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Streamer fishing from a drift boat. S3 or s6 sink tip line? Which do you use and why?


Drift boat fishing. S3 or S6 sink tip. What do you use?   

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  1. 1. Drift boat fishing. S3 or S6 sink tip. What do you use?

    • S3 sink tip line 12ft
    • S6 sink tip line 12ft

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Im trying to make streamer fishing from the drift boat a little easier. Usually use a Full sink S3 or floating line. But I want to try a sink tip this year. What is everyone using? S3 or S6? I was thinking a 10-15ft sink tip is all Ill probably need. 

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Use an old floating line for sink tips because the extra mass will cause line stretch in the tapered end of the fly line causing cracks and your line will be kaput in no time. You can cut 10' or 15' off the end of an old floating fly line and make a loop to attach 10'-15' tips as well. Casts much better. As SilverDoctor mentioned, a Full sink type 6 for the boat is nice to have aboard for when the fish are not hugging the bank and are glued to the bottom, which is more often than not.

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I also run my 7 wt forward with a sink tip. I like 8-10 feet of t-14 as a sink tip. I like it down fast and deep. If slamming the bank, need to strip quickly, if bottom bouncing, throw out, feel it tapping then small strips to elicit strikes….

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