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Adjustable hang marker on type 5/6/7 lines

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Looking to see what others use/recommend for an adjustable hang marker on full sink lines when fishing chironomids.

Thank you in advance for all replies.

Rucc C 

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Can't help with moveable markers - I actually use fixed markers at 10, 15, 20 & 25 feet on my Type 5 and Type 7 full sink lines.  A single orange at 10 ft; single white at 15 ft; two orange at 20 ft; two white at 25 ft.  This YouTube video shows how to whip finish onto the line.  I make the markers with two layers of thread, 1/2 to 3/4 in long and covered them with UV epoxy.  

Fixed hang markers

I would then use one of my guides in conjunction with one of the markers as a reference point.  Since the markers were 5 ft apart, there is always 1 marker somewhere in the guides of my 9 ft rod.  The fixed markers really helped improved the consistency of casting the full sinking lines for trolling as well since I could always cast with the same amount of line out the end of the rod.


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