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  1. Don't know what these convertibles are, but here's what I do. I've got Orvis Clearwater chest waders, but rarely use them as chest waders. I just put on a wading belt, then roll down the top part and clip the shoulder straps together behind my back (kind of like a second wading belt). If I need to go into deep water I just unclip and sling them over my shoulder....... works for me. Adams
  2. "now wait a minute!!! There are some that would say don't hate the people that did this, hate the environment, their parents etc..." Excellent point. These same Liberals are strangely never around to admit responsibility when their whacked theories cause more damage to society than anything else. But that doesn't stop them from complaining non-stop that everyone is somehow being abused/persecuted in some way! I don't agree with vigilante justice, but our Justice system needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. The case quoted above re the stolen wallet is a good example. Taxpayers will spend thousands , if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars to possibly produce a conviction that will probably at best result in a slap on the wrist. We need quick justice with real consequences. At the very least we need to make sure habitual re-offenders (which most of these people are or will become) are kept off the streets. I know there are flaws in the US Justice system, but at least if you do something in the US, you are going to do some serious time..... they don't screw around. Most of all, best wishes to Jay for a speedy recovery. I've enjoyed countless hours of watching his excellent videos..... better than most fishing shows IMHO. Adams
  3. Brunsie, Thanks for that tip. I bought 2 Cortland 444 WF-F lines last year and the first 3 - 4 feet on both sink like a rock. Tried everything, cleaning, re-tying my nail knot, using a braided loop connector.... both still sink and drag my fly with it. I was just about to chuck both of them and try another brand after many years with Cortland. I'll give this a try first. Thanks Adams
  4. So sorry to hear that. "Fishing with My Old Guy" was great. He was quite young. Was it cancer? Adams
  5. I've tried most of the new "gadget" blades over the years and I keep going back to the old Canadian Tire metal cheapee. About $6/blade and I find they stand up just as well and do just as good a job. Adams
  6. Have always sworn by Cortland 444 F, but the 2 I bought last year both have the same problem, the last 4 - 5 feet sinks big time. Have tried everything to fix this but no go. May have to try something new next year. Adams
  7. 17km one way.... oh, to have young strong legs again (mine I mean!). If I hiked 17k in to fish, I'd have to build a cabin and live there until I regained my strength to walk out again . Good for you. Great adventure and one you'll remember for years to come. Adams
  8. He sounds like quite a character. Sorry to hear of his passing. Adams
  9. Got to agree with this. Our society has a strange obsession with celebrities (not just in sports).... worshipping them as heroes. A lot of them are spoiled, uneducated, and if it weren't for their particular talent, would be asking if we wanted fries with that. There are definitely exceptions to that of course, and I thought (and still hope) that Tiger was one of them. Instead of following every move these celebrities make with bated breath, we should focus our accolades and attention on the real heroes in our society..... our troops overseas, researchers searching for cures to our diseases, volunteers quietly working behind the scenes without clambouring for recognition, even the common man who works tirelessly at a job he hates in order to support his family. Of course, that doesn't make for good press/media coverage, so we're stuck with Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, and the latest gangsta rapper (whose contribution to the world is that he can rhyme over top of some beatbox). I think some celebrities get so out of touch with reality, that they lose their orientation. Hope that doesn't sound too mushy/Liberal, because I'm definitely a right-winger. Adams
  10. Terry, Excellent woodwork. Must be extra satisfying to use your own lumber. Loeber, God bless your Scottish heart. Personally, Any hobbies I have are time-killers to get me through to the next fishing season. These winters are too long. Adams
  11. Excellent idea! I do something similar for photgraphing into the water..... I stick my polarized glasses in front of the camera lense. Now if I have to photo something far away AND in the water I'm going to be challenged :=) Adams
  12. You are one hard-core dude!
  13. I scotch tape two very small pieces of yellow sticky note paper to my rod at 12" and 18" from the butt. They don't seem to affect the action of the rod. When I have the fish (still in the water) alongside me with one hand under it I quickly lay the rod over top for a measurement, then pop the hook out and he's gone. Not exact but pretty close. Adams
  14. Wow, glad to see this thread as I was starting to think it was just me:) I had the exact same experiences and observations last week on all the cutty streams. Had to work hard to get 10 - 12 fish/day and only a couple were on dries all week, rest all on nymphs (even in the middle of the day and evenings). Also noticed the water wasn't it's usual aqua/emerald green... was more of a grey/brown (except in the deepest holes) although it didn't appear to be high to me. Lots of prime spots appeared void of fish, and when I did find rising cutts, they would ignore anything large, and when they did take a look they never came back for a re-look. First time I'd seen this behaviour in cutts. Adams
  15. What a great idea! Great to see things from a fish-eye view. Did the ladder allow the salmon numbers to come back to what they were before the dam?
  16. I'm sure the RCMP wouldn't have handed out $700 in fines if they weren't warranted. They would have understood the teenager's point of view and given them all the slack they could have in that situation. Hit and run is a serious issue/offense and it speaks to the character of those involved though. I'm sure they deserved what they got.
  17. Hi Jayvee, I do something simliar, except I just carry my dropper rigs on a piece of fly-box insert foam in my vest. Problem is the top fly (typically a stimulator) tends to get mashed in my vest over time. Do your Orvis inserts keep the flies protected even without the box? Thanks Neil
  18. Saw my first episode on WFN yesterday. It was the one where they fished from Ontario to the Yukon. I didn't think it was that bad, but I do agree with your comment re: the camera jumping around a lot. My personal opinion, but I could also do without the 1000 watt music blasting throughout; I would much rather hear the sounds of nature (birds singing, wind in the trees, water gurgling). Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I like to go along for the ride when I watch a fly fishing show and it's about slowing down and relaxing for me, not a fast-paced cast and blast/take no prisoners experience. Having said that, I would definitely watch another episode as I'm craving anything that has to do with fly fishing...... I'll just mute the volume.
  19. Hi Mike, I've got the Orvis Clearwater waders (think they're Endura 2) with 2 seasons on them and they are fine. I was worried about the quality at first as they were inexpensive and the reviews weren't good, but I've had absolutely no troubles at all with mine. Neil
  20. Hit by drunk driver (head on crash combined speed of 210 kmph) resulted in: Broken neck (4 bolts drilled into skull for 3 months of immobilized traction) 9 knee operations (including an intentional fracture which splintered and couldn't be put back together) 4 shoulder operations (rotator cuff) multiple hardware insertions and removals But my casting arm is OK! Still don't think I beat Dave's though.
  21. Here's my 2 cents on the subject (for what it's worth). Unions were born out of good intentions... people were being forced to work in dangerous and unfair conditions and circumstances, and no one should have to do that to earn a living. Unfortunately, they have morphed into irrational "gangs" motivated by greed and blackmail. Wages and benefits have now become the goal, not a safe and dignified workplace. Just because you can somehow "get" something, doesn't make it right or justified, and it just comes around in a vicious circle anyway as companies have to charge you more to support increases labour costs. With the recent globalization of the economy that's now coming around to bite us. Unions alone are not to blame though, the Executives show the same lust for un-earned gains too; they just do it behind closed doors instead of in public rallies. Now they are asking me to finance them. Well, as your new boss, here's what has to happen: (1) Union power is limited to it's original intention... no one works in an unsafe or harassed workplace. In terms of wages and benefits, you are only paid what you are worth (much less than the current). If you don't like it, go work somewhere else. The natural balance will fall into place. (2) Executive compensation is severely cut back and transparency is added so that I see and approve of it all. The assertion that you have to pay these multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses to get good management is absurd. I see and work with people every day who are just as smart (or smarter), work just as hard (or harder) and achieve just as much (or more) than these grossly over-paid execs. There is not a race of super-smart people out there that dwarf us all in intellectual capability. As a guide, why should any Exec get paid more than a skilled surgeon, a cancer-researcher, or even the Prime Minister? Again, just because you can somehow scam the salary doesn't make it right or justified. Not trying to sound like a Communist, but just trying to point out that greed on both ends of the spectrum seems to be the root of the problem here. Rant over.
  22. I don't agree that Harper brought this on himself. By removing the funding to the political parties he was simply trying to show leadership by tightening the belts of the politicians before he asks us all to do the same. Don't forget, the Conservatives themselves lost the lion's share of the funding. The Conservatives bellied-up to the bar and the others ran like curr dogs instead of acting like men. I don't fault Harper one bit. His demeanor is simply misleading and the spin doctors take advantage of that to imply false intentions that work on people's minds. The other parties should have accepted the funding cuts as doing their part in these tough economic times. It's the least they could have done. We will all have to make sacrifices. Don't blame the warden for the riot.
  23. I urge everyone to vote again (if it comes to that) and this time give the Conservatives the majority they deserve. Apart from my outrage, which has been expressed already by so many other forum members, this is what concerns me if the 3 idiots get in: (1) Economy - with the strongest economy and soundest banking system in the world, Canada was poised to come out of the current crisis on top. The world must be shaking their heads in disbelief. Why throw it all away at the last moment? The markets have already reacted. (2) Quebec - we all know the games they play. Imagine the further concessions and blackmailing (mostly unpublished via the backdoor) we will be forced into with the coalition dependant on Duceppe. The other clowns will just roll over in their idiotic attempts to retain their glory (at the further expense of English Canada). More corrupt programs, infrastructure handouts, ill-gotten gains headed toward Quebec.
  24. Aha! Never having seen an underwater camera, and not wanting to ask a stupid question, I was wondering how you guys were lining up those shots (without taking a deep breath of course). So it's a guesstimate!
  25. Great video Jay. I look forward to all your adventures. Do you mind sharing what your video gear is? Did I see some under-water shots? Thanks Neil
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