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What Are You Tying 2014 Edition


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No names or patterns just, was just messing around, throwing stuff on hooks while watching tv.


some kinda salmon fly, cut the head a little short but hey, what can you do.




heres a big ant of some sort



this is the "city worker" I added a body like a appendage. first thing i thought when i was done was "the scorpion" lol!



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Hey man,


Its red holo tinsel (can't see the sparkle in the pic), olive SuperFine Dubbing. The gills are white Antron (they go on first, then the bead) its tricky, gotta keep it skinny enough to slip the bead over it. I also use mottled turkey thin skin and or PT fibres, or holo tinsel for the wing case. I find this pattern gets the best results using a yellow or pale yellow SuperFine Dubbing. I tie them in 14 & 16. Had one of these broke off tonight! hooked four fish but only managed to land one, 18" Rainbow.

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Guest bigdirty

Have been fishing this pattern, almost exclusively, for a little while. tinkering with it as I go. I think its coming together nicely. I tie it in many color combos, a couple from this morning.


Perch for Pike?



Sucker fish?


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