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  1. Barry White will be signing his book "My Bow River" the the Blue Ribbon Bow Dinner https://bowrivertrout.org/2018/02/13/meet-barry-white-author-of-my-bow-river-at-the-blue-ribbon-bow-dinner/
  2. Bow River Trout Foundation's Blur Ribbon Bow Dinner, February 21, 2018 at the Calgary Petroleum Club. A Silent Auction comprising of $45,000 of western art work, fishing supplies and services together with a " Celebration of the Bow River Fishery" Dinner Details: https://bowrivertrout.org/blue-ribbon-bow-dinner/ Silent Auction Details: https://bowrivertrout.org/2018/02/06/blue-ribbon-bow-silent-auction/ Tickets available for $125 - online or at local fly fishing stores
  3. Policeman's Flats Revitilization

    There appears to be considerable delays with new proposals under the Water Act. Our consultant together with a number of government officials have indicated that what is being asked for is in compliance to meet safety concerns from previous intervention / mitigation work. We will see. Bron: The parking area will be completely turned over graded and packed to bring the fines to the surface. It is expected that a stable base will be achieved. Hopefully giving some resilience to vehicle traffic. Restricting access to the balance of the site is being considered. A vegetation enhancement program is also being considered
  4. Policeman's Flats Revitilization

    AEP in agreement with proposal - In Stream Application submitted
  5. Bow River Trout Foundation has an agreement in place to revitalize Policeman's Flats in the spring of 2018. Rocks will be removed from the boat access channel that will improve the safety of river access. The parking area will be graded and vehicle access to the remainder of the site will be restricted. The following link to the Bow River Trout website details the project. Support this initiative and public access to this important river access site will continue. https://bowrivertrout.org/2018/02/10/policemans-flats-a-proposal-for-improved-access/
  6. Bow River Trout Foundation's Blue Ribbon Bow Dinner set for Wednesday February 21, 2018 will give you a chance to support BRT initiatives to enhance river access. Details of the event and ticket purchases in the following link https://bowrivertrout.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/dinner-news-release-14dec2017.pdf
  7. Bow River Trout Foundation is looking for feedback from the fishing community with a proposal to for improved access to Policeman's Flats. Policeman's Flats - An Opportunity to Improve Access. Following the 2005 flood the Policeman's Flats river access was completely reconfigured by the Provincial Government with the agreement of the property owner to a boat ramp with an adjacent vehicle parking lot. The site was reopened to the public with a belief it would never get destroyed by future flooding. A big mistake! The 2013 flood destroyed the site once again. Debate has continued since that time as to what the future will bring for Policeman's Flats. As it stands the Provincial Government are proposing a new boat ramp on the north side of the river, but it will take some time, probably years before a plan is put in place. In the meantime little progress has been made to mitigate the flood damage at the existing site. Bow River Trout Foundation has taken up the challenge with a proposal to upgrade and service the site until a new boat ramp can be built at a more favourable location. Remove of the large rocks that constitute a danger to access is our priority. Upgrades to parking and service are also being considered. We are looking for feedback from river users on our proposal before we make the financial commitment to proceed. The question: What would you like to see improved at Policeman's Flats as short-term improvements until an alternative river access site is developed? Barry White Photo Bow River Trout Foundation If a decision is made to move forward on this initiative support will be needed from the fishing community. Join BRT to support our initiatives. https://bowrivertrout.org/membership-donations/
  8. The following link will take you to the response from Shannon Phillips, Minister, Alberta Environment & Parks: https://bowrivertrout.org/2017/11/03/bow-river-water-management-plan-response-from-minister-shannon-philips/ Bow River Trout Foundation will continue to dialogue with AEP staff to assure the Bow River fishery is given due consideration with any upstream flood and drought mitigation initiatives. At this point in time it is essential for the recreational fishing community to be recognized as a responsible stakeholder in discussions with the Government of Alberta. Join Bow River Trout to get your voice heard. Go to: https://bowrivertrout.org/membership-donations/
  9. The prizes were for a specimen brown and rainbow trout.We wanted to get some good looking fish photos. I think we achieved that. We will be applying for grants over the winter to support the Bow River fishery. Having raised funds to support our initiatives will assist with applications.
  10. Toolman: three awards as you will see in the following link. Boatman caught the most fish. Although CDC blue winged olive caught most of the fish when the afternoon hatch arrived. The specimen rainbow was caught on a boatman. The brown on a leach streamer . 17 boats and 45 participants. https://bowrivertrout.org/2017/10/04/brt-one-fly-tournament-wrap-up/
  11. Toolman: If there is a loss of habitat and food source due to whatever events have taken place, then as you say, the population of trout that the river can sustain has probably reached a low threshold. Hopefully that is not the case and we will see the current numbers of young trout survive, grow and reach the mature size that we have seen over the past 2 years.
  12. Recent proposals released by Alberta Environment & Parks Minister, Shannon Philips would suggest that the City of Calgary, other local communities and the irrigations districts would be better served by revised water management models to enhance flood and drought protection. The short term proposals would suggest that more water would flow through Calgary during the summer months. This within itself is very encouraging. But the long term objectives to elevate flood and drought protection across the Bow River Basin would see new dams upstream of Calgary! One of the proposals is for a new dam just upstream of Calgary at the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. No consideration was given to the recreational fishery that will be destroyed by the reservoir. The following letter and accompanying document has been sent to the Minister expressing concerns with the proposals and a request to engage with the recreational fishing community before any decisions are made. Bow River Trout Foundation https://bowrivertrout.org/2017/09/25/bow-river-water-management-policy-letter-to-aep-minister-shannon-phillips/
  13. There is no doubt that Bow River trout populations are way down from what was seen in the '80 and '90 when there was a fraction of the anglers on the river as compared to what we see today. The habitat and food source has changed dramatically. To say that there is "a steady decline" is a conservative statement that researchers use in the absence of statistical data analysis! A few years back those with knowledge of the Bow suggested that there was "100 Years" of biomass in the river and that even with the clean up of Calgary's water treatment plants that trout would continue to prosper. Then came ther 2005 and 2013 floods that cleaned out large stretches of the river. Weed growth is minimal and aquatic species range has changed. There are encouraging signs that trout populations are on the rebound, especially the number of smaller fish on the lower stretch of the Bow between Mac and Legacy. What is needed now is to take pressure off the fishery with a better fish management model.
  14. Everyone is welcome at Bow River Trouts's Reception and Pub Social following the One Fly Tournament on Saturday. September 30, 23017. Toad 'n' Turtle, 155 - 130 Ave SE Slots still available for the BRT One Fly Tournament. https://bowrivertrout.org/2017/09/19/one-fly-tournament-update/
  15. Last year Bow River Trout Foundation took on the challenge to improve Bow River fishing access. Firstly with a successful pitch to the City of Calgary to secure funding as a part of the Calgary River Access Strategy for 5 new boat ramps within 5 years. Two of which will be completed in 2108. First, Ogden Bridge opposite Bonnybrook Water Treatment Park and second, Inglewood opposite the zoo. When complete the whole of the city reach of the Bow River will be open to drift boat use. In addition it will give all anglers better access by way of parking lots park benches, garbage bins and washrooms. To support these resources Calgary River Users Alliance made a commitment to support the $7.6 Million budget for improvements by fundraising $275,000 towards the developments. Bow River Trout's commitment for the fishing community is $75,000.. The BRT One Fly Tournament on September 30 is our first fundraiser to support our commitment. For details follow the link: https://bowrivertrout.org/2017/08/03/brt-one-fly-tournament/ Moving forward, Bow River Trout Foundation has engaged with AEP to develop the Bow River Access Plan for enhancement of river access downstream of Calgary. New toilets are currently being installed at McKinnon's Flats and a new all-weather road is planned to start at the same location in the spring of 2018. The second stage of the public consultation on the future proposals will take place before the end of the year. In addition, AEP Minister, Sharron Philips has announced proposals to better manage water flows in the Bow River Basin that will enhance flood and drought protection for the region. The proposed short-term improvements should see higher summer flows for the Bow River. But to substantially improve overall water management a new dam is proposed upstream of Calgary at the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park taking away another important trout river fishery. Bow River Trout's advocacy work will hopefully stop this from happening. The fishing community's support of all these projects will come from grants and our fundraising activities. We welcome your engagement and support as best you can Peter Crowe-Swords Bow River Trout Foundation