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  1. I did contact her and saw that she is doing a course at U of A on January 9 th But that too much of a drive for me. Thanks though Paul
  2. Does anyone know of one of these coming up . Hopefully in the Calgary area Paul
  3. Mountan trout streams Alberta

    Check this out.. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/offer-listing/0968860303/ref=dp_olp_used_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=used
  4. If your talking about Dennis Stone. Then ya I got my blanks last June.
  5. Finished the rod from the blanks from Stonerodco. They were very nice blanks and I could custom order the taper I wanted. Great recommendation paul
  6. Vibram soles

    Also Lee Valley has something called “Icers” that are very similar. I just ordered some extras for my grippers that I use for clients on Canyon walks. Which got me thinking out side the box. Though I have never done it . What about using Yak Tracks or the Icers . http://www.leevalley.com/en/garden/page.aspx?p=40911&cat=2,51676,40911
  7. No didn't bring a rod and only spent 10 mins at Aster. Didn't see any activity either
  8. It was perfect. Though I did hit bottom a couple of times. Though a couple of the s-turn were even a little tight for a canoe
  9. It is suppose to be 29 degrees here tomorrow a buddy and I are heading that way. With our canoes ( solo ) at 8 am if your interested and think you can keep up.
  10. Stay on the left hand side. Don't get caught in any of the braided streams. We all had to do it a first time. The river is in really good shape know.
  11. Thanks Nick I just got back. There was some snow just above Northover tarns but was easily negotiated. Other than that I couldn't have asked for better weather or visibility. Also there was lots of rises at Three Island Paul
  12. Banff/canmore Shuttles?

    There is a local bus called the Roam bus that runs between the 2 every couple of hours. The river is looking in real good shape. Planning on doing a paddle myself. Paul
  13. I am planning on taking a group up and over Northover Ridge at the beginning of August. Has anyone been up to - Aster lake - Three Island lake and looked up or been scrambling around there at the 2800 meter mark. I know that around the Lake Louise area the snow has just left the 2800 meter mark. I have read a few reports that say the snow load remains there late. There in nothing I hate more than to post hole through knee deep mush. Any info would help so I may plan a plan B. Thank Paul
  14. Tips For Fighting/landing Larger Trout

    Let the rod do the work . The fish must win sometimes other wise it wouldn't be a sport.
  15. A Welcome Surprise