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How to behave on a trout stream

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I have a buddy that does that, he thinks it's okay because he fishes the hole up and down repeatedly. I have tried to convince him that it is selfish and that you don't get to experience the whole stream. But he says that others can pass by and fish the other holes. 

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It just seems like bizarre behavior to me. Half the fun of fishing is exploring and finding new challenges to figure out. If people camp at a hole there is no opportunity for the next person to experience it. This was never the norm in the past and now it is so common that I don't even bother going up. Everyone knows most of the fish are in the pools. If all the pools are hogged, doesn't leave much fun for the next group. Steelheaders rotate as they swing streamers down the river. Perhaps Cutthroat fishermen could rotate as they move up the river tossing their dry flies. Better yet, go for a hike a few miles up along the river and see some new water

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I kind of like it when someone says they are just staying at the one hole. I like to wade and cover a lot of ground, so it leaves the rest of the stream open for me to walk (and the water is undisturbed). Now, if there is someone parked at every hole, that's a different situation.  

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