from Calgary to Carsland. • Improvement in water quality and the impact on trout feed supply. • Enhancement of fish habitat • Impact of climate change • Bow River Water Supply Management Plan – flood and drought control models. Up stream dams. • AEP commitment to management of a recreational sports fishery. • Logging influence on the fishery – Highwood River Basin and others. • Changing hydrology of the river – floods, flood mitigation practices. • Seasonal closures – short-term pain for long term gain. • Fishing regulation change – triple hooks, special status regs • Management of all water craft use. Give us some feedback on your opinions. It is hoped that we will get the ear of the government in the near future
  3. The real problem with this subject is that most of the research, and citizen science has been limited in scope. There is a need to address the concerns of depleted fish populations on a Bow River Basin wide basis. The changes that have taken place in the trout population over the past 5 years do not appear to be consistent with normal events. Each of the five years we have seen dramatic changes. Larger fish one year, lack of a size class another and changes in conditions from highs to lows. The Bow River has been neglected by our fishery managers for many years due mostly to the focus on the endangered and vulnerable fish management policies and the presence of Whirling Disease. There is now a recognition that more resources need to be directed to the Bow River sports fishery. Before any change or improvement can be made to the fishery there is need for a baseline index to monitor shifts or improvements to the management of the resource. Fish population surveys would seem to be that index. There are many different opinions as to why we have seen the declines in trout population over the past 15 - 20 years. River flow management policy, closures, water quality, habitat, fish feed and regulatory enforcement are just a few of the many possibilities. What is important at this point in time is for the fishing community and stakeholder groups to consider what can be done to improve the fishery. Hopefully the provincial government will engage the fishing community in the decision making process. If not others will do so.
  4. The attached article on the Bow River Trout Foundation website will give the background on trout population monitoring for the past 30 years together with a recent retrospective data analysis that suggests the rainbow trout population is in decline and if remedial fishery management actions are not taken, the decline may continue. Alberta Environment & Parks have started an engagement process that will hopefully see some movement on the part of fishery managers to stop the decline. https://bowrivertrout.org/2018/06/13/the-state-of-the-bow-river-fishery-trout-populations-may-be-in-decline/
  5. South Boat Launches

    McKINNON'S FLATS CLOSURE Update April 30, 2018: Due to road conditions, the end date for the "Site Access Restrictions to McKinnon's Flats" has been extended for an additional week. Please find attached the updated location maps and the revised date highlighted in yellow below. The site access will officially be open to vehicle traffic on May 7th, 2018. Rocky View County
  6. Policeman's Flats will be closed on Tuesday May 01 and Wednesday May 2 for the second phase of the revitalization project. IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO PUT IN OR TAKE OUT DURING THESE 2 DAYS.
  7. South Boat Launches

    Everyone needs to be aware that Policeman's Flats will be closed on Tuesday May 01, and Wednesday May 02 for the parking area upgrade. IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO PUT IN OR TAKE OUT FOR THESE TWO DAYS
  8. I am not in town this week, but an ammendment to the permit was made to meet the requirements. Our engineers informed that the required wool was completed.
  9. At this point in time there is little that can be done below the high water mark until we see how the flow of the water changes once the large instream rocks and the high flows this spring clear off a chunk of the gravel bar. But what we plan to do is to make it almost impossible to drive outside of the alloted parking area!!! We will be encouraging those that see any abuse of the site, report it to us so we can take appropriate action. It is important that everyone understands that the Policeman's site is PRIVATE LAND where access has been granted to the public for responsible recreational use. This site is not a four-wheeler playground.
  10. POLICEMAN'S FLATS CLOSURES As part of Policeman's Flats Revitalization Project the boat ramp and parking lot will be closed to boat and vehicle traffic for up to 3 days the week of April 16 and either April 23 or April 30. A pubic notice will be placed at Graves /Glenmore Bridge and Fish Creek boat ramps as well a Policeman's Flats Check out the BRT website at www.bowrivertrout.org for more detailed closure dates and times. Policeman's Closures April Notice.pdfPoliceman's Closures April Notice.pdf
  11. The plan is for a completely new footprint for an all weather road that will meet county constructions standards to meet 40 Km/hour. No more patching up the ****t-hole of a cattle trail to the flats. The plan is for MacKinnons' Flats to become a Provincial Park with enhanced amenities. Details of the road construction will follow later.
  12. There are plans to replace the access road later in the year. A two month job starting in August or September. Access will be shut down once again.
  13. McKinnon's Flats Closed Until May 07, 2018. - Updated Due to road conditions, the end date for the “Site Access Restrictions to McKinnon's Flats” has been extended. Please find attached the updated location maps and the revised dates highlighted in yellow below. The site will be reassessed on May 1st, 2018 and the restriction date will be adjusted at that time. Rockyview County
  14. Policeman's Flats

    Bow River Trout Foundation will undertake a complete revitalization of Policeman's Flats this year with the removal of the large rocks that impede access to and from the access site the week of April 17, 2018 - weather permitting. This safety component of the project is directly supported by Bow River Trout Foundation fundraising, an Alberta Environment & Parks donation and support from the consulting engineers. The rock removal process will be under the supervision of a University of BC graduate researcher who is studying advanced ways of measuring turbidity during instream work. Once the first phase of the project is complete the parking area will contoured and packed to facilitate more acceptable access. And finally garbage containers, benches and possibly toilets will be installed after spring runoff. This work is supported by an Alberta Conservation Association Grant, Fish Tales Fly Shop Film Festival and support from individual donations. Important Note: Policeman's Flat's will be closed for up to 2 days for each of the phase of the project. A notice will be posted at Glenmore and Fish Creek boat ramps and on our website and social media sites preceding the work. It is also important to recognize that Policeman's Flat's is privately owned by Sherbrooke Investment who have gratefully allowed public access to the river access site.. Please use respect when using this important recreational site. Go to the following link for a recent post on the construction work and consider joining Bow River Trout Foundation. For $25.00 you will have a voice in future plans for the Bow River and support our initiatives. https://bowrivertrout.org/2018/03/23/policemans-flats-april-revitalization/
  15. Barry White will be signing his book "My Bow River" the the Blue Ribbon Bow Dinner https://bowrivertrout.org/2018/02/13/meet-barry-white-author-of-my-bow-river-at-the-blue-ribbon-bow-dinner/