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  1. A sobering read.

    Hahaha....I feel the same way!
  2. Can you explain to me why Aurora is down today and Cannimed is through the roof?? That just doesnt make sense to me!
  3. Blue Ribbon Bow Dinner

    Dang, I will be out of town that week.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has been to Iceland to fly-fish? I am considering a trip but wondering how it compares to New Zealand. If anyone has been there and has a referral for a guide that would be great!
  5. Poacher On The Bow

    Hold on...brb...heading to the store to load up on clousers.
  6. Poacher On The Bow

    Just an update....the gentleman had 3 rainbows on him and a bucket of minnows.
  7. Poacher On The Bow

    When we saw him he was by himself, I was surprised to hear about the wife myself.
  8. Poacher On The Bow

    You got it!
  9. Poacher On The Bow

    Agreed....IMO they should have a "quick sheet" of the regs of the bodies of water around Calgary if the angler says they are going in and around the city!
  10. Poacher On The Bow

    Well thanks for the info. Hopefully the lesson has been learned.
  11. Poacher On The Bow

    Yes I agree....a lot of it does boil down to education, and it's too bad that the example has to be learned the hard way sometimes. I commend you for helping people learn!! Still, ignorance is not an excuse. What kind of punishment would they face?
  12. Poacher On The Bow

    Early Saturday morning I floated from Glenmore to Fish Creek. About 1 km upstream of the Fish Creek launch I saw a guy fishing from shore with what looked to be 2 rods. Sure enough as we go closer my fishing partners and I confirmed he was. A few more seconds go by and sure as *hit this guy reels one in. Looked to be about a 20-22" brown. He drags it right up onto the rocks. While its still on the end of the hook he drops it numerous times on the rocks. He finally gets a hold of it and blood is everywhere. He gets the hook out (also looked like he was fishing with bait) and takes a lonngggggggg look at us before throwing it on the rocks beside his bag. He then proceeds to continue fishing like nothing happened...and like nobody saw him. We immediately get on the horn and call R-A-P. The fish and game officer calls us back a few minutes later asking for more details and says he's on route, but we didn't hear anything back after that. Does anyone know if they normally call you back after the fact? I am just gutted by what I saw....I honestly cant stop thinking about it. Took everything we had not to take the law into our own hands. I was, and still am furious. I really want to know if they got him or not.
  13. Nice Cutty From The Weekend

    I should have been more specific...at what point is it a cutty, a cuttbow, or a full rainbow? Where do you draw the line? In any case, fun as hell
  14. Nice Cutty From The Weekend

    How can you guys tell? I caught a nice cut bow last year that was much more rainbowish. Either way, I will take what I can get haha
  15. Just wanted to share a nice cutty I got this weekend....couldn't believe the hole I pulled it out of, PB for me!!!