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  1. Hi All, I’m looking to glean some information from anyone experienced and successful in catching golden trout. I’m not looking for locations, but more interested in best time of year to target them and what techniques and flies you’ve been most successful with. My brother and I are planning a trip this summer. This will be my third trip targeting Goldens. The first two I could spot them, got them to inspect all my offerings, but had zero takes over ~ 3-4 hours. Please send me a DM if you are willing to link up to share any information. Thanks in advance, Andrew
  2. Aphelps

    Fish Creek Boat Launch open?

    It was closed when I was there this weekend.
  3. Aphelps

    Vibram soles

    I missed that post! Good to know the work pretty well. I just installed the hex screws on my 5 year old Simms. Out of curiosity, what length did you use on your boots? I went with a 1/2" #8
  4. Aphelps

    Vibram soles

    Has anyone ever used regular aluminum hex screws for studs? They are only ~$3 for 20 at the hardware store. Wonder how these would work before spending $40-50 on 'specialty' studs.
  5. Aphelps

    Want To Take Kids Fishing

    If you are only looking to catch fish, I would recommend bringing the kids to the trout pond outside of the Sam Livingston fish hatchery in Calgary. It gets crowded in the later morning and afternoon, but if you go early enough there shouldn't be too many kids. Your chances of seeing nice healthy 9-16" rainbows are 100% and catching is not too bad either. There are also some small brookie creeks just outside of Calgary that would be ok right now (DM if you're interested in those).
  6. Aphelps

    Mallard Point Island

    It's clear to me that you are not allowed on the island, eg. high water mark - roughly where the cobbles end and organic matter, vegetation start. Makes sense to me. Does that preclude people from wading in the water on either side of the island though? I don't think it does, but I'm curious what others interpretation is on this.
  7. Aphelps

    Bull Trout In The Bow River

    Caught my first Bow River Bull Trout below Police early this Spring during the first bit of snowmelt run-off. Pretty cool experience and totally unexpected. Photo here: http://www.thepicta.com/media/1473503932446125327_707375405
  8. Aphelps

    Cool Experience

    That's great!
  9. Aphelps

    Cool Experience

    Very cool! Is she hooked now??
  10. Aphelps

    Bow River

    About 6-12 inch vis this morning by Fish Creek Park. Should get better by the weekend if flows remain constant or decrease.
  11. Pretty dirty by 22x at 7 this morning, maybe 12" max. visibility. I'm guessing it'll get a bit better after the initial debris from the bank is washed down river.