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  1. When you find the leak, I HIGHLY recommend thinning the Aquaseal or Goop with toluene. I will never do it any other way again. When you use it full strength, you always have to worry about it running, it takes 8 hrs to dry, it look globby and its just a general pain. When you thin it, about 2 parts aquaseal to one part toluene, you can brush it on and it will soak right in and dry to tacky in about an hour. Sometimes, it soaks in so much, you can't tell where you put it but you know its there, because you just put it there. Deep penetration. You then add another coat or two. You have to make sure, like mixing epoxy, that you mix it very well. I have small cups for mixing epoxy when making rods and those worked perfect. When it dries, you can peel the aqualseal off and use it over. I picked up a huge can of toluene at Home Depot. I wish they sold it in smaller quantity. Its harmful, so wear a mask. When you smell it, you will recognize it. Smells like Head cement. Cheap small bushes, also picked up a Home Depot. This year, I turned my waders inside out (always do it inside out, looks better) and covered all the seams in the booties, including the ring around the leg where it joins (powder it or make darn sure its really dry before turning back in because it will stick together). It took about two tubes of Aquaseal but those puppies are bone dry now. Well worth the effort.
  2. How Red Green. Does he do a segment on duct tape? I love it. I'll have to watch the other vids to help him with his virus.
  3. Obviously, I can't tell if they are rich because they owned a Hummer. I take that back. My point being that fines as a deterrent are relative. Jail time is not. I would say the fine was not a detterent because.....they did it anyway!!! If they made over 100K over the years, they consider it a cost of doing business and worth the risk. It probably cost the taxpayer a lot to investigate and prosecute these scum, so we can consider the 100k cost recovery. I do think this was a missed opportunity to send a real message. Martin Sharren thinks the same, so I'm glad I'm not alone. Snuffy, I'm curious about your phrasing "criminally infringing on our interests". Do you think this is just a special interest group concern?
  4. They should have got jail time. Fines are nothing to the rich. Some will pay 50K for legal trophy hunting. 100K is a not a deterrent to people who can afford Hummers. A few months shacked up with "buba" is. The real message sent was "we could send you to jail but we never would".
  5. If money was no object and the main consideration was durability, what would everyone recommend? Booted or bootie? I've heard Wardel's are very good. Anyone have any experience with Snobee's? I hear they have a poly formed bootie with no seams and that appeals to me because waders always seem to leak at the bootie seams.
  6. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a good one. Its an appropriate day to reflect.
  7. When you are just starting out, *that* is the most important thing to consider. You won't be performing live or recording anytime soon, so sound is secondary. They all sound good enough. After 5 yrs I was convinced it wasn't a passing fancy so I decided to pick up a good one and found a Martin OMC-1E at a pawn shop. I love it. Before that, cheap plywood hand-me-downs.
  8. Not my bag. I wouldn't go back. Easy enough but crowded. The average campsite is 20 tent pads around 1 firepit and way too low campsite to paddler ratio. If you go to the back country to socialize, then you will have a great time.
  9. Removed because I just don't want to do this anymore.....
  10. I did *not* vote for Neshi and for some nagging sub-conscious reason, I think those of you that did will regret it. I really hope I'm wrong. But I look at it this way, if I'm right, I can say I didn't put him in and I can complain all I want. I guess that is the upside of not having "my guy" win. That Druh has nine lives, eh? It boogles the mind.
  11. She definitely not cut out for politics (neither am I) because you need at least a facade of diplomacy. Getting pissed off at such minor comments doesn’t look good on her. She should double check her own cornflakes every morning.
  12. I'm thankful for live bait vending machines. Comes in handy when heading down to the Bow.
  13. When you test the knot, are you just pulling or snapping it. I just pull, never snap. Snapping it, with the shock force created, could be weakening it? If I pull, and it holds, I don't need to test it any further. I, too, use the improved clinch (5 turns) and I can't remember the last time I busted off on a fish. I take that back. The 40lb King I accidentally hooked into last week forced me to have to put the brakes on.
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