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Anyone use a Panoptic Live Scope for Lakes?


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My father-in-law is looking for a new fish finder for lake fishing. 

He has one but likes to sit in one spot and chronomid fish, traditional units need to move at 3-5mph to pick up anything (or so we understand). The side images are ok for reading structure and depth of the bank but not for picking up fish (that I can tell anyway).

Enter this Livescope from Garmin. Watched a few videos on youtube and it looks - amazing. Like almost too good, like you can see a fish (albeit a large one) and this guy almost bonks it on the head a lure 

Anyone have experience on a lake or to ice fish maybe?

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I don't have personal experience but I roll with some goofs that only fish walleye on some tour thing.

They both use Livescope and when both of them got the systems last year neither could stop freaking out about how awesome the views are.  One even said like you, almost too good. I understand the system isn't even close to cheap. 

I'd like to hear more from others.

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Well, he bought it. Got the last one at Bass Pro for just under 2k.

Apparently they brought in 50 units for the session. I've got bought 1 and can't back for another 2 - rents them by the hour to ice fish in SK.

I agree this is getting a little crazy - but I guess you still have to be able to catch em. Looking forward to seeing how it does in person, I usually go out with him later in April. Will report back.

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Great choice, picked up Livescope last season and am very happy with the purchase. Learn how to use and tweak the settings, that is going to make all the difference. Perspective view is amazing for shallow water fishing, think i'll try it on the bow this year. Livescope makes all the other forms of sonar obsolete, i don't use chirp, traditional or sideview just Livescope all the time. Livescope is just a tool like everything else, you will still need to know how to fish. The best information Livescope gives is when to change flies, you'll get to see the refusals and make adjustments right away. Saves tons of time when learning a new piece of water.

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