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  1. Appreciate the effort, but What’s grading going to do? Can’t imagine that softball and bigger cobble is anything less than a few deep feet. Would think it Needs some crush or something laid down so your head doesn’t hit your window while bouncing your way down?
  2. stonefly tails - alternatives

    Depends on someone’s experience. IMO if you are newer and can’t mend as well, dry flies sink. High floating flies help compensate for that. If you watch stones, they sit low on the water. So I do as poker does/ most of my stones are foam body anyways. They sit in the film rather than on top. I let stones sink a bit if I can’t mend the seam well. Fish still eat them. Have been broken off by freight trains doing it that way. Mind you, that’s mostly at dusk/dark.
  3. stonefly tails - alternatives

    I just tie round rubber leg material in for the tails on wet/dry stones. Also have done moose mane. Less integrity with that though. Have used biots as well. Not following about the hair on adams?
  4. Has any of this *hit been on the news? call them out on things that could be changed before jumping to a closure. ffs you’re still allowed to keep fish in over half the streams being closed. Im no mathematician, but if I Carry the 2 and round to the nearest tenth, that’s 100 percent mortality. poachers poach. Not sure how this stops them. I wonder if there is any plan for reopening after 5 years. I can’t imagine the mondo gongshow they’d be on opening day. Even then, What guarantees do we have they open after 5 years? cant be that hard to change a barbless rule. It’s a bunch of *hit written on paper that matters little to anyone but can make a change for the fisheries. It just takes effort to get the ball rolling. pretty sure a guy fishing a size 18 dry and one fishing a triple triple barbed rattle rap, have different mortality rates. sorry, rant over. Bad mood today.
  5. “Why can B.C. implement a barbless rule and we can’t?” “Duhhh, I dunno?” sure sounds similar the lake aeration issue to me.
  6. Sd, I wonder what the affect of a high whitefish take has. Not sure if it provides more habitat/less competition for cutties or if it means more cutties on the menu. Anyways, will be nice to see barbless on those streams. Gag a little when I see dufus hero shots with lipless 14” cutts.
  7. Country Pleasures

    It is sad whenever a small business closes. Hopefully he’s just reupping.
  8. Salt water wading footwear

    Yeah I’ve been slicing and sanding my feet Raw wearing flip flops.
  9. Any thoughts on what’s out there, bad/good experiences?
  10. Opst from the boat

    Kinda figured
  11. Opst from the boat

    Anyone use commando heads from the boat?
  12. Fish Creek Boat Launch open?

    Closed at the end of October as far as I know.
  13. aquaseal

    Shoe goo also works as a reasonable alternative
  14. aquaseal

    Wholesale had a bunch a couple weeks back. What about Troutfitters?