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Rod found in Highwood River


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good on you Fishbulb, hope you find its owner. i was lucky enough that a very fine fellow on this forum found my rod that fell out of the boat on the bow and returned it to me and wouldn't even take all the beer i bought for him as karma.

incidentally, years ago i caught a rod in bow that also had a fish on it - a very tired little rainbow that may or may not have survived after I released it. It was a low end rod and was never claimed - i gifted it to a friend who didn't have a rod at all.

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A bit of thread drift, but kind of related. I was fishing with my wife on a very small lake/pond in central BC. It was a warm day, but there was an occasional rain. My wife and I were in separate boats - those small double hulled plastic boat made by Dolphin. My wife does not row well. We had the lake entirely to ourselves and as our day drew to its close, I offered her my stern line and rowed us both towards our beaching area. As we neared, my prized custom bamboo rod, with an expensive Hardy reel must have contacted the rushes along the shore and it tipped into the water, unbeknownst to either of us. After helping my wife disembark I could not find my rod. It was now raining moderately and the pond surface was dotted. The water was clear but I would not be able to see under the surface. I plotted when/where I knew for sure the rod was stowed in the bow, and rowed back out into the pond. It took a while, as the pale bamboo blended with the pale gold of the grasses and rushes along the shore line. I could just make out the rod tip and tip-top sticking out of the water. Reel end heavy, the rest of the bamboo was floating nearly upright. The day was saved!

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