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  1. Soft hackling

    You bet...already in the box
  2. Soft hackling

    Ya I’ve tied some tan and some green caddis soft hackles and also some that are a soft hackle version of a sparkle pupa. I love the idea of sparkle pupa and they usually clean up, but I hate how fragile they are. Handful of fish and the body fibers start to tear out.
  3. Soft hackling

    Guess we could always piss into the wind together. a Couple friends blasted some partridge so I’ve got it coming out the ying yang. Been making a new box and running out of ideas. Not sure how I feel about the attractor versions and was hoping someone could chime in on them for different fishing conditions.
  4. Soft hackling

    Any body here particularly avid?
  5. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Looks fine! Did you watch galloups videos on them? He says the design calls for a sparsely spun head. Although, I think the point of that style of head lends itself to articulated flies better as it slows the head down after the strip, while the tail continues on, creating a swimming motion.
  6. Ahhh I see. I was just teasing you... for the most part
  7. If I may summarize your “point.” The funniest part is the fish was caught in a stocked Calgary community lake. It could have been bonked and on the BBQ so who gives a flying f about the pic. You’re right. That fish should just count it’s lucky stars. In fact, it should have been happy getting punted back into the lake, since it wasn’t going on the grill! xoxo -Brad Marchand
  8. Coulda said the same thing about a bow river fish a couple years ago. Nothing wrong with treating something with a little care and respect...after you put a sharp hook through its mouth, of course.
  9. The troll in me Has to disagree a bit. some people post some real bs handling and shouldn’t Be proud of it nor promote it on community forums. Plugs need to be called out. Gently at first, of course. I guess some are too scared to just call out the person on the forums or forever be labelled a troll haha...so they whine privately to a moderator. Although, not sure why the mods deleted it.
  10. Lol I’m just kidding. Some putz probably thought it wasn’t in the water. Probably the best pic of a fish posted here for a long time.
  11. Cultural appropriation
  12. Is it traditional tinny or flat bottom? a l tin should slide relatively easily onto a flat deck. For a traditional hull, I’m Not sure if you’d have to flip it over or not for it to be stable.
  13. South Boat Launches

    Sort of missing the logic. They’re repairing it at the end of the season anyways. It’s going to rain and turn it into a mud bog in July. Not sure how a south facing slope hasn’t dried out yet.
  14. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Some schlappen, dubbing or chenille would work. I tend to use ice dub. Stack the fibers then tie in at the mid point (or however long you want it) and fold/brush it back over. Just Make sure you have a good thread base so whatever you do tie there, sticks after. It’s annoying half way through your day to find your cone pushed halfway down the shank of your hook.
  15. What Are You Tying 2018 Edition

    Oh. Touchy subject?