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I spend allot of time camping on a particular river in Bighorn country. Last year I noticed that most of the camp sites have new poop boxes complete with plastic toilet seats.  I figured this was great, no more digging holes and squatting. This year I went to use one of the new poop boxes and found it full. Like almost to the top. So far this summer I’ve spent 4 –5 day trips camping in various sites along the river and have checked out every poop box and found that most of them are nearly full to the top, one site had a new poop box installed because the other one was full and the new box was nearly full as well.  Man, that allot of people using these new off grid toilets!

So, on my last trip I saw I guy setting a poop box up for his family, he simply spotted the box where he wanted and that was it. Didn’t even bother to dig a hole.

 At least in the old days you simply remove the box back fill the old hole dig a new hole and re-spot the box.

All the boxes are the same design and I’m pretty sure it isn’t just one group of people going around building and installing these disgusting contraptions.

A truly unsanitary, disgusting and lazy way of having a crap in the backcountry.

Just imagine In a few years, all the camp sites will be surrounded by 16” x 16” x 18” high boxes full of sh!t.  And no easy way of removal.

Any Advice on who to contact concerning these disgusting new facilities.



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The lack of respect in the world today is incredible. What ever happened to leaving the place cleaner than you found it?

I remember as a kid we would move rocks out of the way to pitch the tent. When we were packing up, my Dad would make us replace the rocks! I sure miss the old days we people cared about the woods and the next the guy coming

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that is disgusting.  i pity the poor guy that comes in to clean up and finds those packages.  this would be a good practical joke for Geocaching....surprise surprise...

on a serious note i agree the world is changing on the constant.  Seems the sense of community, care for environment, and in general each other is gone.  Sad state.


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There is a huge issue about that this year in the Bighorn, in past years it was terrible in the Livingstone. I recall hearing about someone who rigged up a toilet seat on a tree leaning over the Oldman River. In the same time period I was fishing the area after the Labor Day weekend and came upon a pile of human excrement about 2 feet high that was obviously the s*#t pit for the summer for whoever used as their 3 month spot. The crowd that behaves this way seems to move wherever they think they can get away with that type of behaviour. Some people should be punished for raising kids with no sense of responsibility.

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Older post I know, but I found a solution that works for me I'd like to share.

I simply bring my own portable toilet with me. I use the Luggable Loo ($50 at CT) and the Double Doodie bags ($20 for 6). This way I always have my own private toilet (with no worries about unsanitary past users), I don't leave any unsightly mess behind, and I have zero impact on the mountain environment (I simply deposit the bag in the trash).

Minimal cost for a peace of mind. 



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