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  1. Power drifters etc

    Anyone own one here? Just wondering how they row on the bow? Are they sort of like having a switch rod...You could row it but you just never do? thoughts on Hp? been eyeing these up. Look pretty sick https://www.instagram.com/stealthcraftboats
  2. Pinched barbs on 20s

    Echo what scel said. Especially in cold water when your hands become useless bats. Really tough taking small flies out that still have their barbs.
  3. Spey Swivel?

    I’ve never had any twist to the point where I’d be annoyed enough to wonder if there was a fix for it or if I was just doing something wrong....
  4. Sorry for late reply. I have open country at2 “ extreme” (insert eye roll on the name). But they’ve been great. Mileage dropped about 1 l/100 compared to the stock tissue paper tires despite being pretty wide too. Can’t recall if they’re 305 or 315. Got about 70k km on them and they’re about 30 percent ish. Noise is not bad. I’d buy them again I think
  5. Snagged a nice spinning set up last summer.
  6. Has anyone found Arrow heads or such while walking along the bow from the city to carseland? Ive put a lot of miles on various streams and I always keep my head down, but I’ve never found anything cool.
  7. Cost is probably 2 dollars out of china ha
  8. https://www.amazon.ca/Extreme-Max-3006-6557-BoatTector-Vinyl-Coated/dp/B014HEWFKM?th=1&psc=1&source=googleshopping&locale=en-CA&tag=googcana-20&ref=pd_sl_44r0u4cvl1_e
  9. Bow River Flows

    Im no fisheries biologist. But doesn’t a quick google search reveal enough information on the affects of dams on tail water fisheries?
  10. Cork ring replacement on rod

    Can’t help ya just read the post to make sure cork wasn’t a typo. good luck
  11. If a guy is geared up with a couple thousand dollars of gear...pretty safe bet. Probably look a little closer if you haven’t taken the plastic off the foam handle of your Shakespeare extra heavy spinning rod.
  12. Ya I’ve been given *hit for that too. They said it’s cause they can’t scan it. I made a PDF and signed it digitally, and they can scan it from their phone. I tested it out with one of them.
  13. Last week, Saw some guys that looked like they bonked one at bankside. Called it in, get a call back from a guy in cochrane and that he can’t get a hold of the guy around fish creek. So, the guys went home and a had a fish fry. month or so back was below the dam on the elbow with the dog, saw some skids rigging bait (and pink Powerbait nuggs Floated by) called it in. Officer didn’t even know the access to get down to the base of the dam. Made me wonder how so few officers Don’t know about popular access points. Especially since I’ve personally called in two poaching events at that spot this spring and summer. not blaming them, but still frustrating.
  14. Good job. Pretty frustrating...but youll feel a little better knowing he got caught and you can buy something purdy with the cash.