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  1. Nope. You might need to carry a drivers license to prove your age and Alberta resident status, that’s it.
  2. Jumping Pound, Sibbald area, Sunday: 13:00 … 54°F 16:00 … 56°F
  3. Bow, lower Shouldice Athletic, Saturday: 11:30 ... 62 F
  4. Bow, near/upstream of Highwood confluence, Thursday: 12:00 … 65°F 1630 … 67°F
  5. Bow, near/upstream of Highwood confluence, Tuesday: 10:00 … 61 1/2 F 11:00 … 62 12:00 … 63 13:00 … 63 1/2 14:00 … 64
  6. Bow downstream of Glenmore, 11:00 a.m. Monday: 59°F
  7. Bow downstream of Glenmore, 11:00 a.m. Thursday: 62°F
  8. Jumping Pound Creek, Sibbald area, Wednesday @ 11:30 a.m: 51°F @ 2:00 p.m: 52°F
  9. Bow downstream of Glenmore, 11:30 a.m. Tuesday: 62°F
  10. Bow downstream of Glenmore, 11:00 a.m. Monday: 62°F
  11. Jumping Pound, Sibbald area, Saturday morning/midday: 50° F
  12. As I was wet wading a foothills stream today, I was wondering why hoot owl restrictions would apply to a stream that is flowing around 13C. But on reflection, I can agree with basin-wide restrictions: otherwise, our favourite small waters would get overrun by the Bow crowd looking for unrestricted afternoon/evening fishing opportunities.
  13. Jumping Pound, from bridges at Twp Rd 244 and George Fox Trail.
  14. This is Big Prairie Creek, just a tiny trib of the LDR, flowing under the road thru a small culvert.
  15. Little Red Deer, around Hwy 579 bridge and Big Prairie bridge. Lots of lumber barrelling by!
  16. Dog Pound from bridges at Horse Creek Trail and Rge Rd 35. Some log jams are getting moved around, and a fair number of dead snags were blowing down and onto the roads.
  17. Overwintering pelicans feeding on Prussian carp. The end times are near! https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/brian-keating-injured-pelican-alberta-1.5985769
  18. I literally stumbled upon something that was tough to look at. Just downstream from Shouldice athletic park No telling what killed this beauty, but we're in the time of year when a long fight and/or grip-and-grin can tip the catch-and-release odds against even a robust, mature trout like this. On the other hand, in one of Nature's ironies, flies were feasting on the trout's carcass. Maybe it would be a useful service if anyone who is in the habit of collecting temperature data had a page - like this - to post water temps over the next few weeks. On the Bow (the NW) yesterday (Aug 6): 17.5C @ 10:00; 19C @ 3:00. Today (Aug 7) 18C @ 4:00. Not too far from a fish/no-fish decision point, if we get back into a heatwave. Jumping Pound, in the Sibbald area earlier this week was sitting at a comfortable 13C. (Interestingly, the temps in the low-flow side-channels was a couple degrees lower - maybe with a larger percentage of that flow running underground, it stays closer to groundwater temps than the main channel.)
  19. Epic moment when that big Bull takes the Stimmie, Diddy! Classic Dad situation, too, almost panic in your voice as you call "Riv! Riv!" You and NWA Jr are living in a charmed covid bubble. FIsh on!
  20. I googled Alberta Petty Trespass Act and got to an article summarizing recent changes to the legislation. (https://auma.ca/news/casual-legal-alberta-strengthens-trespass-legislation). Changes in Feb 2020 include increases to fines and clarifying when a landlord is presumed to prohibit access - i.e. doesn't have to post the land as "No Trespassing". "The amendments to the Petty Trespass Act also clarify when notice is no longer required to be provided to a trespasser. The list of areas where notice is now essentially presumed, as provided for in the Petty Trespass Act, includes lawns, gardens, land used for the production of crops or raising of animals, lands surrounded by a fence or natural barrier and lands that are enclosed in a manner indicating the owner’s or occupiers’ intention to keep individuals or animals off the land." So it would seem that where a fence has been set back from the bank, to keep livestock in the field and out of the creek, there is no presumption that the landowner is intending to prohibit access. I'm thinking about Dog Pound upstream of Rge Rd 43 (although I haven't fished that water for several years, so it might have changed since then). Likewise, where a fence is not being actively maintained, is in a condition that would allow livestock to step over the sagging wires and has been like that for a while (I'd say a year at least), there is no presumption of an intent to prohibit access. But all this means nothing if the landowner has posted the land: a sign leaves no room for presumption, it is an express statement of intent, even if the fence hasn't been maintained. Ditto, if a landowner tells you to get/stay off their land, it doesn't matter whether they have posted the land or maintained the fencing. The lack of signage or fencing might give you an excuse for having inadvertently trespassed, but once you are informed of the landlords intent that excuse no longer holds water ... pun intended.
  21. Good to see you strapping the go-pro on again, GBD ... and Deano, shy as ever. Nice prospecting on a not-so-nice day!
  22. My bro-in-law just bought a Panasonic Lumix dmc fz300, which he likes a lot. 4k video, 25-600 mm optical zoom, lots of bells and whistles, weather sealed (splash-proof, not an underwater camera, but I don't think you can get extreme optical zoom in a fully water-proof camera). Looks a lot more practical than my Pentax dsrl with 55-300mm, which is a pretty rugged unit, but a bit too heavy to hang from a neck strap for extended periods.
  23. Yup, no trout to be found in the NW ... nothing to look at here folks, just move along.
  24. "He counted 68 vehicles parked at those spots." Remember, more cars at those spots doesn't always mean more people. Last time I was skiing in the backcountry (mid-March) my buddy and I arrived in separate vehicles, as did the next three skiers. I guess social distancing trumps climate change. Last week I counted 2 dozen cars at a remote access point downstream of Policeman's, a place where 10 cars would be a busy day in normal times. I was prepared for a gong show on the river, but that trailhead accesses 4-5 km of fishable shoreline and I only saw a few other anglers during the day. Nobody in the walk 'n wade community is violating social distancing norms just by choosing to spend a few hours on the water, maintaining a couple of casting-lengths, or more, spacing. Social distancing does not mean solitary confinement. On the other hand, a handful of jet boats passed by that were not solo trips, and I'd have to call that out as "non-compliant" (pretty sure these were not guided trips, though).
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